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Dental Crowns at Simply Dental Los Algodones Mexico

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Dental Crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico

 Dental Crowns at Simply Dental Los Algodones, Mexico

What can you do with discoloured teeth? Restore it with a dental crown at Simply Dental, Los Algodones, Mexico and have a vacation in exotic Mexico!

A dental crown or also known as a dental ?cap,? is an artificial prosthetic that is placed to cover the prepared or remaining part of a tooth improving its shape, size and appearance. More than that, it covers dental implants, protects cracked teeth and conceals teeth stains, making it stronger.

Types of dental crowns:

Porcelain bonded to precious metal: most common; the base is metal and porcelain is layered over it.

Porcelain: whole crown is made entirely of porcelain; can be the most natural-looking and is usually placed on the front teeth.

All-ceramic: an alternative for those who allergic reactions to metal; it provides the appearance of a porcelain crown; suitable in all areas of the mouth.

Gold-alloy crowns: one of the oldest used filling materials; used with other metal alloys such as silver to increase strength.

Zirconia: chosen by dentists for its advantages which is includes being tough, withstands the wear and tear, biocompatible, modifiable shape, color and size.

E.Max Porcelain: also known as zirconium oxide, considered one of the strongest all-ceramic prosthesis, other advantages include high biocompatibility and heat resistance.

Dentists highly recommend a dental crown to those who:

  • Need to repair broken teeth
  • Need to restore teeth weakened by decay
  • Have discoloured teeth due to teeth stains or filings
  • Had a root canal
  • Have a bridge and denture in place
  • Have implants
  • Have cracked teeth


Dental Crown Cost in Mexico

Cost of Dental Crowns in Los Algodones, Mexico

Pricing of dental crowns will depend on a number of factors. Firstly, it includes the materials used to create the crown, the experience and skill of the dentists, the geographical location of the clinic and the dental lab fabricating the crown. Prior to the procedure, ask for a written estimate and treatment plan before asking your dentist to place the dental crowns.

Dr. Enrique Lopez Gaspar and his team of associate dentists perform a multitude of dental procedures including Invisalign & Orthodontics, Preventive care, Teeth whitening, Dental bonding, Endodontics and Crowns & Bridges among others. Simply Dental, Los Algodones, Mexico offers Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) for $200; Zirconia for $400 and E.Max Porcelain for $300. This package already includes all medical related cost such as medications used, equipment, and doctor fees. Transfers to and from the hotel and clinic is also included.

Advantages of dental crowns:

  • Protects the teeth against further decay
  • Protects the teeth from erosion
  • Improves one?s smile
  • Conceals discoloured teeth
  • Improves unsightly-looking front teeth.
  • Improves your smile and self-confidence


Improve your smile and confidence at Simply Dental, Los Algodones, Mexico! Just click the button below for further details!


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