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IVF - Fertility Treatment - India Medical Tourism

IVF Treatment In India


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a revolutionary treatment for those couples who can't have a baby on their own because of various types of infertility. India is one of the most established and popular destinations for fertility treatment abroad. Clinics throughout India are well established and have high standards; relaxed regulations allow treatments for women up to 55, and for singles and same-sex couples.


Infertility treatment can range from practical lifestyle changes to extended medical procedures - depending on the nature of the problem. As a first step, it may just be a few simple measures, like awareness of fertile period and psycho social interventions (Quit Smoking / Alcohol, Relaxation Therapy).

IVF (In vitro Fertilization) means fertilization of an ovum outside the body and consequently, the transfer of the fertilized ovum (embryo) into the uterus of the woman.

In Vitro Fertilization India

How does IVF work?

IVF techniques can differ from clinic to clinic, often depending on your individual circumstances.
Also the IVF treatment can be performed with donor sperm or sperm from the male partner.

A typical IVF treatment may involve:

For women:
Step 1. Suppressing the natural monthly hormonal cycle
Step 2. Boosting the egg supply
Step 3. Checking on progress
Step 4. Collecting the eggs
Step 5. Fertilising the eggs
Step 6. Embryo transfer
Step 7. Other treatments


India offers world class infertility treatment with advanced procedures and equipment achieving high success rates. Highly trained teams consist of expert doctors who specialize in Reproductive medicine, Nurse-counselors, Ultrasonographers, Embryologists and Andrologists. India is providing medical tourists centres of excellence and successful outcomes in Infertility treatment.

Top Destinations for IVF Procedures in India

IVF Treatment in India at Bourn Hall Clinic Gurgaon Kerala India image

Bourn Hall Clinic, Gurgaon | Kerala, India

IVF Treatment in India at Pahlajani IVF and Surrogacy Clinic in Raipur India banner

Pahlajani IVF and Surrogacy Clinic, Raipur, India

IVF Treatment in India at Nova Specialty Surgery in Bangalore | Delhi India image

Nova Specialty Surgery, Bangalore | Delhi, India

IVF Package  - $4,250 USD

The package includes:
ICSI - IVF Cycle

IVF Treatment in India at Medanta in Gurgaon Heryana India image

Medanta | The Medicity, Gurgaon Heryana, India

IVF Treatment in India at Apollo Victor Hospital in Goa India image

Apollo Victor Hospital, Goa, India

IVF Treatment in India at BLK Memorial Hospital New Delhi India image

BLK Memorial Hospital, New Delhi, India


No wonder India has indeed made a name as a centre of excellence, integrity and successful outcomes in the area of Infertility treatment.

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