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Bone Graft in Mexico

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Location : German Gedovius 10489 Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana Tijuana, Mexico

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Bone Graft in Mexico

Bone Graft in Tijuana, Mexico

When going for a dental implant to replace a missing tooth, it may sometimes happen that the jaw is not strong or thick enough to support a new implant. In this case, the dentist will suggest a bone graft. Before, bone grafts were done by taking a section of the bone from another part of the body and then grafting that bone part to the jaw bone in order to strengthen that part of the jaw. Today, however, the process is done by using special bone grafting material which eliminates the need for taking a section of the bone from another part of the body. If a larger graft is needed, then it may be possible that the implantation of the new tooth might have to wait for a month or two before the grafting is complete and a strong enough section of the bone is created. With minor grafts, it is possible to do the dental implant at the same time. This is something that the dental specialist has to decide based on the evidence presented.

Benefits of the Bone Graft

  • Strengthens the jaw bone to receive the dental implant
  • No bone section from another body part required
  • Minor bone graft enables dental implants procedure to be done at the same time
  • Increases the chances of a successful dental implant

Cost, inclusions and exclusions

At the Advanced Smiles Dentistry, the price for a minor bone graft starts at $350. If a large bone graft is required, then the cost rises to $500. Large bone grafts may require some time to settle before a dental implant can be put in.

 Why choose us?

  • Highly skilled staff
  • State-of-the-art instruments and facilities
  • Relaxing ambience for dental procedures
  • Personalized care

If you want to know more about the Bone Graft procedure at Advanced Smiles Dentistry in Tijuana, Mexico, do not hesitate to contact us!

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