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Chin Augmentation in Thailand

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Chin Augmentation Clinics in Thailand

Chin Augmentation Clinics in Thailand

The Chin Augmentation procedure is aimed at improving the patient’s facial profile. This can be achieved by the prosthetic implant and/or bone shaping.

There are two main procedures for chin augmentation: surgical therapy and injection of fillers. In the first case, the implant is placed on top of the chin, and it’s done under local or general anaesthesia. Postoperatively, there will be a compression bandage applied in order to protect the local implant. In the first week, swelling and contusions can occur, but they will be reabsorbed during the healing process. Usually, hospitalization is required. The second option for augmenting the chin is by injecting special filler substances. The implant’s shape, size and material are chosen based on the flaw that needs correction. In this case, local anaesthesia (oral or intravenous sedation is applied. Hospitalization is not required. There are several techniques available for chin augmentation with filler substance. In most cases, the incision is performed inside the mouth, at the base of the gum. The doctor creates a "pocket" that will accommodate the implant. The incision is closed with fine sutures. Most of the chin augmentations procedures are done with silicone implants.

Thailand is a destination renowned for its cosmetic and plastic surgery top notch medical services. See below several Chin Augmentation packages offered by Thai clinics.

Benefits of the Chin Augmentation procedure:

  • Improves the patient’s facial features
  • Improves self esteem
  • Boosts self confidence
  • It’s a safe procedure
  • There are no major risks associated to this procedure


Best Chin Augmentation Packages in Thailand





Chin Augmentation Package




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Chin Implant

Pattaya, Thailand

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Chin Augmentation



Achieve the perfect facial contour! Enhance your features! Find out more about the Chin Augmentation procedures offered by some of the best medical centers in Thailand! Contact us!


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