Beauty Boosting Cheek Reduction in San Jose Costa Rica

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Beauty Boosting Cheek Reduction in San Jose, Costa Rica

Beauty Boosting Cheek Reduction in San Jose, Costa Rica

Do you want to git rid of the chubby cheeks? Do you want a thinner face? The cheek reduction package in Costa Rica may be an option for you!

Clinica Rivera (San Jose, Costa Rica) is a renowned cosmetic and plastic medical center visited by both local and international patients. It provides a high level of care, featuring the latest equipment, professionalism, top notch, and highly trained team of doctors.

The cheek reduction surgery (also known as bichectomy) is performed on an outpatient basis and it usually takes about an hour. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the fat pads that are responsible of augmenting the lower cheeks and the incisions are done inside the mouth. The fatty tissue is, therefore, removed, the size of your cheeks is reduced and a defined, sculpted look is achieved.

Cheek reduction is highly recommended for:


  • Patients struggling with chipmunk cheeks
  • Those who want thinner, more defined cheeks
  • Patients who want to achieve an enhanced facial appearance

Price Package Cheek Reduction in Clinica Rivera Costa Rica


 What is the cost of check reduction?

At Clinica Rivera (San Jose, Costa Rica), the cheek reduction surgery package costs $1,750.

Benefits of the cheek reduction:


  • Gets you rid of the chipmunk cheeks
  • Patients achieve thinner, more defined cheeks and an enhanced facial appearance
  • Leads to a greater self esteem and a higher level of self confidence

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