Healthy Aging or Anti-Aging with Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico

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Anti Aging Treatment

Healthy Aging or Anti-Aging

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been searching for the “Fountain of Youth” or some magic potion that offers an anti-aging solution.  Until today, this “immortal elixir” was still just a mythical story or something seen in the movies. However, technology and research have evolved so drastically, that we now know the mechanics of aging in the body as it grows older.  This research and technology has taught us that, although we cannot stop the aging process, we can supply the body with the tools and elements needed to keep the physical and mental functions working efficiently, ultimately resulting in an aging process of very high quality. 

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we cannot stop time, this element is beyond our control and we are going to age no matter what we do.  One way of looking younger is getting plastic surgery, but this will only modify the way we look on the outside.  Feeling and growing healthy internally is a more realistic way to obtain youth within the aging process.  This is not to say that confidence and satisfaction of the mind cannot be established with aesthetic surgery, but just fact that it is opposite of the internal youth that can be obtained.

In addition to cosmetic surgery, there are a large number of methods and treatments that are socially accepted in today’s anti-aging market, but few people know that these methods and drugs are not the most effective and powerful ways to obtaining youth and good health.  So, is there a safer and healthier way to control the elements of the body and use them to our advantage in order to look and feel young again?  The answer is, “Yes” through Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem cell therapy has been a controversial subject in the past with many people around the world because of the confusion with embryonic stem cells. However, this type of stem cell therapy is nowhere near those topics, because these stem cells are from bone marrow. We can repair and regenerate tissue, and ultimately rejuvenate our own bodies naturally.  Our bodies do it every second of everyday through the release of stem cells from our own bone marrow into our bloodstream.  We have found a way to increase the the number of cells in the bloodstream and speed up the healing power of these cells to create the, all desired, “magic youth potion”.  The best part is, there are is no risk of rejection as this is not a transplant from someone else, and in addition, it can be done within a very short time frame of a few days.  No anesthesia, no complications, just you, the specialist and your amazing stem cells!

As we grow older, we experience an increasing number of major life changes that effect the aging process greatly.  Obviously, physical changes to the body due to aging are among the most noticeable, but life itself can greatly increase the aging process. Changes in family matters, work matters and our social surroundings can rapidly increase the aging process. How we handle these changes, as well as regular day-to-day care, is the key to healthy aging.

Allow me to explain this process of healthy aging: 

There are four vital elements that allow our bodies to run effectively and efficiently: our internal organs, our internal operating system (nervous, respiratory, etc.), our brain and proper nutritional intake. Each one could have a positive or negative effect on our daily lives depending on how we treat ourselves and/or our lifestyle.

Our internal organs wear out with use, same as a machine. If we maintain good maintenance of the parts, the machine will be in better shape and last much longer. Stem Cell therapy from bone marrow results in the regeneration of damaged tissue on a molecular level.  This means that the stem cells taken from one’s own bone marrow will seek out, find and begin a process of duplication and will graft together to rebuild and repair the damaged tissue within the body.  Simultaneously with the grafting process, the cells  transform into that exact type of tissue and take on it’s function. These stem cells can greatly increasing the working condition of organs and the metabolic function of tissue within the body. 

In addition to excellent working parts, every machine has to have some sort of energy source to function. The better the energy source for that specific machine, the more efficient it will work.  In our bodies, getting proper nutrition specifically for our personal condition, is the key to detoxification and the main source of energy.

In addition to a proper energy source (nutrition) and good maintenance of the parts (our internal organs and systems), there are other elements that are needed in order for our machine to function smoothly, such as oil or water in a car.  In the body’s case hormones are essential and play a major part within the body. Dependent on age, hormone therapy  can  boost the production of specific hormones weakened by our everyday life and positively affect the normal aging process by providing a smooth ride.

Finally, there is always an operator of the machine, in this case the brain and state of mind.  The brain has many functions that physically control the body, but our state of mind behind it can easily lose focus and become overwhelmed with complicated situations that it gets distracted, or forgets how to operate the machine properly.  Family, business, social life, and many other factors contribute to increasing stress levels within the mind.  These factors can lead our body off track and in many cases against our own will.   Taking a pause for introspection could make a big difference. Gaining the tools to relax our mind and focus again on the important matters, as well as being conscious of what contributes to our stress levels will result in a more efficient body function and a more enjoyable life.

Every action has a reaction. Finding the ways to control the elements of action and reaction in order to get the results that we wish has been challenging, but in terms of stem cell anti-aging methods, this is able to be done. Stem cell therapy from the bone marrow of one’s own body, combined with hormone therapy, good nutrition and stress control of the mind has demonstrated to greatly improve organ function, increase quality of life and evoke youth from the inside and reflecting on the outside.

There are many benefits of this healthy aging therapy!  For example hormone therapy combined with good nutrition can improves mineralization of the bones, increase muscle mass, body movement and agility.  In addition stem cells result in increased metabolism reinforcement, reduction in fat tissues, and can produce efficient liver, kidney, lung and heart functions.  Furthermore, stem cell therapy combined with hormone therapy increases energy levels, daily activities, and even increases quality of hair and nail growth. 

If the reasons above do not encourage you to research bone marrow stem cells, here are few more: In women stem cell therapy can improve estrogen production resulting in easier menopause. In men, stem cells can result in increased testosterone levels which maintain a healthy energy level, healthy mood, fertility and increased sexual desire!


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