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Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic Treatment Cost in Istanbul Turkey

Fsm Bulvar? , Bahar sitesi d-blok daire:3 Nilüfer /BURSA Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Price Range: $2800 - $4600
Specialty: Infertility/IVF, Organ Transplant, Sexual Medicine and Treatment, Urology

About Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic

Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic is a leading center in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic is known to provide a wide range of urology procedures at an affordable price. Run under the able guidance of  Dr. Karatas, the clinic efficiently provides effective treatments for national and international patients.  Dr. Berk Karatas is a graduate of Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine and he has also completed a urology residency training in Turkey High Specialization Hospital. He has huge experience of working as a Urology Specialist and organ transplant surgeon. Since he had started working in his own practice Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic and service patients with excellent urology solutions. The top treatment procedures being provided at his clinic include the following: Treatments and Procedures Sexual Problems: Hardening Disorder Sexual Reluctance Premature Ejaculation Late or Non-ej

Dr. Berk Karatas Urology Clinic Pricings:

Procedure Details Price in USD
PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Cell Therapy PRP Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction The main purpose of PRP penile therapy is to prolong the stamina of erection and its duration by the formation of new vascular structures. In short, it is used for erectile dysfunction treatment. $2500
Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Treatment, Shock Wave and PRP Treatment combination for Erectile Dysfunction https://youtu.be/5ek4dNNs5vk?list=PLjFN6ScAGjtVyoaX7RzGW5yZbm6EJg-AY $4300