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Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, creates pockets in your gums that are perfect breeding ground for bacteria. In most cases, treatment for periodontal disease is considered a literal race against time -- the body quickly trying to heal the gums and reattach, while at the same time bacteria races toward those pockets where it can establish itself into a quickly growing infectious environment.

Laser Dentistry
However, one of the newest technologies for dealing with periodontal pocket infections is the use of lasers. Dr. Viral S. Turakhia, a dentist from Mumbai, India and specialist in periodontology and implant dentistry, is a highly trained and experienced dentist utilizing laser technology to remove diseased linings of such periodontal pockets.

What's the big deal about lasers? They are capable of specifically removing damaged tissue in a localized area and destroy microbes unseen by the naked eye without damaging or otherwise injuring surrounding tissues. Laser incisions also heal faster than those made by traditional scalpel incisions do.

No Fear, No Pain
Jerome is just one of many patients who have visited Dr. Turakhia at his facility My Dentist in Mumbai, India.  So has Tonya, Jasmine, and Pravin , all needing dental services from complex dentistry and dental implants to identification of poor gum conditions with occlusal adjustments to fixed bridges and flap surgery.

My Dentist in Mumbai caters to patients from around the world and engages in the latest technologies in dental care and services. That's why Dr. Turakhia prefers laser dentistry - because it promotes faster healing, less anxiety and pain, and less discomfort following a dental procedure.

Dr. Turakhia uses a diode laser, flexible enough to be used in a variety of dental procedures. Mainly used for soft tissue surgery, the high-energy beams of the diode laser kill bacteria effectively and are often utilized for sterilizing the mouth during other types of procedures including cavity treatments and root canals.

How does the Diode Laser Work?
Dr. Turakhia prefers the diode laser light for periodontal pocket therapy.  Setting an adequate wavelength of the diode laser determines exactly how the laser light absorbs and penetrates targeted tissues in the gum. The diode laser is one of the most effective, according to Dr. Turakhia, in the removal of diseased pocket lining epithelium as well as disinfection of periodontal pockets formed by poor gum care or neglect.

Before the diode laser is used, soft and hard deposits are removed through traditional root plane or scaling treatments.  The architecture of the periodontal pocket is determined, and when its depth has been assessed, the laser is set to measure within 1 to 2 mm short of the current pocket depth. A sweeping motion with the diode laser targets the damaged tissues for removal

Dr. Turakhia is so well-versed in this technique that he has determined the precise wavelength that offers the most effective and focused treatment for periodontal pocket therapy using a diode laser system. Its ability to cut, ablate, coagulate and vaporize targeted tissues as well as promote instant hemostasis, or sealing of small blood vessels make use of the diode laser one of the safest and most effective in dental technologies today.

For more information regarding Dr. Turakhia or his facility My Dentist, or laser dentistry, visit, a leader in international medical provider resources and information.

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