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Best Stroke Rehabilitation in Bursa/İstanbul, Turkey

Package price starting from: $7500
Treatment: Alternative Medicine,Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Physical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy/Massage
Sirinevler mah, Ankara Yolu Cd. No: 795, 16290 Yildirim/Bursa, Turkey, Turkey
Focus Area: Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation for Stroke

Package Details

For our patients, TURAN TURAN offers the greatest physical therapy and rehabilitation programs! Patients who require stroke rehabilitation can come to us. The cost of the procedure is $7,500.

The price includes,

  • Physical Therapy consultation,
  • 30 days hospitalization for the patient and a companion,
  • Intensive Physical Therapy sessions,
  • Nursing services,
  • Translation services,
  • VIP car service between hospital-airport (round trips)

Treatment and Rehabilitation for Strokes

As the damage to the brain tissue develops, a blocked brain vessel enlarges. Brain damage rises with more blocked vessels and longer durations. All of them can be avoided, as well as the spread of the injury to the brain tissue, by quickly opening the channel. Prompt treatment for stroke results in an early and quick recovery.

What Does Stroke Rehabilitation Presume?

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help patients regain lost abilities and live as independently as possible while maintaining the highest quality of life. One of the key objectives of the rehabilitation program is to prevent as many of the issues we face after a stroke as possible.

Stroke rehabilitation is the process of evaluating the patient's physical, mental, and medical conditions and then providing therapy based on the findings.

What is accomplished in the program for stroke rehabilitation?

The stroke rehabilitation program will be tailored to the location or section of the body that was damaged. Physical rehabilitation exercises might consist of:

-Workouts that focus on motor skills: These exercises can increase your muscular strength and coordination.

-Mobility training: Teaches you how to utilize a wheelchair, cane, walker, or foot splint, among other mobility devices.

-Restraint therapy: To increase your range of motion, an unaffected limb is restricted while you practice using the afflicted limb.

Therapy for range of motion: Certain exercises and procedures can lessen muscular tension (spasticity) and aid in your return to normal range of motion.

Therapy for speech 

Multiple ways in which a stroke might impact communication abilities. Aphasia is the term used to describe the partial or whole loss of the capacity to express thoughts and comprehend spoken and written language as a result of brain injury. A disorder known as dysatria develops when a stroke affects the area of the brain that controls the muscles that govern speech. The patient in this situation can hear what is being said but cannot speak. The goal of speech and language therapy is to restore the lost skills.


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