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Best Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Beijing, China

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Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Beijing, China

Best Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes in Beijing, China

Beijing Puhua International Hospital (BPIH) is happy to introduce the diabetes treatment with stem cell therapy in China. Diabetes is a common life-long condition and the number of children being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is increasing. The symptoms can be controlled but there is no cure but we can use stem cells to help you control the blood sugar better and decrease the amount of insulin ingested.

Prospects of Diabetes Stem Cell Treatment at BPIH

BPIH treatments 20 to 30 diabetic patients approximately every year. Among them, 80 to 90% of the patients improved their insulin sensitivity significantly. using this treatment, 50 to 60% of the patients can reduce the dosage of medications or insulin. While5 to 10% of the patients can stop using medications.

How Stem Cell Treatment can Help to Treat Diabetes

The stem cell treatment helps the condition in 5 aspects: the implanted stem cell multiply and differentiate in the body to repair the injured islet β cells in the pancreas; improve or recover the function of islet β cells; produce cytokines, which can promote regeneration of islet β cells; decrease insulin resistance; stem cells have immune-regulation function, which may also play a part in recover from diabetes.

How Stem Cells are Delivered

There are two ways to deliver stem cells into the body:

a) Interventional therapy: In this method, stem cells are infused directly into the pancreas through a femoral artery catheter. Once infused into the pancreas, the stem cells can proceed to repair the injured islet β cells and promote the recovery of the pancreatic function.

b) IV injections: The stem cells circulate around the whole body to repair the injured blood vessels and improve whole body, including the pancreas, via the systemic circulation.

What is the Cost of Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes at BPIH?

2 weeks Allogeneic- Outpatient:110,000 RMB ($15,710)- Inpatient: 138,000 RMB ($19,710). 
1) 6 doses **via 3 IV injections.
2) Potential candidates:
*<10 years old /<35kg 
*Type 1        
10-14 Days Allogeneic- Outpatient:110,000 RMB ($15,710)- Inpatient: 138,000 RMB  ($19,690)1) 7 doses of **via 2 IV injections
2) Potential candidates:
*>10 years old
*Type 2 diabetes     
Diabetes Type 3:
Outpatient:125,000 RMB ($17,835)
Inpatient: 153,000 RMB  ($21,830)
1)  6 doses of MSCs through 1 interventional surgery and 2 IV injections;
2) Potential candidates:
* >10 years old                 
*Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes;                           
*Suitbalbe for interventional therapy  

Benefits for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes at BPIH

  • Becoming free of the need for insulin and/or other diabetic medication
  • Becoming less dependent upon insulin and/or other diabetic medication
  • Less risk of hypoglycemia
  • Recovery of islet β cell function (more natural insulin/less need for injection or medication
  • FPG, 2HPG and HbA1C trend toward normal
  • Diminished frequency of diabetic symptoms
  • Clinically cure/improvement of diabetic complications (neuralgia, ulcer, nephropathy, etc.)

 List of Required Tests

  • Ultrasound examination of kidney, heart, thyroid, chest and abdomen
  • EEG
  • Gastroscopy
  • Blood test, etc
  • Blood sugar level before and after breakfast

Why Choose Beijing Puhua International Hospital?

Beijing Puhua International Hospital has been delivering international-standard healthcare from Beijing, China since 1995. There are thousands of patients come from all over the world for the treatments of various health conditions. Furthermore, you should choose BPIH because:

  • Highly experienced doctors
  • High success rates
  • Professionalism
  • High-quality facilities

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