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Medical Tourism in Italy

Italy - the mere mention of the name conjures up images of ancient Roman ruins, wonderful food, blue skies and the best in hospitality. The land of ancient Greeks and Roman empires, the birthplace of modern civilization and inventions, inventors, artists and philosophers, Italy is a land that offers international visitors lots of entertainment, both inside and outside, as well as magnificent historical landmarks and scenic attractions. A classic (and classy) destination for travelers, Italy offers an intriguing blend of cultural heritage and 21st century technology.

Italy in a Snapshot:

  • Currency - Euro
  • Language - Italian
  • Climate - High altitudes, cold, wet and snowy in winter, dry and humid in summer. Coastal regions moderate and warm.
  • Capital - Rome

Rome, Italy - Medical Travel in Italy

Once considered to be the middle of civilization, Italy is a land that has birthed a multitude of famous painters, writers, philosophers and inventors who changed the world. Today, the ancient ruins stand testimony to the ingenuity and intelligence of its people, and millions visit famous cities like Rome, Milan, Naples and Florence to bask in the moderate climate and enjoy traditional Italian food, entertainment and customs.

Indoors, Italy offers visitors a wealth of fine museums and architecture that dates back thousands of years. Fine dining, exquisite hotel accommodations and friendly interactions with natives are the norm for visitors. Of course, Italy is also known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, offering international shoppers the finest selections in shoes, handbags and clothing that rival Paris and New York.

Outdoors, Italy offers a wealth of adventures and opportunities, including biking to historical landmarks and ruins, swimming in the Mediterranean and enjoying wine tasting excursions throughout the land. Whether you want to bike or climb the Apennine Mountains or visit the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, Italy has an outdoor activity that everyone in the family will enjoy.

The land of Da Vinci, Galileo and Michelangelo, Italy has birthed more famous and world-renowned painters, scientists and entertainers than most countries put together. Whether you're visiting the canals of Venice or enjoying the culinary delicacies of Palermo, Italy is a land of culture, adventure and class that can't be found anywhere else.

Why Health Tourism in Italy?

Cosmetic & Dental Procedures in Italy - Medical Tourism

Italy is fast growing in international reputation for modern and highly successful medical treatments and procedures, while at the same time offering medical tourists the chance to visit one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you're looking for services in Rome, Milan, Sicily or Palermo, you're bound to find highly trained and experienced surgeons and physicians.

Travelers to Italy generally save at least 10% to 20% on medical procedure costs, and they also benefit from medical travel packages that include lodging, food and the well-known Italian hospitality.

10 Fun Things to Do in Italy

Visit Venice for Medical Treatments - Things to do in Italy

  • Climb Mt. Vesuvius
  • Visit the Coliseum in Rome
  • Visit the Sistine Chapel in Rome
  • Visit the Palazzo Grassi in Venice
  • Climb the Tower of Pisa
  • Bask on a Sicilian beach
  • Float down the Grand Canal in Venice
  • Visit the Boboli Gardens in Florence
  • Bike your way through Tuscany
  • Enjoy fine dining everywhere in Italy!

No matter what draws you to Italy, it's guaranteed that it's a place you'll never forget. From its ancient culture and heritage to the best in entertainment, Italy offers an attraction to everyone of every age. Once you visit Italy, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing to go back, as it's a place that tugs on your heartstrings like no other.

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