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View the Average Cost of Stem Cell Treatment in Munich, Germany by CBC Health

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Ottostraße 3-5, 80333, Munich, Germany
Price Range: $17000 - 49000
Associated Doctors: Nils H. Thoennissen, MD,
Specialty: Neurology, Stem Cell Therapy

About CBC Health Stroke Recovery Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke in Germany- CBC Health Clinic CBC Health Clinic in Munich combines innovation with 20 years of Cord Blood Banking Experience to provide therapeutic solutions for ischemic stroke survivors. Ischemic stroke survivors from around the world visit CBC Health Clinic to receive their research-based stem cell treatments using cord blood components. The components are known for providing therapeutic results with immaculate qualities of nucleated cells. Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment for Stroke Survivors Intravenous infusion of umbilical blood cells is a therapeutic procedure used in patients recovering from stroke. In this treatment process, the umbilical cord vein is used to collect umbilical cord blood is collected from placenta. A dose of 50 million cells per kg is required to achieve an optimum therapeutic effect. Each of these infusions includes cord blood collected from four to eight donors. After each infusion, the patient is monit

CBC Health Stroke Recovery Treatment Pricings:

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Details Price in USD
Price is for Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment for Adults suffering from Stroke, ALS, MS, Parkinson and other Neurological Diseases $49000
Price is for Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment for Kids (up to 15 Years) suffering from Cerebral Palsy or Autism $17000

CBC Health Stroke Recovery Treatment Reviews

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at Christy´s inspiring story of improvement  after Stroke via Umbilical Cord Blood Treatment in 2020 at top clionic in Munich.

    Dec 20 2021


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