6 Best Countries for Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the widespread medical conditions in the world and it can occur in almost any part of the body. As cancer can be considered as life-threatening and one of the most dramatic diseases, the vulnerability level of the patients always remains high. Cancer patients need to make many serious decisions, especially when considering treatment abroad. It is important to do enough research before undergoing any treatment abroad, and for such a serious disease like cancer doing correct research is mandatory.

6 Cheapest Countries with best Cancer Treatment

Mexico, Turkey, India, Germany, Spain, United States and Colombia are the best countries for cancer treatment in the world where surgeons providing best treatment in affordable cost.

Cancer Treatment Abroad- Steps to Take Before You Travel

Even before you start researching treatment possibilities, you must be very sure why you would travel abroad. There could be various reasons like traveling for a second opinion or availability of unique treatment that you can’t get locally.

Traveling for a Second Opinion 

It is understandable to ask for a second opinion before you choose something. It is like a way to make choices. However, the situation is not quite similar when you are diagnosed with cancer. In such a situation, the second opinion should be sought only if alternative forms of cure or treatment are available. In cases of borderline cancers, cancers of unknown property sites or less common cancers, the second opinion can be sought. In the majority of cancer cases, as soon as the diagnoses and staging of cancer are known, the treatment should begin without delay. So, you must decide if you really need to travel abroad for the second opinion based on the diagnoses of cancer, its type and stage. If your local practicing doctor ensures that you have time to make arrangements to fly abroad, stay there for the second opinion and do the treatment, then go for it. 

Unique Treatment Availability

Another strong reason why you should consider cancer treatment abroad could be the availability of unique treatment. Such treatment might have strong potential, but not available locally. For example, a lung cancer patient might be benefited using the CimaVax vaccine, which has the potential to prolong the life of patients by months or even years. The patient may consider traveling abroad to get the vaccine, which is currently available in countries like Cuba, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Types of Treatment Technology Available Abroad

Your decision to travel abroad for cancer treatment may also depend on the type of treatment technology available there. There are many types of cancer treatments, but the application of such treatment depends on the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with and how advanced it is. 

There are many other types of cancer treatment such as Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Targeted therapy, Immunotherapy, stem cell treatment, Hormone therapy and more. Consult your doctor which treatment type can generate better results and why you should travel abroad to get that treatment. 

Suppose your local oncologist suggests removing cancer from your body by using a surgical procedure that is performed better in a clinic abroad than the local options. In such a situation, you can consider traveling abroad for treatment. However, you must learn how that surgery is used against cancer and what result you can expect after the procedure. 

Cancer Treatment Abroad

If you have decided to travel abroad for treatment, you need to consider several important things. Take a look at what you must do before you start packing.

Find the Right Doctor

When you check the resume, every doctor’s profile will look attractive. You have to research hard to shortlist the best doctors abroad providing treatment for patients suffering from similar cancer disorders. Check their track record along with the details of education and work experience. Once you shortlist the doctor, you must contact him/her to get lock the appointment, and based on that book your tickets. Also, you must ask your doctor about the specific restrictions or recommendations you need to follow while traveling.

Reputation of Provider

Traveling abroad for cancer treatment is a big decision and learning about the reputation of the facility is crucial. Ensure that the center has accreditation from a recognized body like the Commission of Cancer (CoC) that requires a clinic to meet a high set of standards consistently. Gather all the essential information about the provider including the availability of facilities, cost and everything to ensure that you have chosen a reputable and licensed provider.

Need for Companion and their Living Arrangements

When you are traveling abroad for medical treatment like cancer, having a companion is obvious. The moral and physical support they provide is extremely important when you are most vulnerable. You must clearly mention about your need for a companion during your stay abroad and ask what living arrangements will be provided. 

Travel Insurance

Cancer is an unpredictable condition. It is essential to have a specialist travel insurance to cover any unexpected medical expenses. While you are away, you may need any emergency treatment or cut short your stay and fly back home if you cannot travel as planned. If you don’t have insurance you would be liable to pay that cost, which can be very high. Thus, get suitable medical insurance designed specifically to cover the type of cancer you have. 

Travel Vaccinations

Cancer weakens the immune system and visiting a new destination may cause certain infections. Your body’s protection level might need to be built up and for that, some travel vaccinations need to be administered weeks before you travel. Ask your doctor if you need any vaccination and also know when it should be administered. 

Travel with your Medical Records

When you visit the doctor abroad or getting admission to a hospital, you will need to show all your medical reports. So, you must travel with copies of your medical records. Carry copies of your medical tests, list of past and present cancer treatment details, current medications, notes on your most recent doctor’s visit, etc. Make sure your companion is aware of these medical reports and should be able to produce whenever needed. 

Check Your Medications

The varieties of cancer medications are huge. Some medications alleviate the symptoms such as nausea and pain and others treat cancer itself. You may need to take a combination of both to treat your condition. 

If you have medication allergies, mention that clearly. Inform the doctor about your current medications and dosages. Travel with your original prescription, name of medications you are currently using, their dosages, name of the doctor and other associated details. 

What to do before your Board on the flight?

Some cancer patients face trouble with the changeable oxygen levels and air pressure of airplane cabins at altitude. Anemia, breathlessness, sinus or ear problems, low blood platelet count or brain tumor can be potential barriers to air travel for cancer patients. It is important to consult your doctor and know what medication you may need to take on board. You can also talk to your airline and pre-arrange extra facilities or assistance, which you may need on board.

When you plan to travel abroad for the treatment of such a vulnerable condition as cancer, it is very important that you get every possible information and evaluate the possible outcome of the procedure. You must research using various resources to gather complete details. PlacidWay has created a scalable medical travel marketplace that can help you educate about various prospects of cancer treatment abroad. We will be proud of our resources if we can help you achieve success in your battle against the demon of cancer. 

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