Hybrid Addiction Treatment Integrating Technology and Addiction Care

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Hybrid Addiction Treatment

Hybrid Addiction Treatment- Integrating Technology and Addiction Care

There is a wide range of addiction treatment options available, once a person recognizes the negative impact of a substance on his/her life. What matters most is the accessibility to the right treatment. The person needs to desist from the substance life-long, which is not going to be easy. So, addiction treatment plans often change as per the patient’s needs. On top of that, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation worse. It is extremely difficult for the patients and their families to manage mental, emotional and physical stress amid lockdown conditions. Thus, patients need to know the right treatments and access the best experts who can help them get the best result.

Importance of Hybrid Experience in Addiction Treatment

With restrictions imposed on international travel, lockdown situations and fear among people to step out, those who seek addiction treatment are not able to access the best solution. It is an opportunity to transform the patient experience by integrating technology with patient care. Patients can adopt the following 4-step process, which will help them to know about the best possible addiction treatment options, get expert opinion via online consultation, visit a center for treatment and continue proper lifestyle management. 
  • Education: Learning different treatment options available worldwide
  • Tele-health/Online Consultation: Getting advice from credential psychiatrists or addiction experts anywhere in the world
  • Inpatient Care: As needed visiting rehabilitation center for treatment based on treatment option, chemistry with the online consultation physician, and cost
  • Aftercare: Lifestyle management and continuum of care in their own social environment to achieve best long last results which reduce relapse. 


What people mostly struggle when they seek help to get rid of addiction is to know about what types of treatment options are available. It is not like a “one-size-fits-all” approach so the treatment options need to be selected aiming to achieve a successful recovery. That is why learning about the available addiction treatment options is very important. It is essential to have in-depth knowledge-based information for customers to understand their options. 
Some of the currently popular addiction treatments which may or may not be best for a patient include:
Detoxification- It helps to safely withdraw from alcohol or drugs until it is not present in their system any longer. This is one of the first steps of treating people recovering from moderate to severe addiction forms.
Medications- Medications are used throughout the treatment for managing various purposes such as reducing cravings, withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring disease treatment.
12-Step Programs- These programs follow the 12-step model of recovery. These are regarded as the standard programs to recover from an addiction. This model of addiction treatment involves people helping one another for achieving and maintaining self-denial from their addiction.
Ibogaine- This is a psychedelic substance found in a West African shrub named Iboga. Sometimes it is used to reduce withdrawal, which is similar to detox. 
Therapies- Therapies are used based on the patient’s abuse pattern and health. Some common types of therapies include:
  • Biofeedback or drug-free therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to improve stress management skills and self-esteem
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) to help people recover problematic thoughts or feelings
  • Holistic Therapy like meditation, yoga or acupuncture to treat physical withdrawal symptoms and maintain overall well-being
  • Psychodynamic Therapy to help patients explore their emotions to uncover how their subconscious thoughts relate to their addiction
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy to help learn how to change any negative thoughts and behaviors attached to their addiction

Tele-health/Online Consultation

Online consultation/telehealth has become the new normal due to pandemic. As more healthcare providers are now opening up to the concept of offering medical advice and second opinions online, it is extremely useful for patients. Now people who are suffering from addiction can easily seek the help of expert psychiatrists abroad with high credentials and different treatment options compared to what is available locally. These expert psychiatrists can help people adopt some advice in their environment and try to create a lifestyle where they can be free from addiction. The biggest advantages include direct real-time interaction, no waiting time, privacy, comfort, safety from possible transmission of virus and more.

Inpatient Care

When people are unable to address their addiction issues with online support, they might need to get admitted to rehab and go through inpatient care. Inpatient rehabs are residential treatment centers where patients need to choose from available programs based on length of stay, type of treatment, cost, etc. The length of stay depends on the selected program. Such inpatient care facilities provide unique accommodations ranging from private luxury suites with gourmet meals and a host of amenities, like a gym, spa and pool to shared rooms with basic facilities, cafeteria-style meals and recreational activities like ping-pong and pool. This helps in rapid detox and initial lifestyle adjustments.


For addiction treatment, aftercare is more about lifestyle management. People must be able to sustain techniques and lifestyles learned after online consultation and inpatient care. The healthcare providers must be able to offer aftercare using technology-driven solutions like online video consultation, tips on healthy living, and how to offer support when there are chances of relapse. During such aftercare programs, the experts can guide the patients on how they should maintain the right lifestyle or how they are following the advice. This is very useful for the patients as they can constantly get updates from the experts on how they are managing their lifestyle and implement the suggested changes whenever advised. 
It is extremely stressful for people who are dealing with addiction and also their family and friends. They must be able to learn about the available treatment options and get access to the best  addiction treatment centers, doctors and experts globally. That is why exploring the above-mentioned four tips of hybrid experience is essential. At PlacidWay, we always support hybrid experience for patients with innovative technologies, vast educational resources and direct communication with leading global health experts. Let us help you find the best solution to get rid of addiction.

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