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Arthroscopic Surgery Package in Ensenada, Mexico by Hospital Velmar

Package price starting from: $4199
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Arthroscopy
Associated Center: Hospital Velmar
Calle Arenas 151, fraccionamiento playas de Ensenada, 22880, Mexico
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Elevate Joint Health with Arthroscopic in Ensenada, Mexico

Arthroscopic Surgery Package in Ensenada, Mexico by Hospital Velmar

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Arthroscopic surgery has emerged as a groundbreaking solution for various orthopedic conditions, offering minimally invasive procedures with quicker recovery times. In the coastal city of Ensenada, Mexico, Hospital Velmar stands as a beacon of excellence, providing comprehensive arthroscopic surgery packages.

With a commitment to cutting-edge medical practices and patient-centric care, Hospital Velmar has positioned itself as a leading destination for individuals seeking advanced orthopedic interventions.

Ensenada, with its picturesque landscapes and modern healthcare facilities, offers a unique setting for those considering arthroscopic surgery. Hospital Velmar, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled surgeons, invites patients to experience world-class medical care amidst the charm of this vibrant city.

Cost of Arthroscopic in Ensenada, Mexico

You can get arthroscopic surgery package in Ensenada, Mexico by Hospital Velmar with the price starts at $4,199. Please refer to our price list table below:


Hospital Stay

Cost in USD

Ensenada, Mexico

1 Night


Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click FREE QUOTE button below to learn more:

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Advantages of Choosing Arthroscopic in Ensenada Mexico

  • Cost-Effective Healthcare: Ensenada, Mexico, has gained recognition for offering high-quality medical treatments at a fraction of the cost compared to many Western countries.

  • Experienced and Qualified Medical Professionals: Hospital Velmar boasts a team of experienced orthopedic surgeons and medical staff who are well-versed in the latest arthroscopic techniques.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Ensenada's healthcare infrastructure has witnessed substantial investments, with hospitals like Velmar featuring advanced technologies and modern amenities.

  • Reduced Wait Times: Unlike some healthcare systems with lengthy waiting lists, Ensenada provides expedited access to medical care. Patients seeking arthroscopic surgery can experience reduced wait times, allowing for prompt diagnosis, intervention, and recovery.

  • Holistic Patient Experience: Ensenada's natural beauty and serene environment contribute to a holistic healing experience. Patients can recuperate amidst scenic landscapes, promoting mental and emotional well-being during the recovery process.

Overview of the Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery encompasses a range of minimally invasive procedures designed to diagnose and treat joint-related conditions. Commonly performed on knees, shoulders, wrists, and hips, these procedures involve small incisions, specialized instruments, and a camera (arthroscope) for visualization.

The surgical team at Hospital Velmar is proficient in arthroscopic techniques, offering interventions such as ligament repairs, cartilage restoration, and joint debridement. Patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery in Ensenada can expect personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific condition.

The procedures aim to alleviate pain, improve joint functionality, and enhance overall quality of life. Whether addressing sports injuries, degenerative joint diseases, or traumatic injuries, arthroscopic surgery at Hospital Velmar combines precision and innovation for optimal patient outcomes.

Arthroscopic Package Inclusions

  • Hospital Costs

  • Prosthesis

  • Lab studies (pre operatory)

  • All doctor and nurses fees

  • Surgery Room

  • Hospital room

  • All materials and medicines for surgery

  • Patient Coordinator included

  • Transportation from and to Airport

  • Concierge for arranging all trip details

Arthroscopic Package Exclusions

  • Travel and Accommodation: The arthroscopic surgery package does not cover travel expenses or accommodation arrangements.

  • Additional Medical Services: While the package includes the core arthroscopic surgery and related services, any additional medical services not specified in the package are excluded.

  • Specialized Medications: Some patients may require specific medications or medical supplies not covered by the standard package.

  • Complications and Unforeseen Events: In the rare event of complications or unforeseen medical circumstances requiring additional interventions, the associated costs are not included in the standard package and will be discussed with the patient as needed.

  • Extended Hospital Stay: If a patient requires an extended hospital stay beyond the duration specified in the package, the additional costs associated with prolonged medical care will be the responsibility of the patient.

Arthroscopic Preoperative Tests

  • Imaging Studies: Preoperative imaging studies, such as X-rays, MRI scans, or CT scans, are conducted to provide detailed insights into the joint's condition.

  • Blood Tests: Comprehensive blood tests are performed to assess the patient's overall health, ensuring that there are no underlying medical conditions that might complicate the surgery or affect the recovery process.

  • Joint Aspiration: In some cases, joint aspiration may be necessary to analyze synovial fluid for signs of infection or other abnormalities. This aids in the accurate diagnosis and planning of the arthroscopic surgery.

  • Cardiac Evaluation: Patients may undergo a cardiac evaluation, especially if they have pre-existing heart conditions or risk factors. Ensuring cardiovascular health is crucial for the safety of the patient during surgery.

  • Pulmonary Function Tests: To assess respiratory health, pulmonary function tests may be conducted.

Arthroscopic Surgeon in Ensenada Mexico

Hospital Velmar prides itself on a team of highly skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeons specializing in arthroscopic procedures. The lead surgeon overseeing arthroscopic surgeries is Dr. Heber Avitia, a renowned orthopedic specialist with a track record of successful joint interventions.

Dr. Heber expertise, coupled with a dedicated and compassionate medical team, ensures that patients receive individualized care and attention throughout their treatment journey. Patients can trust in Dr. Heber proficiency in arthroscopic techniques, benefiting from his extensive experience and commitment to staying abreast of the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery.

The collaborative approach of the medical team at Hospital Velmar ensures that each patient receives comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for optimal outcomes.

Orthopedic Surgeon in Ensenada, Mexico

Dr. Heber Avitia

Dr. Heber Avitia

  • Graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California.

  • Specialized in Traumatology and Orthopedics at the Autonomous University of Baja California.

  • Currently practices at Velmar Hospital in the city of Ensenada, Baja California.

Is Arthroscopic Right for You?

In considering arthroscopic surgery at Hospital Velmar in Ensenada, Mexico, it's essential to evaluate whether this treatment is the right fit for your specific needs. Here are key points to consider:

  • Diagnosis: Arthroscopic surgery is typically recommended for conditions such as ligament tears, cartilage damage, and joint inflammation.

  • Medical History: Consider your medical history, including previous surgeries and existing health conditions.

  • Recovery Commitment: Arthroscopic surgery involves a recovery period that includes rehabilitation and adherence to postoperative instructions.

  • Expectations: Realistic expectations are crucial for a positive treatment experience. Discuss with your surgeon the expected outcomes, potential risks, and any limitations associated with arthroscopic surgery for your specific condition.

  • Alternative Options: Explore alternative treatment options and their respective pros and cons. In some cases, non-surgical approaches may be viable, and it's essential to weigh all available options before making a decision.

What to Expect During the Arthroscopic Surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery at Hospital Velmar in Ensenada, Mexico, follows a well-defined process. Here's what patients can expect during the treatment:

  • Preoperative Preparation: Before the surgery, patients undergo preoperative tests and consultations to ensure they are in optimal health for the procedure.

  • Surgical Procedure: Arthroscopic surgery involves small incisions through which the arthroscope and specialized instruments are inserted.

  • Immediate Postoperative Care: After the surgery, patients are closely monitored in the hospital for the initial recovery period.

  • Rehabilitation Phase: Following the hospital stay, patients enter the rehabilitation phase, which includes physical therapy sessions and exercises.

  • Follow-Up Consultations: Regular follow-up consultations with Dr. Heber Avitia allow for ongoing assessment of the patient's progress.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How does the cost of arthroscopic surgery in Ensenada compare to other countries?

Answer: The cost of arthroscopic surgery in Ensenada, Mexico, is significantly lower than in many other countries, making it a cost-effective option for patients seeking high-quality orthopedic care without compromising on standards.

2. Is language a barrier for international patients undergoing arthroscopic surgery in Ensenada?

Answer: No, language is not a barrier. Hospital Velmar in Ensenada ensures multilingual support, with medical staff proficient in English. Translation services are also available to facilitate effective communication with international patients.

How long is the typical recovery period after arthroscopic surgery in Ensenada?

Answer: The recovery period varies based on the specific procedure and individual factors. However, patients can generally expect a quicker recovery compared to traditional open surgeries, with the hospital providing comprehensive postoperative care and rehabilitation support.

Are the surgeons at Hospital Velmar experienced in performing arthroscopic procedures?

Answer: Yes, the surgeons at Hospital Velmar are highly experienced and specialized in arthroscopic procedures. Dr. Heber Avitia, the lead orthopedic surgeon, has a track record of successful joint interventions, ensuring patients receive expert care throughout their treatment.

Can I expect personalized care and attention during my arthroscopic surgery journey in Ensenada?

Answer: Absolutely. Hospital Velmar is committed to providing personalized care, from the initial consultation to postoperative recovery. Patients receive individualized treatment plans, follow-up consultations, and comprehensive support to ensure a positive and tailored experience.

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