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Eye Surgery Package for Corneal Transplant

, Panama City, Panama

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Treatment :Organ Transplant

By : PlacidWay Panama

Location : Panama City, Panama

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Package Details

If you need a corneal transplant, Ageless Wonders Panama can help in the process…

At Ageless Wonders Panama, we understand that your vision is one of your most important assets.

ageless wonder packageA Corneal Transplant is not an easy decision, but if for any reason, whether if by disease or secondary to surgery, if you require a cornea replacement, we offer our expertise.

We have an excellent team in our Eye Bank that offers high quality tissues, in addition to expert surgeons who undertake your evaluation prior to preparing you for a surgery.

It is very important to be evaluated by an expert to find out if you are a good candidate. That is why in Ageless Wonders Panama we provide quality care for your attention.

Package includes:

  • Eye Consultation & Planning
  • Corneal Transplant
  • Corneal tissue
  • All medications
  • All follow-up consultations
Medical Tourism Package:
  • 5 nights in Hotel
  • 2 Panama site seeing tours or Partial Panama Canal tours
  • 1 shopping trip
  • 1 60 minute massage
  • Airport transfers

Eye Package Cost:  $ 5,350 / €4,085
Package Savings: $400/€275 from list price; over $2,750/€2,100 compared to US or UK prices 

Vision Care is a famous all-inclusive eye Clinic in Panama, under the care of Dr. Ilka De Obaldia Faruggia, our top Ophthalmologist who specializes in Corneal Transplants, Refractive Surgery and Anterior segment. They focus on cornea and refractive surgeries such as, LASIK, cornea transplants, Intra corneal rings, cataract and glaucoma surgery. The highly trained and extremely efficient Ageless Wonders Panama Team is dedicated to offering you a better eye health as well as better looking without having to go through so many hassles; physically, mentally, and financially.

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