Eric Price, MD

Eric Price, MD, Orthopedic surgeon

Woodlands, United States

Speciality: Orthopedic surgeon

Languages: English

About - Eric Price, MD

Specialty: Orthopedic, Hip, Shoulder, Knee and Trauma Surgeons in The Woodlands, Conroe, Willis, Huntsville, Spring, Montgomery and Magnolia Texas.Robotic Hip Surgery and Robotic Knee Surgery in Houston Tx. Eric Price, MD Orthopedic Surgeon in The Woodlands TX. utilizes the latest advances in medicine to help ensure your experience with us is comfortable, your treatment is effective and your recovery is successful. We stay on the forefront of medical technology so you can get the highest quality care possible. We focus on Orthopedic, Hip, Spine, Shoulder and Knee Surgery in The Woodlands, Texas Orthopaedic Surgeon Services in The Woodlands, Texas Our orthopaedic services are among the best in the Houston area. We place an emphasis on patient care to help get you back on your feet sooner. Sports medicine in The Woodlands and Houston, Texas The scope of our practice ranges throughout the entire orthopaedic spectrum of surgical as well a nonsurgical care for disorders affecting all aspects of the body. Orthopaedic Surgeon The Woodlands, Texas Sports Medicine The Woodlands, Texas Arthroscopic Shoulder,Elbow, Knee Ankle The Woodlands, Texas Cartilage Restoration The Woodlands, Texas Fracture Care The Woodlands, Texas Total Joint Replacement The Woodlands, Texas High School Sports The Woodlands, Texas Hip surgery in The Woodlands, Texas Hip surgeon in The Woodlands, Texas Knee surgery in The Woodlands, Texas Knee surgeon in The Woodlands, Texas Orthopedic surgery in The Woodlands, Texas Shoulder surgery The Woodlands, Texas Spine surgery The Woodlands, Texas Robotic Knee Surgeon The Woodlands, TX Robotic Knee Surgery The Woodlands, TX. Robotic Hip Surgery The Woodlands, TX Robotic Hip Surgeon The Woodlands, TX Makoplasty Robotic Surgery The Woodlands,TX Orthopaedic Surgeon Houston, Tx. Sports Medicine Houston, Tx. Arthroscopic Shoulder, Elbow, Knee Ankle Houston, Tx. Cartilage Restoration Houston, Tx. Fracture Care Houston, Tx. Total Joint Replacement Houston, Tx. High School Sports Houston, Tx. Hip surgery in Houston, Tx. Hip surgeon in Houston, Tx. Knee surgery in Houston, Tx. Knee surgeon in Houston, Tx. Orthopedic surgery in Houston, Tx. Shoulder surgery Houston, Tx. Spine surgery Houston, Tx. Robotic Knee Surgeon Houston, Tx. Robotic Knee Surgery Houston, Tx. Robotic Hip Surgery Houston, Tx. Robotic Hip Surgeon Houston,Tx. Makoplasty Robotic Surgery Houston, Tx. Joint Replacement.... Our Experienced Orthopedic Surgeons in The Woodlands, Texas perform total joint replacement, hip surgery and knee surgery operations. Enabling people to get back to an active lifestyle.Other areas that serve in the Texas area include Spring, Montgomery, Magnolia,Conroe, Willis, Huntsville and Houston Texas. Please visit our website or call us to know more

Costs of Orthopedic/Knee Surgery procedures



Hip Resurfacing Surgery in Argentina$950 - $26600Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Austria$18326Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Belgium$2000 - $25450Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Brazil$1800 - $13900Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Bulgaria$2300 - $5000Enquire
Knee Surgery in China$13000Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Colombia$7200 - $14500Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Costa Rica$2000 - $15700Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Croatia$1137 - $11300Enquire
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total in Cyprus$12000Enquire

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I've had two stem cell treatments and will be returning for my third treatment to help with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. As a nurse, the team is very professional and knowledgeable. The clinic is clean and they follow universal infection control practices. I was initially denied due to my advancement of disease which reassured me that they were not out for money. After crying to the doctor and explaining that I'm not looking for a cure but relief of symptoms, it was a go. I noticed a difference in pain issues ten days after treatment. My second treatment got rid of all the swelling and I lost 15 pounds of fluid. I'm not cured and still have moments but the moments don't last for weeks and months and the pain duration, intensity have greatly been reduced. My husband says that my bad days stand out compared to pre-stem cell treatment when I rarely had a good day. I chose progencell for several reasons and cost was a major factor. This clinic doesn't exploit your finances. I compared five clinics worldwide and found this clinic not only to be the best price, but the integrity of this clinic was outstanding. They listen to you and do everything to ensure your wellbeing remains a priority. They took care of all the details like transportation, hotel etc. The area is very safe and the people are amazing! Placidway was key in finding this clinic and I'm thankful that they provide thousands of options.

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