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Tanfer Clinic Offers Dental Implants Promotion in Istanbul Turkey

Rumeli Cad. Ogan Apt. No: 16 Kat : 3 D:6 Nisantas?-Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Package Price : $547

Treatment :Dentistry

By : Tanfer Clinic

Location : Rumeli Cad. Ogan Apt. No: 16 Kat : 3 D:6 Nisantas?-Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey

Focus Area: Tanfer Clinic | Pediatric Dentist | Dental Cosmetics | Oral Surgery | Dental Orthodontic | Clinical Pediatric Dentistry | General Dentistry | Dentures | Prothesism | Root Canal Therapy | Dental Implants | Istanbul, Turkey

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Dental Implant Promotion Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Tanfer Clinic Offers Dental Implants Promotions

in Istanbul, Turkey



As a new year has begun, Tanfer Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey continues its attractive promotions and packages for its patients.

Dental Implant Promotion Tanfer Clinic Istanbul, Turkey

Dental Implants from $547 only at Tanfer Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey!


Tanfer Clinic was founded by the expert of dental and maxillofacial surgery Dr. Nihat Tanfer who was among the first doctors to use implant operation in 1985, as well as the innovative Box Technique operation in Turkey.


Why Choose Tanfer Clinic?

  • The patients requesting to come to our clinic are offered for free a proposed treatment plan after sending their panoramic x-ray via e-mail or cargo.
  • The treatment plan includes average treatment duration and treatment costs.
  • Upon special request, airline ticket, airport transfer and hotel reservations can be organized with international standards by our experts.
  • We provide boutique services, Dr. Nihat Tanfer takes care of his patients one-to one.
  • We implement latest worldwide dental techniques.
  • We offer accessible prices for high level quality service.
  • Our Clinic is certified by BVQI.

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