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Pluddemanngasse 45, 8010 Graz, Austria/EU Vienna, Austria
Speciality: Stem Cell Therapy,
Languages: English
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About - Dr. Georg Kobinia MD

Dr. Georg Kobinia MD is a highly experienced medical practitioner and specialist in the field of regenerative medicine in Vienna, Austria, with a focus on stem cell therapy. He has worked extensively in academic and research environments, having studied at the Medical University of Vienna and earned a postdoctoral lecture qualification from Harvard University's Massachussetts General Hospital in 1983. Dr. Kobinia has received various scholarships, including the Evarts A. Graham Fellowship of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery from Harvard University from 1983 to 1984.

He has gained international surgical experience working in Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia and England. During his time in Bulgaria he worked as a Consultant at Ekaterina University Hospital under Professor Tschirkov. As a top regenerative treatment doctor in Vienna, Dr. Kobinia has achieved many successes throughout his career and is highly regarded by his peers for his commitment to excellence.

Dr. Kobinia has also proven to be a pioneer in the field of cardiovascular surgery, most notably his research on traumatic aortic rupture and its treatment via retrograde perfusion through the heart-lung machine. His work has shown that aortic arch surgeries in hypothermia are possible, as well as the successful resuscitation of frozen and drowned patients through this method.

He continues to make a significant contribution to the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy, advocating for better standards of care and research opportunities. He strives to improve patient care by staying informed on the latest developments and technologies in his field. Click contact us button below to get in touch with best doctor for regenerative therapy in Vienna, Austria, Dr. Georg Kobinia MD:

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  • Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cell Therapy
  • General surgery
  • Cardio, vascular, thoracic surgery

Academic Experience:

  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Harvard University, Massachussetts General Hospital, Boston, postdoctoral lecture qualification 1983


  • Harvard University: Evarts A. Graham Fellow of the “American Association for Thoracic Surgery“, Massachussetts General Hospital, Boston 1983 – 1984

International Surgery Experience:

  • Bulgaria, Romania, Iran, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Croatia, England


  • Ekaterina University Hospital, Sofia (Prof. Tschirkov), Consultancy function
  • (Topic: Early results of the simplified implantation technique for stentless valves and their application to endocarditis) 2002 – 2003
  • Development of the first biologic cardiac valve in cooperation with W. Hancock 1998
  • Consultancy for Tissuemed 1997
  • Development of the Kobinia Aortic Root 1997
  • Development of the Kobinia Mammaria Spreader 1997
  • VAT assisted Thoracic surgeries 1997

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    Jan 22 2019
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    placidway as i found very keen team for help and guidance. thanks alot

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