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Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy Package in Kiev Ukraine

17 Solomyanska street, Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine

Package Price from: $10000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

By : Unique Cell Treatment Clinic

Location : 17 Solomyanska street Kiev,Kyiv, Ukraine

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Package Details

Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy Package in Kiev, Ukraine


Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy Package in Kiev, Ukraine

The rate and progression of cells aging varies greatly from person to person. In time, aging affects the cells of every important organ in the body. Thanks to Stem Cell Therapy the aging process can be slowed down, wrinkles reduced, the appearance of the skin improved, the effects of degenerative diseases diminished and the energy levels increased.

Our experienced and highly professional doctors will tailor individual program for you that will include all cell types your body needs and other rejuvenation and revitalization procedures.  This therapy restores damaged and aging cells making you look younger and healthier.

Benefits of Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy

  • Reduction of wrinkles, age spots and fine lines
  • Reduction of fat tissue
  • Improved estrogen production in women leading to easier menopause
  • Improved testosterone production in men leading to improved sexual performance
  • Enhanced mass muscle, agility and body movement
  • Feeling of well-being
  • Higher energy levels
  • Mineralization of the bones

Cost, inclusions and exclusions

At Unique Cell Treatment Clinic the price for Anti Aging Stem Cell Therapy package starts at $10,000.


  • 2 days of treatment
  • Everyday hotel/apartment-clinic-hotel/apartment transfer
  • Airport-hotel/apartment-airport transfer


  • Accommodation
  • Travel Expenses

Why choose us?

  • The clinic has performed numerous stem cell treatment protocols
  • Positive results for patients from all over the world
  • The clinic was featured in a BBC documentary where it was called the ''Last Hope Clinic" because it treat and follows-up severe clinical cases worldwide
  • The medical team is recognized worldwide for developing stem cell treatment methods

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