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Affordable Stem Cell Therapy Treatments for Diabetes in Asia

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Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
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Best Stem Cell Therapy Treatments for Diabetes in Asia

Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Asia

Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that has shown positive results in diabetes patients over the years. One of the possible treatments for diabetes mellitus is Stem Cell Therapy, with its transplants and treatments. This Therapy curesand improves diabetes symptoms by making use of  embryonic or fetal stem cells.

Stem Cell Therapy has shown positive results in type 2 diabetes, such as lower blood sugar level  and even the complete reversal of the diabetic process.

Research facilities are continuing to develop stem cell replacement therapy to bring back to normal the insulin function and improve the patients' life and health condition.

Diabetes Symptoms

  • Are you urinating frequently?
  • Are you having an excessive thirst?
  • Do you have a blurred vision?
  • Are you having recurrent infections?
  • Are you extremely tired for no apparent reason?
  • Do you lack of energy every morning, even when you slept very well?
  • Suddenly you lost a considerable amount of weight?


Stem Cell Therapy Centers in Asia










Beijing, China


Relife Medical Center




Stem Cell Therapy: 6 IV (In high dosage)

Traditional Chinese medicine. (Acupuncture, cupping, manual therapy and moxibustion treatments etc.)

Supporting Medicine (daily medications to improve patient’s immune system and endocrine system etc.)

Treatments in Professional Rehabilitation Center for autism

One room for the patient AND for 1-2 accompanying family members.

General medical service; Doctor’s visits and examinations, laboratory tests, etc.

Invitation letter for applying visa.

Transportation from Beijing Capital Airport to ReLife International Medical Center

Mumbai, India




$9,900 - $11,000





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