Best Bone Marrow Transplant Package in Bangalore India

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Best Bone Marrow Transplant in Bangalore, India

Best Bone Marrow Transplant in Bangalore, India

Are you looking for a special and safe bone marrow transplant package? The solution is waiting for you at Manipal Hospital, in India!

Manipal Hospital is located in Bangalore, India and it’s among the country’s top medical care suppliers with over 5 decades of expertise serving the humanity in the area of transplant medicine. The hospital features a highly trained medical team who uses the latest equipment and treatment methods.

The bone marrow transplant process involves many stages, starting from the initial decision to the transplant itself. Other steps consist in the patient's pre-transplant evaluations, internalisation and long-term monitoring after the procedure. Before the surgery, the doctor will provide detailed information to the patient, giving answers regarding the important questions of the whole process. The doctor will inform the patient about the possible complications, success rate and long-term results.

There are three basic types of bone marrow transplants:

  • Autologous bone marrow transplant
  • Allogeneic bone marrow transplant (For allogeneic Manipal Hospital requires siblings as donor.)
  • Umbilical cord blood transplant


Medical conditions that might make bone marrow transplant an option:

  • Acute myeloid leukaemia
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome
  • Chronic myelogenous leukaemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Aplastic Anaemia
  • Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
  • Primary Amyloidosis
  • Solid cancer: testicular cancer, ovarian cancer/Ewing sarcoma
  • Hereditary Diseases: Haemoglobinopathies
  • Autoimmune diseases (scleroderma, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis)


What is the approximate cost of the bone marrow transplant?




Work up/Investigations

Bone Marrow Transplant

Total Cost

Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant




If chemo therapy is

required, it will be

charged additionally

Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplant




If chemo therapy is

required, it will be

charged additionally

Haploidentical Bone Marrow Transplant




If chemo therapy is

required, it will be

charged additionally

*Conversion rate taken at 1 USD = 60 INR


1. Bed charges

2. Clinical Lab Charges

3. Professional Charges

4. Nursing Charges

5. Dietary Charges for the patient and an attendant (set international menu)

6. Anaesthetist charges

7. Procedure charges

8. Airport Pickup and Drop facility

9. Meet & Greet Services at Airport Immigration with documentation & porter assistance

10. FRRO and visa extension coordination charges

11. Investigations and work up related to BMT


1. Accommodation Charges

2. Cross referrals / Evaluation / medicines both for pre and post procedure

3. Special investigations / drugs / consumables / Blood products

4. Stay beyond package period

5. Additional procedures

6. ICU Stay

7. Laundry, Telephone and in room dining other than the international set menu that will be served

8. Cost of valve / implants / conduits and grafts

Benefits of the bone marrow transplant at Manipal Hospital:

  • It’s an effective procedure in extending patient’s time of living disease free
  • Even if it’s an invasive procedure, patients have the chance of living healthy afterwards

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