Dr. Silvio Ferreri | Orthodontist | Rijeka, Croatia

Dr. Silvio Ferreri Orthodontist Rijeka, Croatia

About - Dr. Silvio Ferreri

Dr. Silvio Ferreri was an Assistant professor of Orthodontics and since 2005 he has been the head of the Department of Clinical Paedodontics and Deputy chief of the Stomatology clinic at the School of Medicine, University of Rijeka. At the School he runs the Orthodontics department.

In 2008 Dr. Silvio Ferreri opened a private orthodontic clinic. He has been an orthodontic specialist since 2004, after finishing a three-year specialist training at the School of Dental Medicine in Zagreb. Dr. Silvio Ferreri regularly visits various education centres in Europe and the United States.

He has published many articles in science magazines and often lectures at dental symposiums. Dr. Silvio Ferreri is also a member of different national and international dental associations. Even though he specializes in orthodontics, he keeps up with the latest developments in the field of stomatology.

Education - Dr. Silvio Ferreri

Graduated in dentistry in 1993, got the master's degree in 1996 and the doctor's degree in 2002 from School of Medicine at the University of Rijeka.

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