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Kidney Transplant in Gurgaon India

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Treatment :Organ Transplant

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Medanta The Medicity Center


Kidney Transplant in Gurgaon India

Kidney Transplant Abroad

Kidney Transplant can be required if you suffer from kidney failure caused by various diseases and the procedure can be quite difficult to find.

Medanta is one of the best centers in India that can assist you in getting back your heath with one of the most advanced kidney transplant surgeries available today.

Kidney Transplant Price India

*In case of adittional stay (more than 10 days)you will be charged extra


Treating doctors: a team of highly skilled experts led by

Dr. Naresh Trehan

Division of Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery


Kidney Transplant Heryana


Package Includes:

  • Kidney Transplant at Medanta IndiaKidney Transplant Cost
  • Surgeon’s Fee
  • Initial work up and investigations
  • Stay of 10 days for the patient and 5 days for the donor in the hospital (for kidney transplant procedure)
  • 6-8 Dialyses before the transplant
  • Post surgery there are some additional investigations which are included in the package
  • All meals (vegetarian) for the patient and donor in the hospital during the transplant programme
  • Airport pick up/drop in an AC Cab

The package excludes the following:

  • Stay beyond the above mentioned period
  • Extra investigations (CT/MRI/ECHO)
  • Professional charges of any other consultant not related to Kidney Transplant Package
  • Use of special drugs/ consumables
  • Corrective surgery if any, after transplant, for complications
  • Any other personal expenses made by the patient not included in this package

Total Process Duration

The entire kidney transplant process takes around 2 months (recovery/adapting) under normal conditions if the patient/donor has no other complications. One has to provision for extra stay in guest houses for a brief period post transplant. Based on the budget of the patient we can arrange for the accommodation.

How much Kidney Transplant cost?

12000 USD

*Approximate cost for pre transplant investigations, Surgery & post transplant
**Cost of hepatitis injection if used would be charged on actuals

Kidney Transplant India

Medanta multi speciality clinic

Kidney Transplant India


Medanta - The Medicity is a multi specialized institute situated in Gurgaon, a busy town in the National Capital Region. It was founded by the well known cardiac medical expert, Dr Naresh Trehan and the location was set with the goal of delivering high standard medical care in India together with medical research, education and medical training. Medanta's core values are attending patients carefully, with compasion and dedication.

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Kidney Transplant Procedure Details

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