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Organ Transplant Surgery Package in Bangalore

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Treatment :Organ Transplant

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Package Details

Organ Transplant Surgery Package in Bangalore

Our department of Organ Transplants is as advanced as any international center where patients have had successful transplants. It has had many accomplishments, many of them well known, making it one of the best centers in the country for Organ transplants.

Organ Transplant Treatments & Procedures
  • Orientation on transplant program and the various requirements.
  • Evaluation of recipient & donor with available reports & medical history by transplant coordinator and nephrologists.
  • Evaluation of both recipient and donor including compatibility tests. This involves extensive medical evaluation and investigations.
  • Preparation of legal documents mandatory for transplant process.
  • Review by the transplant team with all the reports.
  • Submission of application to the authorization committee for approval.
  • Repeat investigations and 2nd cross match.
  • Hospitalization and transplant surgery.
  • Discharge and follow-up.

The conversion rate is 1 USD - 55 INR.

Post transplant Lab Charges & Medications for 6 Months will be approximately 6000 USD. The same will be in addition to the above quoted prices.

Pre Transplant work-up: 18 Days for the donor & recipient (This will be done on an out-patient basis).
Duration of Stay in the Hospital: Recipient - 10-15 days  |  Donor- 7 Days.
The Duration of stay outside the Hospital (Recovery Stay): Recipient – 60 days | Donor- 14-21days.

 The Package Estimate Includes:
1.  Bed charges for 12 days
2.  OT Charges
3.  OT  & Anesthesia Charges
4.  Professional Charges
5.  Basic Investigations charges for 10 days
6.  Oxygen, Ventilation & ICU stay within 10 days if needed.
7.  General medications for recipient & donor.       

The Package Estimate Excludes:
1. Bed Charges beyond 12 days
2. Checking for immunosuppressant drug level more than once, if needed
3. Special Medications other than the package.
4. Investigation charges beyond 10 days
5. Other Special investigations
6. Oxygen, Ventilation & ICU stay beyond 10 days
7. Recipient work-up pre transplant
8. Donor’s work-up pre transplant
9. Stay outside the hospital is 4 – 12 weeks (both for Donor & recipient), cost of the same is not included in the above estimate and is payable on actual.
10. Special diet will be provided at additional cost.
11. Any outpatient consultations and medicines which are required during the follow-up will not be a part of the estimate.
12. Dialysis Charges pre-transplant.

  1. The cost mentioned is an approximation. The exact costs will depend on the patient’s general condition, stay in hospital & consumption of drugs.
  2. Travel expenses for visa formalities are not included in the above estimate and is payable by the patient.
  3. Management reserves the rights to change the package without prior notice
  4. Please forward the patients complete travel details at least two working days in advance so that we can make all the necessary arrangements to pick them up from the from airport or railway station.
  5. On arrival, the patient and attendants would need to register with the Police Commissioners Office. This will be coordinated by us.
  6. We make arrangements for Hospital Guest House/Hotel facilities at locations convenient to the hospital. Please feel free to contact us for reservations before your arrival.

Mandatory Requirements

* Please reply by mail to us, your home country mobile and residence phone numbers.
* Two adult immediate relatives have to accompany the donor & recipient for consents and decision making during the travel and stay at the Hospital in Bangalore, India.
*Bring all prior medical reports, if any.
Once we receive your medical reports, we will discuss the same with our senior consultants and send you a visa facilitation letter directly to the Indian embassy at  your country.

“Requirement II: Legal Documentation for Transplantation by the State Committee for Organ Transplantation, Govt. of Karnataka
Please find below the documents that need to be carried by the patient (All in originals) in order to get approvals to go ahead for the transplantation

  1. Donor Identification letter from the Secretariat of the country of residence.
  2. Recipient Identification letter from the Secretariat of the country of residence.
  3. Age declaration of Donor  from the High Court of the country of Residence.
  4. Age declaration of Recipient  from the High Court  of the country of Residence.
  5. Relationship proof of the donor and recipient from the High Court of the country of Residence.
  6. Referral letter from treating hospital of the country of Residence stating that the patient is referred to Manipal Hospital, Bangalore for the Organ transplant.
  7. Consent of Donor regarding no objection of donating the Organ from the High Court of residence.
  8. Family photo preferably with all members of the family (Donor & Recipient has to be present).
  9. Family Tree document by the issuing authority in the country of residence.
  10. 30 Passport size photographs of the Donor, Recipient and 2 other family members travelling with them.
  11. Other documents will be done in Bangalore and will be coordinated by The International Patient Care team at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore.

Please note that these documents will be submitted to the State Committee for Organ Transplantation, Govt. of Karnataka. This is the committee that grants approval for organ transplants for foreign nationals. Please note that this body meets twice a month for granting approvals. Individual approvals can take a minimum of 15-30days.

Why Manipal Hospital?

  • Performed over 1000 organ transplants
  • Performed the first Cadaver Transplant in the State
  • Leading institute in the state Transplant Care
  • Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy (LDN) is performed routinely. This is associated with decreased pain and early recovery as compared to traditional open donor nephrectomy
  • Has a Paired Exchange Donor ( SWAP ) Program
  • Recognized by National Board of Examination and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences for postgraduate training program.
  • Accreditation ISO 9001-2008 & NABH
  • In house Full Fledged Immunology lab to perform HLA and Cross Matching
What Make Us Different?
  • Clinical excellence and patient centric care
  • Success rates of international standards
  • Highly experienced pool of doctors with international affiliations
  • Preferred player for international patients (over 4000 international patients being treated every year )
  • Network of hospitals to help the patient choose an option that suits them better
  • 3rd largest Healthcare chain in India
  • Exclusive international patient care department to assist with all the needs of a foreigner
  • Continuous focus on quality and the hospital is certified by ISO, NABH, NABL

We at the Manipal Hospital - Manipal International Patient Care Centre are pleased to serve you.


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