Stem Cell Therapy for OsteoarthritisIs Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment a Good Option for 60-Year-Old?

David J. Gamer is a 60-year-old osteoarthritis patient who recently underwent stem cell therapy to heal the pain. Why he chose stem cell treatment over other options? Keep reading!

David is a sports enthusiast, suffering from osteoarthritis. He wants to jog and play tennis again, but has a lot of pain. He visited an orthopedic who said he has advanced arthritis and the best solution would be getting knee replacement surgery. Though the doctor can offer some pain relieving medications and pain management until he can tolerate the pain no longer or become a fall risk. This again indicated that knee replacement surgery is the only option.

Is there Any Alternative?

David was definitely reluctant to get a knee replacement at this age and thus he started to look out for the alternatives. As he wanted to avoid surgery, he started looking for medications as an alternative. He consulted some doctors and came to know about different medicines like Acetaminophen that can reduce mild to moderate pain. However, the wrong dosage can cause liver damage. There are also NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are often used to reduce osteoarthritis pain, but these drugs also not free of side effects. NSAIDs can lead to various health disorders such as bleeding problems, kidney and liver damage, cardiovascular problems and stomach upset. David understood that he certainly needs to look out for more alternatives.

Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis

A few weeks later, David watched a video that discussed the effectiveness of stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. There he came to know about the usage of stem cells that are either taken out from bone marrow or abdominal area fat and then reintroduced into the damaged joints to heal the condition.

Though David was not very sure about the discussions in the video, he did found a possible alternative to knee replacement. Then he searched the internet to generate more information about stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. He was surprised to learn that hundreds of people opting for Osteoarthritis stem cell treatment.

Where to Get Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment?

After finding the knee replacement alternative and now he should know where to get the treatment. There are two factors that he needed to consider- one is searching for the right clinic that can effectively treat his condition and –the second factor is the price. He contacted some clinics to compare the treatment plans and cost. He realized that almost every clinic claims “We are the best” and “We have the cheapest price”. Thus, it became very important to evaluate the efficiency of the clinics. Then he started considering the other factors such as the experience of the doctors, the success rate of the clinics, certifications and various other credentials.

Listing the Best Options

Based on his research, David prepared a list of top-rated stem cell clinics that practice osteoarthritis healing using the best techniques and expertise. He finalized one clinic that has many successful osteoarthritis cases. He even contacted a few patients of the clinic who went through a few stem cell therapy sessions and remarkably improved their condition. The results were quite convincing and thus he finally decided to go with stem cell therapy with that clinic.

Now, David has successfully completed one session at the clinic and recovering steadily. The best thing is that he is recovering faster than expected and getting great assistance from the clinic even after the surgery.

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