Stem Cell Therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome in Mexico

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 Stem Cell Therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome in Tijuana, Mexico

Stem Cell Therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome in Mexico


Are you struggling with the Sjorgen Syndrome? Mouth, eyes and genital dryness is giving you a hard time? Do you constantly hear that there’s no cure for it? Why don’t you try Stem Cell Therapy for your autoimmune disease in one of the best Mexican medical center?


ProgenCell is a clinic located in Tijuana, Mexico. The center specializes in stem cell therapies for chronic diseases. ProgenCell applies the highest quality protocols, using stem cells directly from the patient (also known as autologous adult stem cells), in a suitable, patient-friendly environment, equipped with the newest technology.

Sjorgen Syndrome is a chronic autoimmune condition characterized by salivary and lachrymal glands' degenration. This degeneration usually causes the mouth's and eyes' dryness. In some cases, the genital area's dryness can occur.

This condition is often accomanied by other immune system disorders, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The syndrome can develop at any age and women are more prone to being affected by it. 

The autologous adult stem cell therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome implies collecting the stem cells from the patient and making use of the best and most qualitative medical protocols. There is, therefore, no risk of tissue rejection and the secondary effects are minimal. The stem cells derive from the bone narrow, from the adipose tissues, or from these both sources combined.

This way, patients can correct the Sjorgen Syndrome, thanks to the cell regeneration process that takes place within the affected tissues and organs. The immune system (Sjorgen Syndrome has been classified as an autoimmune disease) can also be reset thanks to these cells and their properties.


What is the cost of Stem Cell Therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome?


At ProgenCell (Tijuana, Mexico), the cost of the autologous adult stem cell therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome package ranges from$5,500 to$8,500.


Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Sjorgen Syndrome at ProgenCell:


  • No chances of tissue rejection
  • Minimal secondary effects
  • The latest and highest quality medical protocols are being used
  • Stem cells have the property to reset the immune system
  • Patient’s life will be improved



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