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Treatment :Organ Transplant

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Package Details

Liver Transplant Surgery Package  in Bangalore, India

Liver Transplant Surgery Package in Bangalore, India

Some of the most typical problems afflicting the liver include hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer. All of these conditions can damage the liver that it cannot function well. A failing liver may result in inevitable death, and a liver transplantation is often suggested.

Waiting for a liver transplant can be excruciating, both for the family and the one who suffers from liver failure, and that is why at Manipal Hospital, we are focused on reducing the waiting time for liver transplant and also ensure a successful liver transplant surgery when you have a family member who is donating a part of the liver!

Advantages of Liver Transplant at Manipal

People identified as having a number of liver problems, persistent liver failure or acute liver failure caused by conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, cystic fibrosis, liver tumors, hemochromatosis or cholangitis are candidates for liver transplant procedures.

Liver Transplant Cost in Bangalore, India

Cost of Liver Transplant in India Image

The liver Transplant Package Details in Bangalore, India

1. The above liver transplant costs are approximate and not exact. People opt for this because a liver transplant cost in India is much more affordable than in other locations.

2. If the patient needs Hepatitis B Immuno-globulin 3344USD/- over and above the package cost.

3. The package is for 10 days of Donor admission and 30 days of Recipient admission.


1. All affidavits are to be signed by a Public Notary or Sworn before a Magistrate.

2. If the patient will come with a live related donor they will be evaluated by the Transplant team.

3.Indian Human Organ Transplantation Act does not permit transplant between unrelated donors unless it is approved by the State Authorization Committee.

4. The patient has to come prepared with all documents as mentioned above for taking the approval from the State Authorization Committee.

5. If it is a related donor, the Donor and Recipient relationship has to be proved by doing HLA Typing / DNA fingerprint.

6. The hospital shall assist and guide the patient at every step.

Mandatory Requirements

Once we receive your medical reports, we will discuss with our senior consultants and send you a visa facilitation letter directly to the Indian embassy at  your country.

Requirement: Legal Documentation for Transplantation by the State Committee for Organ Transplantation, Govt. of Karnataka.

Please find below the documents that need to be carried by the patient (All in originals) in order to get approvals to go ahead for the liver transplantation.

  • Donor Identification letter from the Secretariat of the country of residence.
  • Recipient Identification letter from the Secretariat of the country of residence.
  • Age declaration of Donor  from the High Court of the country of Residence.
  • Age declaration of Recipient  from the High Court  of the country of Residence.
  • Relationship proof of the donor and recipient from the High Court of the country of Residence.
  • Referral letter from treating hospital of the country of Residence stating that the patient is referred to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore for the Organ transplant.
  • Consent of Donor regarding no objection of donating the Organ from the High Court of residence.
  • Family photo preferably with all members of the family (Donor & Recipient has to be present).
  • Family Tree document by the issuing authority in the country of residence.
  • 30 Passport size photographs of the Donor, Recipient and 2 other family members travelling with them.

Other documents will be done in Bangalore and will be coordinated by The International Patient Care team at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

Please note that these documents will be submitted to the State Committee for Organ Transplantation, Govt. of Karnataka. This is the committee that grants approval for organ transplants for foreign nationals. Please note that this body meets twice a month for granting approvals. Individual approvals can take a minimum of 15-30 days.

Why choose Manipal Hospitals?

  • Clinical excellence and patient-centric care
  • Success rates of international standards
  • Highly experienced pool of doctors with international affiliations
  • Preferred player for international patients (over 4,000 international patients being treated every year)
  • Network of hospitals to help the patient choose an option that suits them better
  • 3rd largest Healthcare chain in India
  • Exclusive international patient care department to assist with all the needs of a foreigner
  • Continuous focus on quality and the hospital is certified by ISO, NABH, NABL

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