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Package Price : $35000

Treatment :Stem Cell Therapy

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Location : #12 Tiantan Nanli, Dongcheng District Beijing, China

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Spinal Cord Injury Treatment in Beijing, China

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Treatment in Beijing, China

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) are particularly difficult for the patients to get over. Usually occurring due to some trauma to the spine, probably through accidents or wounding, these injuries commonly result in loss of sensation and muscle control in the limbs. Depending on the vertebra injured, either arms or legs could be affected. Treatments focus on regaining limb control and sensory input.

At Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH), patients who have suffered a spinal cord injury undergo a spinal reconstruction operation and are given stem cell transplants afterwards, to enhance the effects of the surgery. BPIH is the only hospital to combine these two treatments into one. After the spinal cord reconstruction, the doctors administer the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), derived from the umbilical cords, locally into the spine to foster the growth and recovery of the spinal cord. MSCs derived from the umbilical cord are more potent than the cells extracted from the patient’s body cells, allowing them to perform their duties better and proliferate at the location of administration at a higher rate.

After the surgery and the application of the MSCs, the patient is assigned to physiotherapy and occupational therapy, with courses of traditional Chinese medicine. TCM works to enhance the effects of the surgery, while physiotherapy helps with recovering movement in the limbs. 

Benefits of Spinal Cord Injury Treatment in Beijing, China

  • Recovery of sensation in the limbs
  • Recovery of muscle tone and limb movement
  • Use of traditional Chinese medicine enhances the effects of the surgery and stem cell treatment
  • Multiple stem cell treatments available, if required


At Beijing Puhua International Hospital the price for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment for 3 weeks is $35,000.

Spinal Cord Injury 1: 
For 3 weeks, 225,000 RMB ($32,135) and 245,000 RMB ($35,000) for Cervical segment. **implantation: Spinal cord reconstruction surgery with local **injection +1 **transplantation procedure via lumbar puncture/IV ?1 room in guest room or Jinjiang Inn for free
For 2 weeks, 172,000RMB ($24,540) and  192,000RMB ($27,400) (Cervical segment)**implantation: Spinal cord reconstruction surgery with local **injection +1 **transplantation procedure via lumbar puncture/IV 
Spinal Cord Injury 2:
For 3 weeks, 180,000 RMB ($25,710). **implantation: 4**transplantation procedures, 4 times via lumbar puncture 

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