Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Dubai,Sharjah , UAE

204th Road, Al Qusais Industrial Area, Dubai

Vascular Surgery Cost in Dubai,Sharjah UAE

Zulekha Hospital Dubai Procedures Cost

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Zulekha Hospital Dubai

  Welcome to Zulekha Healthcare Group     Zulekha Healthcare Group dates back to 1964, founded by Dr. Zulekha Daud, who moved from India to Sharjah, UAE to offer patients high quality medical care. The Zulekha Hospital, located in Sharjah, was opened in 1992 and in the beginning it had 30 beds and only several departments: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Surgery, Medicine and Pediatrics. Today, Zulekha Healthcare Group has two multidisciplinary hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, a diagnostic centre, three pharmacies and three UAE medical centers. This multi-disciplinary, full-fledged medical center offers both in-patient and out-patient facilities. What in the beginning was a 30-bed center, now Zulekha Healthcare Group has gown to 150 in-patient beds, sprawled over an area of 240,000 square feet. Zulekha Hospital Dubai, was opened in 2004 and it has is a 79 beds, offering both inpatient and outpatient care covering a wide range of medical and surgical speci Read More

Zulekha Hospital Dubai Pricings:

Vascular Surgery Procedure Details Price in USD
Gastric Bypass Gastric Bypass $9590
Sleeve Gastrectomy Sleeve Gastrectomy $9041
Gastric Balloon for 6 months - $4,110 / for 12 months - $5,205 / balloon removal - $1,370 $4110
Knee Replacement Total or Partial unilateral - $10,411 / bilateral - $15,890 $10411
Hip Replacement Surgery Partial or Total unilateral - $9,863 / bilateral - $15,342 $9863
Gastric Bypass Gastric Bypass $9590
Elbow Surgery OLECRANON $4110
Trigger Finger Surgery Trigger Finger Surgery $1644
Varicose Veins Varicose Veins $2055
Prostatectomy OPEN PROSTATECTOMY $6027
Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair Procedure Laparoscopic Hiatal Hernia Repair Procedure $2329
Cystoscopy Cystoscopy $1096
Circumcision circumcision under GA (under 12 years) / circumcmsion with penoscrotal web release - $1,644/ recircumcision - $685 $685
Achilles Tendon Repair Achilless Tendon release & Posterior Capsulotomy with release of soft tissue & other tendones $4658
Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair female - $3,699 - $4,247 / male - $3,973 - $4,658 $3699
Angiography Angiography $4384
Angioplasty Angioplasty $4384
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