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Most Effective Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery (LGCP) Mexico

Package price starting from: $4500
Treatment: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Plication
Hospital Angeles TijuanaPaseo de los Heroes 10999, Mexico
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Top Class Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication Procedure

Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery Package Mexico

Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery (Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication or LGCP) 

The gastric sleeve plication surgery (also known as Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication or LGCP) is a procedure during which the surgeon reduces the size of the stomach by creating an internal fold within the stomach. Compared to gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve plication surgery does not require the resection of a portion of the stomach so the healthy tissue and its functionality are preserved by suturing the organ rather than removing a portion of it. An internal pleat will prevent the stomach from being able to hold large portions of food. This procedure is effective at helping patients lose weight quickly and it is reversible.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery Mexico

•No removal of parts of the stomach

•The procedure is reversible

•The ability of the stomach to absorb nutrients is not compromised

•No staples needed, so no leaking, bleeding, or rejection of foreign objects

•Low risk of short time complications

Gastric Plication Facts

Gastric plication is a new bariatric procedure fairly similar to the gastric sleeve. It involves folding the stomach into a sleeve or a pouch which reduces your normal food intake. Unlike other surgeries in this field, it does not involve the removal of a part of the stomach and it does not rearrange any part of the intestines.

After recovery your compulsion to eat will be lessened and your appetite will be satisfied with lower amounts of food. This in turn enables you to lose weight at a faster rate and helps you to push towards a healthier lifestyle. Find out if this is the right procedure for you.

Gastric Sleeve Plication Cost Mexico, Inclusions, and exclusions

The cost for the Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery package in Mexico offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola in San Juan Hospital starts at $4,500 and at Hospital Angeles starts at $5,800.


•All The hospital expenses

• Two-night stay at the hospital

•Medical fees 


• Two-night stay at the hotel (one before the procedure and one after)

•Preoperative workup

•Postoperative Leak test

•Follow up 


•Complications expenses

 Why choose us and Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery Mexico?

•Each and every patient receives a patient coordinator to assist him/her throughout the entire medical process

•The medical center offers successful and safe bariatric surgery procedures

•The clinic features a highly qualified medical staff

•The medical center provides modern equipment and procedures

•The clinic is conveniently located

•Highest industry standards of sterilization and cleanliness are carefully maintained


If you want to know more about the Gastric Sleeve Plication surgery offered by Dr. Jorge Reyes Mendiola, please contact us!

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