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About - Dr. Theodoros Loizidis

Dr. Theodoros Loizidis is a distinguished Medical Rehabilitation Specialist and a valued member of the European College of Physiotherapists. His academic achievements include a Doctorate from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki's Laboratory of Physiology, Department of Medicine in March 2002, and a Senior Fellowship of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from the European College of Physiatrists in May 2010. He also holds titles such as Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (October 2001) and European Board Certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (October 2000). Currently, he serves as the Head of the Department of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation at Clinic "Agios Loukas" in Thessaloniki, where he oversees patient care and manages his private practice. With previous experience as the Scientific Director at the Rehabilitation Center Euromedica Arogi and the Head of the Rehabilitation Department at Clinic "Agios Loukas," he has demonstrated his expertise and commitment to the field. Throughout his extensive hospital experience, including positions at various clinics and hospitals in Thessaloniki, Athens, and even Glasgow, England, he has consistently delivered quality care and contributed to the advancement of medical rehabilitation. Dr. Theodoros Loizidis's vast knowledge and dedication make him an exceptional professional in the field of physical and medical rehabilitation.


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Anagennisi Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre reviews

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    Gary S

    It was a very positive experience dealing with this company when it looked like my wife and I had to seek medical treatment abroad. Fortunately, my wife got fast-tracked and there was no need to travel abroad .
    I highly recommend contacting this company should you need to seek medical help outside your own country.

    Regards Gary Seitinger ( Canada)

    Aug 08 2023
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    Christos I

    Dear GMTPs,
    With this letter, I would like to express my deep appreciation to your medical services you provided me on 20 March 2023, also regarding the communication before and after the surgery.
    In the first place, I would like to thank the professor and orthopedic Doctor Mr Totlis Tryfon for the contemporary state-of-the-art, stem cells treatment on my knees.
    I hope and believe this treatment to achieve my much-desired kinetic freedom in the near future.
    I confess that I have trusted him from the first moment, as soon as I comprehend his qualifications and merits and had had the first conversation with him.
    Mr Totlis uses a special approach prior to the operation to calm the patient. His words and body language emit the necessary atmosphere in the operation-room, thus eliminating the stress and fear of the patient.
    Furthermore, Doctor Totlis and the nursing staff were supportive and informative towards me, during the entire time span of the operation.
    In addition, I want to thank the administrative personnel, Mrs Marina Moisidou, Mrs Julia Zachariadi and Mr Giorgos Papadopoulos, for their in-time and accurate preliminary and postoperative services for my treatment and transfer.
    Last but not least, I would like to thank Mr Sam Awad for the follow-up conversation we had soon after the operation.
    Christos Ioannou.
    Limassol Cyprus

    Anagennisi Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre Apr 03 2023
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    Thank you very much for the treatment. Happy birthday to everyone

    Google May 01 2022
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    The center is great, no complaints from all the kids. Thank you very much in wing 1A.

    Google May 02 2022
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    Flawless service, care of the patient, regular updating of his condition, polite staff, clean environment.

    Google May 05 2022
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    My experience was as follows. I once had my aunt here in the Renaissance and she was very happy with both the hospitality and the food and treatment. So I came too because of a total arthroplasty on my knee that I did. The excellent experience in the room with the roommate we matched perfectly. As for the food, the negative is that they have plates and cups made of plastic material so that they do not break, of course, but I would like it to be porcelain so that it is healthier, as well as the knives to be sharper. The food is salty many times but some are also very tasty like moussaka. The treatment was very helpful but it would be tempting to have even more staff. The first week I came I had a confusion about my hygiene in the toilet, but it was fixed immediately. Clean daily to a good degree, but I would like to disinfect my toilet once more in the afternoon. From treatments I received physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Satisfactory at all levels and fast recovery wonderful both Theodoris and Eliana. I was also pleased with the person in charge George Kalogirou who stood next to me, listened to me, helped me, guided me in every problem, thank you wholeheartedly. In general it is quite positive but please to help to raise the image of rebirth needs more nursing staff to be a top rehabilitation center.

    Google May 26 2022

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