Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez | Orthopedic Specialist | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez Orthopedic Surgeon Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

About - Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez


Graduated from the University of Guadalajara Guadalajara Campus.
• Specializing in orthopedics and traumatology  ​​in the old civil hospital Guadalajara Fray Antonio Alcalde.
• Post graduate degree in sports medicine and joint replacement performed in the regional hospital in Edinburg Texas USA.
• Licensed to Practice Specialty in Orthopaedics and Traumatology for the general management of key professions.

Most common Orthopedics Procedures Performed.

  • Meniscal repair.
  • Cartilage repair.
  • ACL, PCL repair.
  • Knee Replacement.
  • Hip Replacement.
  • PRP injections
  • Cell therapy ( stem cells)  meniscus and cartilage regeneration
  • Spinal Blocks (ESI) by fluoroscopy
  • Intradiscal ozone therapy (bulged disc, disc herniations without surgery.


  • I International Meeting of Hip Surgery,  March 2001,supported byMexicanSociety of Hip Surgery.
  • VII International Course Advances in Orthopedic Surgery (Foot Surgery with Introduction To Minimal Invasive Surgery) July  2001 Supported by the Mexican Social Security Institute and Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery.
  • XXVI National Congress of Orthopedics Meeting May 2002, Supported by Mexican Society of Orthopedics.
  • VIII International Course Advances in Orthopedics July 2002, Supported by the Mexican Social Security Institute, University Health Center, UDG.
  • XXXI course AO Principles of Fracture Fixation Surgery Mexico City  August 2002, Supported by AO International.
  • XVI CongressMexicanSociety of PediatricOrthopedicsOctober  2OO2 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • 70 Annual Meeting American Academy of OrthopaedicSurgeonsFebruary 2003 New Orleans, Louisiana. USA.
  • 71 Annual Meeting American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons March 2004 San Francisco California, USA.
  • Specialty Day Arthroscopy Association of North America March, 2004 San Francisco,  California, USA.
  • XI International Course Advances in Orthopedics Wrist and Hand Surgery July 27 to 30, 2005 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • XVIII National Congress AMOT, November 2005 Mazatlan Sinaloa.
  • Advances in osteosynthesis XII course Pelvis and Acetabulum Injuries (teacher) July 2006, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • Ninth Annual Course Primary Total Knee Orthopedics, revision and complications, September 2006 Guadalajara Jalisco.
  • 1st International Course Arthroscopy and Knee Replacement and Sports Medicine arthroscopists Mexican school and knees urgeons AC, October 2006 Cancun, Quintana Roo.
  • Course XIII advances in orthopedics (Bio-logicalosteosynthesis MIS)  July  2007 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • First Course systematic studies of postmenopausal women, and osteoporosis July 2007.
  • X Total Hip Course,  September  2007 Guadalajara Jalisco supportedby AMOT, CMOT.
  • II Interamerican Congress MinimalInvasiveSurgery of thespine, Puerto Vallarta Jalisco 2007, supported by the Mexican Society of Neurological Surgery, Mexican Association of BC and spine surgeons.
  • Annual meeting American Academy of Orthopaedics Surgeons 2008 San Francisco CA March.
  • XII Annual Course Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma 2009  February 2009 Guadalajara Jalisco supported by AMOT and CMOT.
  • IV International Symposium of PainMay  2009 Huatulco Oaxaca, supported by AMOT.
  • XIV International Congress AMECRA  June 2009 Los Cabos Baja California Sur, supported by CMOT.
  • XV International Course advances in Orthopaedic, Foot, August, 2009 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, supported by AMOT.
  • XX National Congress AMOT 2009, October, Guadalajara Jalisco, supported by AMOT, CMOT.
  • X International Meeting 2010 Guadalajara, Mexican Society of hip surgery, February 2010, Guadalajara Jalisco, supported by AMOT.
  • Meeting & Expo Global Medical Turism (Secretary of economical promotion estate of Jalisto, National found of Turism) 24-26 august 2010.
  • XXI National Meeting AMOT 2010 November 2-6 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • II International Meeting of External Fixation 19-22 January 2011 Guadalajara Jalisco.
  • Anual Meeting American Academy of Orthopaedics Surgeons 2011 San Diego CA 15-19 February.
  • XXVI National Day SMO 2011 February 27-1 May, Veracruz Veracruz.
  • XVI Internation Congress AMECRA Mexican Asociation of articular and reconstructive surgeonsc1-5 June 2011 Cancun Quintana Roo.
  • XIV anual meeting of othopedics surgeonsfrom Hospital Civil Thoracic member Guadalajara Jalisco 30 Aug- 1 Sep 2011.
  • I curse Foot arhroscopy, endoscopy and minimal invasivesurgery (CMOT, AMOT) Guadalajara Jalisco 17-18 February 2012.
  • XVII International congress AMECRA 6-10 june 2012 (AANA; CMOT)
  • AO foot and ankle course, (AO trauma Latin America) July 4-7 2012 Puerto Vallarta.
  • XVI meeting orhtopedics advances ( complex fractures treatment) July18-21 2012 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco.
  • XV anual meeting sport injuries September 21-22 Guadalajara Jalisco ( AMOT, CMOT)
  • Anual Meeting 2013 American Academy of Orthopaedics Surgeons, Chicago IL March 19-23.
  • XVIII International Congress AMECRA 2013, June 12-16 Los Cabos Baja California  (CMOT)
  • 3rth Orthopedics and Traumatologyst Forum September 20-22 2013 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco (CMOT)
  • XVI anual meeting of orhopedics surgeons from Hospital Civil (tricks and pitfalls) Guadalajara Jalisco September 27-28 2013  (FEMECOT, CMOT)
  • XXVI FEMECOT meeting 2013  Chihuahua, Chihuahua October 15-19 (CMOT, FEMECOT)
  • XVII anual meeting 2014  orthopedics surgeonsfrom hospital civil  Guadalajara Jalisco February (FEMECOT, CMOT)
  • XIX international Congress AMECRA 2014 june 18-22 Can Cun Quintana Roo, (SLAR, CMOT)
  • XVIII  international Course Orthopedics advances July 20- August 2 2014 Puerto Vallarta Jalisco (FEMECOT)
  • III. Anual Meeting Orthopedics College from Jalisco AC September 3-6 2014 Guadalajara Jalisco (FEMECOT, CMOT)

Memberships (Credentials)

  • Fellowship in joint replacement and sports medicine Cornerstone Regional Hospital from June to November 2003 Edinburg, Texas. USA.
  • Graduated from Antiguo Hospital Civil Fray Antonio Alcalde Guadalajara University.
  • Boarded Certified by Mexican Orthopedics and Traumatology AC. March 2004, Mexico DF.
  • Active Member of the Society of Orthopedic Surgeons graduates of the old Civil Hospital of Guadalajara AC, September 2006, Guadalajara Jalisco.
  • International affiliate member of American Academy of Orthopedics Surgeons Since April 2007.(AAOS)
  • Active member of Mexican Asociation of articular reconstructive surgery (AMECRA) since 2007
  • General secretary of orthopedics and  traumatologyst College of Puerto Vallarta AC from 2008 to 2009
  • Treasurer  of orthopedics and traumatologyst college  of  Puerto Vallarta AC. From 2014 to 2016.
  • AMERIMED, SAN JAVIER and VMC (Vallarta Medical Center) hospitals Puerto Vallarta Staff.
  • Active Member of Mexican Federation of Orthopedics and Traumatology surgeons (AMOT, FEMECOT).

Education - Dr. Jose Manuel Hernandez

Graduated from the University of Guadalajara Guadalajara Campus.

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