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Liver Transplant Surgery Clinics India

Best Liver Transplant Surgery Clinics in India

India is Asia's first of its kind, dedicated medical provider offering liver transplantation and all other levels of treatment for liver and biliary diseases including cancer, both in adults and children.


What is Liver Transplant?

Liver transplantation or hepatic transplantation is the replacement of a diseased liver with a healthy liver allograft. The most commonly used technique is orthotopic transplantation, in which the native liver is removed and replaced by the donor organ in the same anatomic location as the original liver. Liver transplantation nowadays is a well accepted treatment option for end-stage liver disease and acute liver failure.


Liver Failure Surgery - India - Asia

Best Candidates for liver transplant procedure in India

Excellent candidates for liver transplant procedures are individuals diagnosed with a number of liver problems:

  • Chronic liver failure  
  • Acute liver failure caused by conditions likes cirrhosis of the liver
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Hemochromatosis or cholangitis


How Does the Liver Transplant Procedure Work?

It is also one of the most expensive treatments in modern medicine. Typically three surgeons and one anesthesiologist are involved, with up to four supporting nurses. The surgical procedure is very demanding and ranges from 4 to 18 hours depending on outcome. Numerous anastomoses and sutures, and many disconnections and reconnections of abdominal and hepatic tissue, must be made for the transplant to succeed, requiring an eligible recipient and a well-calibrated live or cadaveric donor match. By any standard, hepatic transplantation is a major surgical procedure with an appreciable degree of risk.


Hepatic Disease Treatment Procedure - India

What Causes Liver Damage?

Some of the most common causes of liver damage and cirrhosis are:

  • Hepatitis C – a blood-borne virus that can cause extensive liver damage in a minority of people
  • Alcoholic cirrhosis – the liver becomes scarred due to years of persistent alcohol abuse
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) – a poorly understood condition that causes progressive liver damage

Once cirrhosis reaches a certain level, the liver gradually loses all its functions. This is known as liver failure or end-stage liver disease.

The only hope for the long-term survival of a person with liver failure is a liver transplant.

There are three types of liver transplant:

  • A deceased organ donation
  • A living donor organ transplant
  • A split donation

Price for Liver Transplant in India: $65,000 USD

Top Destinations In India For Liver Transplant

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India

Manipal Hospital - Liver Transplant in Bangalore, India banner

Apollo Victor Hospital, Goa, India

Apollo Victor Hospital - Liver Transplantation - Goa, India banner

Medanta | The Medicity, Heryana, India

Medanta | The Medicity - Liver Surgery - Heryana, India banner


Benefits of Liver Transplant in India

  • Restores optimal function of all aspects of the body
  • Improves wellness
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Improves vitality and overall life quality


Choose the liver transplant package offered by Indian clinics and get back your healthy life.

Feel free to contact us regarding other medical procedures in India!

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