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Best Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury in Europe

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Package Price : $11379

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Best Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury in Europe

Best Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury in Europe


A Spinal Cord Injury usually begins with a sudden, traumatic damage to the spine that causes changes in its function, temporary or permanent. Most injuries to the spinal cord don't sever it completely. In the majority of cases the damage results from physical trauma - car accidents, sports injuries, falls but also from infection, tumors, and insufficient blood flow.   

Stem cell research has found a way to create new neurons. An injured brain or spinal cord may not be able to create new neurons on their own, but scientists have discovered that neural stem cells in adult brains can be stimulated to multiply neural cells that have been lost through injury or disease processes.

Europe is known for the competence of doctors in all fields including the stem cell therapy. European clinics have the recommendation of a large number of satisfied patients around the world. The Biggest advantage is their professional staff, the latest technology, and price.


Stem Cell for Spinal Cord Centers in Europe






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Kiev, Ukraine

Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

From 10,000 EUR

2 days of treatment
Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer
Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer

Travel expenses

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Vienna, Austria SCT Stem Cell Therapy From 14,000 EUR

4 days of treatment
Accommodation - 3 nights for 2 persons
Hotel-clinic-hotel transfer

Travel expenses

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Frankfurt, Germany

German International Clinic

From 17,500 EUR

One week of treatment
Initial consultation and diagnostic
IV stem cell treatment

Anesthesiologist – 500EUR
Travel expenses

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Benefits of Stem Cell for Spinal Cord Injury Therapy

  • Availability of cells
  • Ease of isolation
  • Efficacy



PlacidWay can help you access some of the best Stem Cell Therapy clinics in Europe. Contact us and find out which are the best options for you!


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