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Dogus IVF Centre

Nicosia, Cyprus

Dogus IVF Center - Sehit Mustafa Erdogan Str. No: 19 Yenisehir Nicosia / North Cyprus

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Dogus IVF Centre

Welcome to Dogus North Cyprus IVF Centre, Nicosia

We make your family complete! 

We are calling all couples who are still walking those lonely miles. We see the ordeal and pain you are in when all treatments failed in delivering a baby of your own. Your lives may be on hold at this time, so that is why we bring you hope! All the pain and suffering you had been going through ends now!  

At Dogus IVF Center, we manage a schedule treatment for patients by providing them with consultancy services regarding eggdonation, sperm donation, embryo donation, and IVF treatments with gender selection. High quality services and low cost!

 Why us?

By choosing to receive your IVF treatment in Dogus North Cyprus IVF Centre, you will obtain

numerous benefits including huge savings compared to clinics in UK, Europe and America.

You can combine a great holiday with your treatment. Just being in Cyprus is a relaxing experience, this allows your body to be stress free, creating the perfect environment for embryo transfer. We can transfer up to 4 embryos. Fresh eggs and young donors are carefully selected, and you can choose the best alternative with the most suited nationality.

Furthermore, time is of the essence when it comes to Cyprus IVF treatment. That is why we have no waiting list for any of our IVF, donor egg, donor sperm or PGD treatments and we can treat you as soon as you wish.

At Dogus IVF Centre, we use ICSI for every single treatment which helps to combat male factor infertility due to low sperm count or a blockage. ICSI also guarantees fertilisation 100% of the time.Finally, we aim to provide 5 day blastocyst embryo transfer whenever possible, for no extra cost. This gives you a much higher chance of pregnancy during your Cyprus IVF treatment.

PGD, Egg and Sperm Donation at Dogus IVF Centre

Egg donation used to be method intended to make young women, who had early menopause, become mothers. Later on, it grew into a hope of solution for mothers-to-be who had been longing for children for many years.

The future mother can apply for donated embryo treatment whether she suffers from menopause or not. The treatment initiates according to the dates of the menses. The eggs come from families who previously wanted to donate or share their surplus embryos. In accordance with the system being adopted, embryos stored as frozen may be used.

Fertilizing the egg is performed with sperm from sperm donation, in case the male does not have any sperms (Azoospermic cases). Within this method, the eggs obtained from the receptor female are fertilized with sperms from the bank of the donor males and the fertilized eggs (embryo) are placed into the receptor female’s uterus. It is a method preferred in case neither the woman has any eggs, nor the man has any sperms.

In the process of gender selection, the ovaries of the woman are induced with various medicines as in tube baby process, and the production of numerous eggs is provided within the same menstrual cycle. 

We create lovely families with beautiful babies!

You just need to press the button and contact us. Let our coordinator manage a suitable schedule for your treatment, your flights, accommodation and transportation so your visit in the island will turn in to an unforgettable, successful and relaxing! 


Dogus North Cyprus IVF Centre, Nicosia 

Located in Nicosia, North Cyprus, DOGUS IVF CENTRE has over 20 years of experience in providing first-class health care to patients from all over the world. Established by Dr. ?evket ALPTÜRK in 1992, our team of certified fertility specialists excels in achieving positive outcomes, while offering a comfortable setting that revolves around yous


Our mission is to make sure your needs are fully addressed, your questions are answered and your dreams come true. To better serve you, we organize your trip, accommodation and transportation. No need to worry about anything, we are here to make everything easy for you.

Dogus IVF Centre`s mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality of personalized care using the highest quality of technology in a loyal and supportive setting.

Dogus IVF Centre has a big compassionate team within obstetricians, gynaecologists, embryologists, geneticists, andrologists and biologists.

Success Rates

Dogus IVF Centre is proud of the high success which has been shown in our services such as in vitro fertilization (IVF)egg donationsperm donation,embryo donation and Sex selection IVF (Gender selection) treatments.

Our centre has constantly renewed itself and provided the best service to patients by using all developments and technologies in the field of in vitro fertilization since 2006, the year when it started its operation.

Why to choose Dogus IVF Center?

  • High quality services and a low cost! (Compare the alternatives you will see that it worth it)
  • No waiting list for egg donation.
  • Fresh eggs and young donors are carefully selected.
  • The best alternative with the most suited nationality is selected as donor.
  • We are allowed to transfer a maximum of 4 embryos.
  • ICSI is done for all couples. Blastocyst transfer is done whenever applicable for no additional cost.
  • You will have the opportunity to have your treatment with a lovely vacation in this beautiful island.


IVF in North Cyprus

The treatments of IVF caused a bomb move for tourism sector in Cyprus. It shaped the medical tourism to the island. This is because all the IVF treamtents are provided at high success rates, high quality services and low costs.

Egg Donation Treatment

Our compassionate egg donors are aged under 30, with an average age of just 25. They are fertile, with at least one child of their own. They are also attractive, intelligent and healthy. They are being checked with a complete medical evaluation by our proffessional doctors. Also we are checking the donors shouldn't have any family history regarding hypophrenia.Thus, they can not meet the recipient couples, but in the other hand if the recipient brings the donor with her to the treatment then its up to them, that is to say its accepted.

The physical characteristics of the egg donors, such as the skin color, eye color, hair color and the body type, are selected as similar to those of the couple. Additionally, the ethnical origin, blood type and the other physical characteristics are selected as in concordance with the couple.

Sperm Donation Treatment

The sperms are frozen and stored in the sperm bank, for which the necessary tests were previously performed, and fertilizability was proven. In accordance with the physical characteristics of the applicant couple, the bank sperms and the eggs of the receiver are combined together by the microinjection system to generate the embryo, and transfer process towards the receiver is scheduled.

Donor sperm for sperm donation in Cyprus IVF Clinic is taken from “CRYOS” which is one of the most reliable sperm banks in Europe . There are hundreds of different sperms with different characteristics in our labaratory bank. We give the information about the phenotipic properties of the sperm donors and try to match the recipients partner characteristics and special needs.

Tandem Cycle in Cyprus ( Normal IVF + Donor Egg )

It is a frequently preferred in vitro fertilization application particularly in patient groups whose egg reserve is limited or very weak. Thanks to this treatment, the patient is able to hold the donor egg ready in reserve and evaluate the same treatment period in case of potential egg problems.

The expectant mother is taken into egg duplication operations for treatment. Within the same process, a person who has similar physical characteristics is put into treatment as a donor to donate her egg as a donor within the same process. In the in tube baby tests made, both the patient’s egg and the donor’s egg are separately followed and monitored. If the patient’s own embryos do not develop well, the donor’s embryo will be used. If a few well developed embryos occur, the success of pregnancy is increased by additional embryos.


PGD at Dogus IVF Centre helps to increase the efficiency for patients who suffer from preventing a hereditary disease in an offspring or who want to make balance in their family. A good place to start the process of family balancing is to contactDogus IVF Centre and let Dr. ?evket Alptürk use his efficient experiences through his treatment.This all changed when gender selection became clinically possible, and available.

Demand for gender selection has, ever since, been steadily increasing.  We would like to emphasize that PGD is officially legal in Northern Cyprus. We would to tell you not to be worry because Dogus IVF Centre is legally and officially working within the acceptance of the government.


Meet The Team 

Doctor Sevket Alpturk


  • 2001 – 2002 Ankara University Medical School Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Specialising in new In Vitro Fertilisation and embryo transfer techniques
  • 1988 – 1989 Ankara University Medical School Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Gynaecologic and Obstetric Ultrasonography, Gynaecologic Endoscopy Micro Surgery and Colposcopy Training

1984 – 1988 Ankara University Medical School Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialisation

1977 – 1983 Ankara University Medical School Medical Degree

Dogus IVF Centre Medical Team

The desire to have a baby is one of the most important decisions in your life. We, the staffs of Dogus IVF, just aim to make you touch your long-awaited baby.

Anesthesia Specialist

Dr. Sevgi Esenler

International Coordinator 

Zeina Muharreb ( English - Arabic ) 
Ornella Spadola ( ?talian )

Embryology Department 

Emb. Fatma Tertemiz 
Emb. Hamile Gül Da?l?
Emb. Tonguz Çakmak
Emb. Can Erbulut


Havva Sa?deniz 
Deniz ?en Tural 

Mir?at Mamedova 
Cihan Sevguluva 
Meral Arslanova

Secretaries and Accounts Department 

Ay?e Gülp?nar
Bilge Alat

Transportation Responsibles 

Ömer Tikici
Kaan Baykent


Feray Kokulu
Risalat Bratova 

Catering Responsibles 

Nev?im Yücener


Dear Dr. Sevket, 

We would like to let you know that your office is the classiest we have ever been to from the front office staff to the billing department, the nurses and of course you, Dr. Sevket. Thank you for all you did for us.
– Jessica, Mark Hartley

Dear Dr. Sevket,

Now having been there I am very very pleased to say that with the way things were organised I did not have to do any chasing or worrying about anything, everything was organised professionally. Pick up from airports to trips to the doctor I have no complaints. I felt the doctors did the best they could do for me to ensure I had the best possible chance of success. Although I do feel the one draw back was I did not get much time with the doctor to discuss what the best course of treatment plan would be for me. However having said that I put that down to having half my treatment done in the UK due to this I did not get much liason with the doctor. If I had known what I do know now I personally would have had all the treatment done in Cyprus where that way the whole treatment plan is discussed before hand and the doctors are able to monitor the your full cycle there.
– S.A.

Dear Zeina, 

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and for organizing everything for us. Everything was great enough that we didnt face any problem. Thank you again for all your help.
– Limney

Dear Zeina, 

Thank you for making our dream come true after such a long struggle. We appreciate all you’ve done. We had a positive experience from our first appointment and throughout the whole process.The office staff, nurses and medical staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional. We felt they went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and answer our many questions. Thank you once again, and we look forward to sending baby pictures.
– Kartney

Hi Dr. Sevket,

Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything youve done for us ..In helping get the BEST gift of our lives .our baby!
Thank you for being the perfect doctor for us.
– Limney, Jack

Dear Dr Sevket,

Thank you for helping us achieve our goal of starting a family. We feel very fortunate to have been under your care for our treatment and we appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and the caring office staff.We look forward to bringing the baby in to meet you next year!
– Lora and Kin

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North Cyprus and The Objects of Curiosity

Geographical Position: Middle East, Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea 

Area: 3,355 km² (out of the total area 9,250 km²) 

Population: 264,172 (2006) 

Capital City: Nicosia / Lefkosa

Unit of currency: Turkish Lira

Significant Cities: Lefko?a, Girne, Ma?usa, Güzelyurt, ?skele, Lefke

Official language: Turkish. English is widespreadly used.

Religion: 99% of Muslims.

The climate: Typical Mediterranean Climate.

In winter, the warm day times are generally followed by cool evenings. In the summertime, the weather is hot like as the south coasts of Turkey. The most convenient time to visit Cypus is in the spring or the autumn. We would like to remind you that the spring in Cyprus starts earlier (at the end of February) than in Turkey.

The processes for entering in Cyprus 

Passport: Tukish Republic citizens and foreign nationals can make an enterance into Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) with valid passports unexpired.

Identity Card: The citizens of Turkish Republic can visit Cyprus with their identity cards. (However, they can not enter into Cyprus with any authenticator identity cards other than identification books). 

The electric voltage in Cyprus is 240; and the standard in use is BS.


The time system used in Northern Cyprus is within the “Eastern Europe Time Zone”. Therefore, time is 2 hours faster than the time used in Greenwich (Londra). (Time system is the same as the one used in Turkey).

Transportation to Cyprus: Transportation from Turkey is via airways and by sea. The transportation to Cyprus is provided by Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and Atlasjet, as well as by Anadoluje tAirlines . Expeditions from Ta?ucu all the year round and from Alanya for the summer time are available to Cyprus. You can come to Cyprus via Cyprus Turkish Airlines and Turkish Airlines from abroad by means of connecting flight, or directly via Cyprus Airways.

Transportation within Cyprus:
It is oftenly provided by taxicabs. Taximeter is applied in the taxicabs. Long distance transportation is made by using autobusses and minibusses. Renting car is of a wide preference with various brands of cars in the island. When you come to Cyprus for your treatment, transportation is provided by ourselves.

Traffic: The cars are lefthand drive within Cyprus.

Telephone: In order to use the current telephones, they should be open for roaming internatiaonally.

Unit of currency: The official unit of currency is the New Turkish Lira. Some other units of currency are also used, such as Euro, English Pound and American Dollar in particular.

Banks: The bank are open in between 08.00 – 12.00 and 14.00 – 16.00, excluding the weekends. ?? Bankas?, Garanti Bankas?, ING Bank,TEB Bank and HSBC are available as well as local Cyprus banks. The use of credit cards is widespread in the island.

Shopping: The working hours of the shops may vary depending on the seasons. In the summer time, the are open between 08.00 - 13.00 and 16.00 – 19.00; and in the spring time they are open  between 09.00 – 13.00 and 14.00 – 18.00.

Main historical and touristic places: 

Lefko?a – Venetian Column, Girne Gate, Selimiye Mosque, Green Line. 
Girne – Old Harbour, Girne Castle, Bellapais Monastery, St. Hilarion Castle.
Ma?usa – St.Barnabas Monastery, Kertikli Bath, Nam?k Kemal Museum, 
Salamis Ruins, Othello Castle, Lala Mustafa Pa?a Mosque, Karpaz.

Main Meat and Fish Restaurants: 

Passport, Ambiance, Missina, 5 Mile, Archway, Niazi’s, Alt?nkaya, Harbour Delight, Set Fish, Address, ele, Hurma, Annibal, Californian, Eziç.


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