Ortopedia DF

Ortopedia DF

Mexico City, Mexico

Hospital Angeles Roma, Calle Queretaro #62 Col. Roma
Hospital San Angel Inn Universidad, Lateral de Churubusco #601. Col.Xoco.

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Ortopedia DF

  Welcome to Ortopedia DF Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic in Mexico City   Ortopedia DF is one of the best orthopedics clinic in Mexico, offering high quality medical care to both local and international patients. The clinic's mission is to offer information, guidance and support to make the patient feel confident in his decision to choose Ortopedia DF, which has as main priority the patient and his well-being. The clinic has two offices in Mexico City, both fitted with modern medical equipment and highly trained medical team. The patient will not only receive an accurate diagnosis, but also will benefit from the best treatment and surgical techniques.  Medical Team The clinic has experienced orthopedic surgeons, who are specialized in the surgery of shoulder, knee, ankle arthroscopic, minimally invasive joint replacement for foot surgery, among other procedures. The medical team of Ortopedia DF conists of orthopedics who are: Read More

Ortopedia DF Pricings:

Sports Medicine Procedure Details Price in USD
Shoulder Dislocation Repair 2 nights stay $8000
Meniscus Repair 2 night stay $6000
ACL Repair 2 night stay $8000
Rotator Cuff Repair 2 nights stay $5500
Rotator Cuff Repair 2 nights stay $7000
Knee Replacement Total or Partial 4 nights stay $15000
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total 4 nights stay $15000
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