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Yucel Sokak No:6 1. Levent Nisbetiye Mahallesi Besiktas, Istanbul 34340, Turkey
Price Range: $380 - $10400
Specialty: Cancer Treatment, Chronic Diseases, ENT, Gynecology Treatment, Organ Transplant, Urology
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Neolife Oncology Center Profile Overview

Neolife Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey


Welcome to Neolife Oncology Center



As one of the best Medical Centers in Istanbul, we are dedicated to provide a specialized Oncological and Radiology Medical Treatments with the latest Technology and Supportive Health-Care.



NeoLife Oncology Center is structured as a reference oncological center where most up-to-date treatment protocols are applied for patients whom we are privileged to treat.

At NeoLife Oncology Centerwe make a special effort to supplement our patients’ treatment programs with social and psychological support programs while our internationally renowned physicians and other medical personnel utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible medical outcomes.

We provide intricately customized treatment programs for each individual through a meticulous study of the latest technological advances and integrated treatment methods.

Here at NeoLife Medical Center, we stay away from routine treatments for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, because we know that each case is unique. Furthermore, complementary medicine choices are offered to our patients and their relatives to better their lives on social and psychological levels.


Treatment Services

  • Cancer Screening ( Screening programs for cancer types such as: Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colon-Rectal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Brain Tumors, among others)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Treatment of Cancer
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Brachytheapy
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Physiotherapy for Cancer Pain

Diagnostic Services

  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Laboratory Services
  • Genetics


  • Tomosynthesis    
  • Doppler Ultrasonography (Elastography)
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • X-Ray
  • Bone Densitometer

Nuclear Medicine

  • PET CT - Golden Standard in Imaging
  • Scintigraphy (Gamma Camera)

Laboratory Services

  • Biochemistry – Endocrinology
  • Hematology – Hematopathology – Flow Cytometry   
  • Coagulation
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Molecular Microbiology
  • Microbiology – Serology
  • Medication Levels / Toxicology
  • Andrology

Other Services

  • Multisiciplinary Tumor Council
  • Support Groups
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Seminar and Workshops
  • Logistics Services for Travelling Patients
  • Special Products Procurement


Types of Cancer Treatments

At NeoLife Medical Center, we treat different types of cancer, with a variety of the most effective treatments for treating the disease, among the following:

Stomach and Esophagus Cancers

Stomach cancer does not have a definitive cause. Stomach cancer affects males twice as often as females.

Stomach ulcers do not appear to increase a person’s risk of getting stomach cancer, this cancer type is caused by a bacteria, called Helicobacter pylori, which may cause stomach inflammation and ulcers, may be an important risk factor for stomach cancer.

Methods of Treatment

Surgery is the most common treatment option for treating stomach cancer. This type pf operation is called gastrectomy. During the surgery, the surgeon removes part (called subtotal or partial gastrectomy) or all (total gastrectomy) of the stomach, as well as some of the tissue around the stomach.

Breast Cancer

Is the second most frequently observed cancer type. It is also the most frequently observed cancer type in women in both developed and developing countries. Breast cancer causes the highest number of cancer related deaths in women.

Tests which are administered:

  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • Breast MRI
  • Cytopathological examination (for patients with nipple discharge)

Patients with a family history of breast cancer should begin screenings at age 20. Others should start being screened at age 50; however, women over 20 may be screened for breast cancer.

Cervical Cancer

This is the third most frequent type in women all over the world. In developing countries, cervical cancer is the second most frequent type of cancer, although in developed countries, thanks to successful screening programs, cervical cancer is between the 6th and 10th most frequently observed type.

Cervical cancer screenings should be started 3 years after the first sexual intercourse or at age 21. Women should see a gynecologist and have a PAP-smear test at least once a year.

 At age 30, if the last three test results have been normal, screenings should be carried out once every two or three years. If dietylstilbesterol has been given in utero, the patient is HIV positive or the immune system has been suppressed due to organ transplant, chemotherapy or long term cortisone treatments, screenings should be carried out annually.

For patients over 30 whose test results are normal, we suggest that PAP-smear and HPV-DNA tests are carried out once every three years.

For women over 70, if the last 3 PAP-Smear tests have shown no abnormalities or the last 10 tests results have been normal, cervical cancer screenings may be ceased. For patients who have received immune system suppression treatments as described above, screenings should continue annually.

Colon-Rectal Cancer

Colon and rectal cancer is an important health issue especially in developed countries. this is the third most frequent type of cancer in men.

Methods of Treatment
Surgery is most often used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy in order to treat colorectal cancer.

Surrgery, as a form of local therapy, treats the cancer in the colon or rectum and the area close to the tumor. The doctor may also recommend radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy, depending on the location and stage of the patient’s cancer.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most frequent form of cancer in men, after lung cancer. Prostate cancer is seen in older men an progresses very slowly, but can also affect younger men.

Rectal examination and/or PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) tests are recommended to identify prostate cancer.

PSA and rectal examinations should be carried out after age 50. However, if the patient has a family history of prostate cancer (father or brother) and is in the high risk group, these tests should be performed starting at age 45. PSA is not only used in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, but also to follow up with the situations of cancer patients receiving treatment.

We also provide treatments for: Mouth, Nasal, Larynx, Sinus and Nasopharynx Cancers, Lung Cancer, Brain Tumors among others.


Our  Medical Team

At NeoLife Medical Centerwe are very proud of having one of the most complete and experienced Medical Teams.

One of our main strengths is our team of experienced physicians and medical staff who have devoted their lives to the well-being of our patients and treating cancer.

Our internationally acclaimed team of physicians and compassionate support staff are determined to touch the lives of individuals who trust their lives to NeoLife Medical Center.


Why to Choose Us?

At NeoLife Medical Center the profound respect we feel for human health and patient rights has a deep effect in shaping our approach to quality. In this regard we give utmost importance to upholding the highest quality standards arid incorporating them into our daily and long term operation style.

  • Our variety of services, such as Radiation and Medical Oncology, along with other outpatient clinics.
  • Our internationally rekowned physicians.
  • All our Doctors are experts in their field.
  • Our meticulous care to each and every one our patients.
  • Our Medical Technology, as one of the fastest developing areas.
  • Our Newly established center,
  • Our up-to-date technology for treatment of our patients.

At NeoLife Medical Center, we measure our success not by percentage points, but rather on the basis of each single individual.





Neolife Oncology Center, Istanbul, Turkey Profile Details

Neolife Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey

About Neolife

As the prevalence of cancer cases is increasing at an alarming speed around the world, effective diagnosis and treatment methods for this complicated disease is demanded with great rigor. In turn, eyes are inevitably turned to specialized centers focusing on the treatment and diagnosis of different cancer types.

Arising from this very necessity,NeoLife Oncology Centeris structured as a reference oncological center where most up-to-date treatment protocols are applied for patients whom we are privileged to treat.

We make a special effort to supplement our patients’ treatment programs with social and psychological support programs while our internationally renowned physicians and other medical personnel utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible medical outcomes.

At NeoLife Oncology Center, we provide intricately customized treatment programs for each individual through a meticulous study of the latest technological advances and integrated treatment methods.

Here at NeoLife Oncology Center, we stay away from routine treatments for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, because we know that each case is unique. To this end, multidisciplinary tumor councils are created, where all related specialty physicians meet for each case and decide upon the best possible method for treatment. Furthermore, complementary medicine choices are offered to our patients and their relatives to better their lives on social and psychological levels.

As NeoLife Oncology Centerconducts in depth and comprehensive studies in cancer diagnosis and treatments, it also partners with the Turkish Foundation for Fight Against Cancer to assist in its philanthropic mission.

Our Outpatient Clinic

  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Novalis Radiosurgery Guided Truebeam STX
  • Interventional Radiology
  • General Surgery
  • Gynecological
  • Psycho-Oncology
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiology

Treatment Services

  • Diagnostic Services
  • Radiology      
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Laboratory Services
  • Other Services


Support Groups

For our patients

At NeoLife, we are aware that one of the biggest factors in the successful treatment of cancer is the morale and psychological well-being of the patient. For this reason we form support groups for our patients. Within these groups, individuals who have been treated for cancer share their experiences with patients undergoing cancer therapy under, the guidance of experts like psychooncologists and psychiatrists. The aim of these support groups is to provide a social sharing platform to cancer patients about the process they are going through.

For patients "family and relatives"

Raising patients’ family arid relatives’ awareness about cancer in order to improve our patients’ morale is an important part of our treatment programs. Support groups under the guidance of related expert professionals, provide a platform for concerned family members to learn from the experiences of former patients and family members who have dealt with cancer previously. Family members who become conscious can have a better understanding of the patient’s psychology and comprehend their needs more easily.

Insurance Companies

The Insurance Companies we work with are the following:

  •  AXA PPP Healthcare
  •  Cigna International
  •  Agis Zorgverzekeringen


Neolife Oncology Center Treatments Offered

Neolife Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey

Our Services

Our center offers Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology services along with other outpatient clinics.

Our internationally renowned physicians, each of whom is an expert in his/her field, pay special attention and meticulous care to each and every one our patients.

Novalis Radiosurgery Guided Truebeam STX

Novalis Radiosurgery Guided Truebeam is designed by Varian and is the last generation technology that use completely re-engineered control system, groundbreaking radiotherapy technology in cancer treatment. With this product we can see patient position, his motion management and synchronize image and we can deliver treatments. This versatile platform, True Beam can be used for all forms of advanced radiotherapy along with conventional and 3-D conformal radiotherapy like:

  • Image Guided Radiotherapy
  • Radiosurgery (IGRT and IGRS)
  • Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT),
  • Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy (RapidArc)
  • Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)

TruoBearn STX with Novalis is unique because it provides both radiotherapy and radiosurgery options in a single machine. Also when compared to all other technologies, TrueBeam STX with Novalis delivers much higher dosage in much shorter time, therefore providing higher performance treatments.

Another characteristic which separates it from other technologies is the fact that with its ability to go up to high-dose rates, TrueBeam STX with Novalis can irradiate the tumor with exact precision. Hence, session durations and numbers are significantly decreased.

TruoBearn STX with Novalis can be utilized in all cancer types which require radiotherapy and radiosurgery. But through its synchronized movement, management, it creates a significant breakthrough especially in the treatment of lung, breast, and prostate and spinal region cancers. TrueBearn STX with Novalis system also allows Varian’s ‘Gated’ volumetric modulated arc therapy which compensates for tumor motion while quickly delivering dose during a continuous rotation around the patient.

The Advantages of TrueBeam STx with Novalis:

  • Speeds treatments by ‘smart automation, positioning and up to five times reduction in the number of steps required in the treatment of patients.
  • With the FFF (Flattening Filter Free) node, provides more comfort to the patients by shortening the treatment duration with the maximum dose rate of 2400 MU/minute. A standard IMRT treatment which takes 10-15 minutes normally can be completed in less than two minutes.
  • Complex radiosurgery which takes from 40 minutes to an hour can be completed within five and twenty minutes. Provides treatment processes with higher performance by its capability to give higher dosages in shorter time.
  • Gives the tumor less time to move, owing to short dose delivery durations. Trueßeam STx system’s sensitivity is measured by increments smaller than one millimeter. This level of precision has been made possible by the sophisticated system architecture which makes accuracy controls in every 10 milliseconds during the treatment, creating a new level of synchronization between the imaging, patient positioning movement management, beam torn-ration and dose sending technologies, During treatment, by observing more than 100,000 data points, the protection of the focus point for an accurate isocenter’ of treatment is being ensured. This improved sensitivity level allows the doctors to treat that tumor that is situated in a moving organ with high accuracy.

Novalis Radiosurgery Guided Truebeam Treatment it’s a completely safe procedure. The patient will be awake; no anesthesia is needed, because the patient will not feel any pain during True Beam Treatment. Is not an invasive treatment method, and you will be protected from all complications that may occur with open surgical interventions.

Medical Oncology


Cancer Screening

Cancer screening is carried out on healthy individuals to diagnose cancer in the early stages, in which treatment is much easier and much more effective.

Special screening programs are available, based on the cancer risks for men and women. Cancer screening services in Turkey are provided using methods accepted worldwide, for all types of cancer that are identifiable.



Literally means is “treatment with drugs”, this is a term mainly being used in describing cancer drugs (also named ants-cancer drugs) affecting cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy can be used on its own in cancer treatment, it can also be used to form a complementary effect to other treatment methods; this also has different purposes depending on the type of the cancer.

Chemotherapy can have different purposes:

  • Treatment of cancer
  • Controlling further growth of cancer (preventing cancer from relapsing and slow down its growth)
  • Eliminating symptoms caused by cancer (eliminating or reducing pain and similar symptoms)



Our body’s immune system works as a supervisory system against substances perceived as “foreign”. For example, an organ transferred from an incompatible donor is rejected by the immune system. Scientists have been studying to find ways to improve the body’s natural immune reaction against cancerous cells for numerous years. When such an approach is used as a treatment, it is called immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is effective in the following cancer types:

Until recently, immunotherapy’s results on cancer were accepted as extraordinary and random. However, in the last years, researchers have been successful in controlling a few cancer types with a type of interferon (a type of protein) called interferon alpha. Studies on interferon revealed notable developments in patients diagnosed with a rare cancer type known as fringed-cell leukemia; also some limited effect in specific types of lymphatic cancer.



Radiation therapy, also called radiotherapy, x-ray therapy, or irradiation, is the treatment of disease using penetrating beams of high energy waves or streams of particles called radiation.

Radiotherapy is the name for the cancer treatment by using ionizing beams.  This type of therapy can also be called radiation therapy, beam therapy or beaming. The goal of radiotherapy is to destroy the cancerous tissue while protecting normal tissues which surround the tumor. Radiotherapy can be used by itself or alongside with surgery and/or chemotherapy in cancer treatment. Compared with surgical treatment, radiotherapy can be a preferred treatment method because it protects healthy tissues and organs, therefore preventing functionality loss.  Radiotherapy can be implemented internally and/or externally.


Brachytheapy is an internal radiotherapy technique, where the radiation source is placed inside the body. This type of treatment method is most successfully used in gynaecological cancers.



It was established as a discipline based on findings from cancer research and focuses on the psychological effects of cancer on the patient, the family and the treatment team, the role of psychological and behavioral variables related to cancer risks and survival, the effects of psychological reactions and interventions resulting from operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, these are the reasons why in the treatment of cancer today, the importance of psychological support is growing.

Support methods:

  •  Psychological counseling: Assistance in living with the disease and adaptation to the lifestyle.
  •  Individual therapy: Support in living with the disease and other life changing events.
  •  Seminars: Forming a sharing platform for patients and families and providing information.
  •  Group work: Bringing together patients and families with similar conditions, allowing for self-expression, information sharing and support.


Physiotherapy for Cancer Pain

Physiotherapy has an important place in cancer treatment, as a method in which medication is not given for cancer pain. Rehabilitation has positive effects in all the steps of cancer treatment. The aim is to increase the quality of your life and help you to return to a normal lifestyle.

Benefits of Rehabilitation Programs:

  •  Reduced pain
  •  Increased personal wellness
  •  Less fatigue and sleep related complaints
  •  Increased quality of life
  •  Positive effects on the immune system
  •  Increased lung and cardiovascular capacity
  •  Increased physical functionality

Diagnostic Services

Our medical technology is one of the fastest developing areas, especially, radiation oncology technology is rapidly evolving, requiring hospitals and medical centers to update their technology, we offer medical care in the following areas:

  • Radiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Laboratory Services
  • Genetics



Tomosynthesis is a new digital mammography technology which is distinctly superior to other methods in breast cancer screening. Tomosynthesis is a 3-dimensional imaging technology whereas a regular mammography produces only a 2-dimensional image. The cross-sectional imaging features makes Tomosynthesis advantageous to standard digital mammography when determining the breast cancer. This method provides a clear illustration of the problematic areas by the three-dimensional presentation obtained by joining thin sections.

Advantages of Tomosynthesis:

  • Allows the detection and diagnosis of even the smallest tumors,
  • Reduces the possibility to call the patient for a repeat mammography: therefore reducing the dosage of radiation the patient is exposed to.
  • Reduces me risk of unnecessary biopsy and surgery.
  • Accurately pinpoints the tumor’s location on a 3-dimensioriional map.
  • Reduces pain by requiring less pressure on the breast during the process compared to standard methods.

Doppler Ultrasonography (Elastography)

Doppler Ultrasonography uses sound waves to produces images of internal organs and veins. This method allows the diagnosis of many pathological cases without intrusive methods. Doppler Ultrasonography is also used in the diagnosis and monitoring of breast problems with significant effectiveness.   
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technology which uses the interaction of hydrogen atoms in the patient’s body with a strong magnetic field. MRI provides high-quality images without any discomfort to the patient and allows the effective diagnosis of diseases. Almost all parts of the body can be observed via MRI.
X-rays possess the property of passing through objects which is used by this technology. X-ray imaging has been the starting point of mammography. X-ray is used in the effective diagnosis of lung and bone pathologies in a widespread manner.
Bone Densitometer
Bone Densitometer uses X-rays at different energy levels to determine the density of bones. It is used especially in the diagnosis and monitoring os osteoperosis.


Nuclear Medicine

The very latest Technologies in imaging are available for patients and physicians at NeoLife Oncology Center.
PET CT - Golden Standard in Imaging
PET CT is an integrated imaging equipment that is formed by combining a PET (Positron emission tomography) and a CT (Computed Tomography). With PET, especially cancerous tissues can be detected easily, and with CT their location within the body can be determined with high sensibility. PET CT equipment is currently being used especially in Oncology and Cardiology disciplines.

What are the advantages of PET CT?

  • Provides perfection with high resolution in imaging quality.
  • Shortens the duration of examination,
  • Enables accurate diagnosis of cancerous cells in early stages.
  • Enables early diagnosis of relapses.   

Scintigraphy (Gamma Camera)
Scintigraphy is an imaging method in which special external imaging detectors, called Gamma Cameras, track the location and volume of very small doses of radio pharmaceuticals which are given to the patient intravenously. This method is used for producing two-dimensional images of bones, heart, brain and kidneys.

Laboratory Services

Our central laboratory is certified with ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System (Bureau Veritas) and has ISO 15189-2007 (DAP) accreditation for Medical Laboratory services. Correct and reliable results have been assured with internationally independent quality accreditation mechanisms. Services provided are:

  • Biochemistry – Endocrinology
  • Hematology – Hematopathology – Flow Cytometry   
  • Coagulation
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Molecular Microbiology
  • Microbiology – Serology
  • Medication Levels / Toxicology
  • Andrology


Other Services

  • Multisiciplinary Tumor Council
  • Support Groups
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Seminar and Workshops
  • Logistics Services for Travelling Patients
  • Special Products Procurement


Multisiciplinary Tumor Council

In modern medicine, councils are formed in the treatment of complicated diseases. This is a method which undeniably increases the rate of successful treatment. Cancer tumors are complicated cases which result in different stories for each individual. This is why; in our center we form multidisciplinary tumor councils which are composed of expert physicians from all related branches to work together for our patients’ treatment.

In tumor councils, expert physicians in medical branches related to the patients’ treatment come together and evaluate the patients’ situation from all different angles. Discussing the cases in these councils helps determine the most ideal approach and the most effective treatment plan for each patient.


Neolife Oncology Center Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Neolife Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey

Our  Medical Team

Our internationally acclaimed team of experienced physicians and medical staff who have devoted their lives to the well-being of our patients and treating cancer, comprises the following doctors:

Physician in Chief

Nesrin Aslan Canpolat, M.D


Radiation Oncology Team

Ufuk Abac?o?lu, M.D. Prof.

Alptekin Arifo?lu, M.D.


Medical Oncology Team

Gülgün Bilgen, M.D.


Thoracic Surgery Team

Gökhan Hac?ibrahimo?lu, Assoc. Prof.


Gynaecology Team

Gonca Saraç, M. D.


Psychotherapy Team

Elçin ?ayan, M.D. Psy.


Radiology Team

Esra Çay, M.D.


Nuclear Medicine Team

Nesrin Aslan Canpolat, M.D


Medical Physics Team

Basri Günhan, Ph.D

Zeynep Özen, M.Sc

Salih Gürdall?, Ph.D


Neolife Oncology Center Testimonials

Neolife Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey


As the Neolife team, we see you as a part of our family and our foremost goal is your and loved ones’ good health and well-being. Your feedback is extremely important for us and your heartfelt comments motivate us even more. This is why we wanted to share your sincere comments with everyone.


"I cannot thank you enough!:

“I am very pleased and satisfied with the treatment and the hospitality of staff and doctors at Neolife.

I have found everybody to be very efficient,accomodating and transport first class. Most of all, I am so,so  grateful that having had drastic news in the UK regarding my tumors that doctors at Neolife have given me much hope for my future.

I cannot thank you enough!

I would also like to thank Placidway for making this treatment possible.”



"Thank you! "
I would like to thank all the staff for their professional and responsive behaviors. Thank you..                           

Olga M

Thank you very much for your hospitality
I want to give some information about the therapy that I received in Neolife Medical Center. I would like to mention that the staff are very qualified and competent at Neolife. Fort his reason I want to thank Prof. Ufuk Abac?o?lu and all radiotherapist. The organization is carried out perfectly by Mr. Ege Incefe and I would like to thank him in your presence. I would like to express that your clinic is perfect in terms of cleanliness and order. I own a Medical Center in Romania which has no oncology department in it. I was inspired to your clinic. Thank you very much for your hospitality. I hope my health problems never repeat again after the treatment.

Cernea D.

I was greeted very well
I am happy to be treated in this hospital. I was greeted very well. All the doctors welcomed us very good. I like everything in this hospital. Hopefully, the results will be good.

Afr?m? S.

It was an honor for me to be treated in Neolife Oncology Center
Prof. Dr. Hakan Gök who is close friend of mine from the town of Bursa, Iznik directed me to Neolife Oncology Center. When I came here I was very tense and anxious. But when I walked through the door and met the secretary’s friendly welcome, I was reassured a great deal. Testing process completed and the treatment day was determined about half an hour. Whereas most of the places I went to before, I was given an appointment within 45 days. For such reasons, I thought “health care should be like this”. Long live Neolife.

I would like to thank my chemotherapy doctors Gonca Sarac, Dr. Gulgun Bilen, my radiotherapy doctor Alptekin Arifoglu, nurses, assistants, technicians, secretaries and all cleaning staff that make it such a clean place. Best regards. Good luck in your lives. It was an honor for me to be treated in Neolife Medical Center and it will always be honored. Long live Neolife Medical Center.

Mehmet D.

We leave from here very satisfied
I received radiotherapy in this center. We're very pleased with Dr. Alptekin, the operation team (Mr. Murat, Ms. Gonca), the advisory team and the valet parking service. Thank you very much, everybody.  We leave from here very satisfied.

?efik T.

Thank you for your kind interest
Thank you for your kind interest and help during our treatment process.

Güner – Ercan K.

I was very pleased
I received radiotherapy treatment under Dr. Alptekin Arifoglu’ s supervision for 1.5 months and I was very pleased. He is an excellent doctor.  Many many thanks to him and his team.

Süheyla Y.

I was very delighted with the attention of all staff
I was very delighted with the attention of all staff through my 1.5-year treatment period. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the existence of this hospital. I wish for health and happiness to everyone.

Nurten K.

I’m so happy, my tumors almost disappeared
I’m so happy. My radiation treatment produced positive results. Tumors have almost disappeared. I want to thank everyone. I am grateful to Mr. Ufuk (Abac?o?lu), Mr. Alptekin (Arifo?lu), Ms. Esra (Çay) and all other employees.

Suna A.

Thank you
Infinite thanks for the interest shown towards my wife and my family during the treatment period between April and October. Also, I would like to express my gratitude all doctors, nurses and staff members.

?ükrü Ç.

Your services are dazzling
Dear NeoLife family, I congratulate all of you. Everyone here, from the security to the physicians, is very friendly and means well. I was very deeply affected with my mother's cancer on a day by day basis. However, my mother was treated so well in your center that it started being a positive experience. I do not want anyone to be in bad Health but such is the real world and your hospital's services are dazzling in today's Turkey. I hope you will always continue to do so
Best regards

Emir Ç.

Kind and genuine interest
Today at 9:00 we came your medical center to have a PET-CT scan for my mother. We were greeted with your employees’ kindness. Ms. Hatice and Ms. Nesrin made us so happy with their kind and genuine interest. Thank you soo much. We’ll never forget your support and genuine interest. I want you to know we will always remember you.
Best regards

Dilek Ö.

My name  is George Calota, I am from Bucharest, Roumania. I am 62 years old and I have been diagnosed with prostate  adenocarcinoma, score Gelsor 6(2+4), PSA 30,stage 3B.The RMN showed that there are no metastases. I have seen  many doctors in Bucharest wich recommended me the surgical treatement.Beacause  I did not wanted this solution for negative consequences, I have tried to find  other  option in different clinics outside  Roumania. I have found in  roumanian press an article about  different treatements   maded in clinics from Istanbul with very good equipment. Doing more research I have found on internet information about Neolife cinic and truebeam tehnique . I thought it is a good solution for me so I decided to go to Istanbul.

George Calota, Bucharest

I lost my mother due to lung cancer

I’m Simi O. I lost my mother due to lung cancer. She felt very good and very special for the duration of treatment at Neolife.  I would like to thank the whole team..
Stay with love.


Simi O.

Thank you for your smiling faces

Dear Neolife employees, thank you for your smiling faces throughout the treatment process.

Elvan E.

I wish you continued success

Dear Neolife family, I confess that I as a healthcare professional myself, I don’t know if I can be as patient, understanding and genial as you.
I wish you continued success..


?smail Ç.

I wish you success

I'm sure Neolife will be very successful. I wish you success. Hoping to accomplish much more cooperation..

Zuhal D.

Such a good facility

An extremely nice facility was founded  here, I saw it during the construction phase.  Neolife has become such a good facility for people’s well-being.  
I would like to congratulate all who have contributed to this facility.

Tuncay S.

I hope your medical center will continue to serve for many years

Dear officials, I spent a long treatment  period of time at your medical center. I would like to thank Dr. Alptekin Arifo?lu for his support. Also, I am grateful to radiotherapy technicians because of their warm approach. I appreciate the desk staff who work with care and with smiles on their faces. I was very satisfied with the treatment process.
I hope your medical center will continue to serve for many years.
Best regards

Saim H.

I feel very lucky and happy

Dear managers, I feel very lucky and happy at the end of the duration of treatment spent in your medical center. Firstly I would like to thank Dr. Alptekin (Arifo?lu), Truebeam therapists, Ms. Aliye (Par) and Ms. Buse (Ak?n).
Congratulations to this successful treatment center’s directors.

Refik O.

An excellent facility in every aspect

An excellent facility in every aspect and compassion for the patients is incredible. You  are utterly perfect. Many thanks to all of your employees.
As for me , this facility should be open 24 hours and at weekends. I wish this was possible.

?ahin K.

Continued success

I would like to thank Mr. Ufuk (Abac?o?lu), Ms. Duygu (Derin), Ms. Özen (Güney) for their interest and politeness. I am grateful to the doctors for their informative and caring manners, and wish them continued success and long healthy lives. .
Best regards

Fatma ?.

Gratitude to the chemotheray team

We would like to thank Neolife Oncology Center management and all employees. We wish them a long healthy life. We are especially grateful to the chemotherapy staff.

Maleyka G.

An examplary hospital

Your medical center is an exemplary hospital, other hospitals should which will be an example to others. Your staff is very clean and friendly. We are so pleased.

Aydemir A.

All services were great

Firstly, I would like to thank my oncologist Ms Derin, employees of the blood collection and chemotherapy services. All services were great…

Necla Ç.

Congratulations to the hospital management and staff

Dear Neolife hospital management and staff, I would like to congratulate you. I appreciate your close interest, modesty and friendly behavior.

Cengiz B.

I’m happy because the medication is working

Today, I’m so happy for the blood count results, it means the medication is working.
Long live all over Turkey, Long live Neolife

?llegible Name

You are perfect from A to Z

You are perfect from A to Z.
God bless all professors. God bless your mothers and fathers. God give them a long healthy life and rest their soul’s in peace at hereafter. I wish you everlasting success.

?lgün O.

Neolife staff love their jobs

I am a cancerpatient. I'm getting radiation therapy. Your staff members are really genial, candid people who love and care about their professions.
Staff selection, ensuring employee satisfaction and operators are partially successful
I’m at the beginning of the treatment. I think I'll feel the same sort of emotions at the end of treatment. Thank you. Good luck. I wish for a speedy recovery for all patients.

Fadimana Ç.

Human touch and compassion at the space base

Your medical center is excellent and the service is very professional. I would not have guessed it. When I came to Neolife, I was very impressed. I have never met before such a kind and caring team from the nanitor to the medical professor... Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy services worked spectacularly. I've seen healthcare services elsewhere in the world but I have never met such friendly people. Absolutely perfect. My friends and my family were impressed, too. I am grateful for your understanding and your support in all aspects. Human touch and compassion at the space base. I owe my good health to you. It's great to have places like Neolife.

?ahin K.

Angels of good Health, beauty and a joyous life

Thanks! ..
I received chemotherapy treatment between the dates of January 10- 27, 2012. The result is very successful and positive. As you all know, patient’s morale is extremely important in cancer treatment, maybe just as much as medical knowledge.
4 months 18 days and six sessions have passed since the first day of my treatment… I would like to thank Ms. Duygu, Ms. Asl?, Ms. Gülgün, Ms. Vildan, Ms. Filiz, Ms. Aydan, Ms. Güler, Ms. Kader, Ms. Selma, Ms. Hacer, Ms. Yeliz, Ms. Zahide and all other feloow patients for their close attention. They always encouraged me and boosted my morale and joy of living. I always remember them as dear friends, angels of health and beauty and so full of medical knowledge which increased my confidence. I would like to express my gratitude to all of them.

Türkay G.

Your facility, team, interest and affection made us feel welcome

I was acquainted with Neolife about two weeks ago due to my grandmother's chemotherapy treatment. Your facility, team, interest and affection made us feel welcome. I hope that we leave the center with good results for my grandmother at the end of the chemotherapy treatment process.
I would like to share an issue which caught my attention. It would be nice to have a cafeteria for the patients who need to show up hungry at Neolife for tests and chemotherapy early in the morning.

Tuba Y.

To cure and to inspire

I was introduced to Neolife due to “Sanatç? Doktorlar – Doctors Painting” exhibition on May 29, 2012 Medicine and art..
Both of them are necessary for us..
To cure and to inspire..
I wish you continued success

Esra N.

Healthcare institution of our dreams

Dear Ufuk Abac?o?lu, Alptekin Arifo?lu, I wish you a lifetime full of smiles. Neolife Oncology Center is a health care institution of our dreams. All of the Neolife employees, desk staff, cleaners, radiology staff, I would like to thank you all.

Halil Y.

Very good center

Neolife is a very good center. Everyone is so friendly and kind. I would recommend it to everyone.

Illegible Name

I got in contact with this clinic. She put me in contact with Mr. Deniz Yurt who impressed me  with the way he recevided me and taking care of my staying in Istanbul. I had the great pleasure to meet prof. Abagioglu Ufuk and I decided to have the treatement with truebeam. So I started this treatement two mounth  leater with  a lot of emotion and hope.

To this hope have concured the warmth  and kindness of Mr Deniz who helped me to accommodate in Istanbul. He tooked care of the transport,my staying  and all the problems related to the  treatement. The entire staff is very proffesional and tooked care of my radiotherapy sessions. I must mention Mr. Egee Incefe who made sure that the treatement is going ok for me.

When I left  I promissed to the two representants of the clinic Neolife (Deniz Yurt and Egee Incefe) that I will keep them in my heart as my sons. I have two children at home in Romania but  now my family became larger with my new two sons from Neolife clinic. Mr. Prof. Abagioglu will always be my derest friend and I will always have great respect for him.I recommend Neolife clinic for the technology,professionalism and respect of the entire staff.  

Adriana Sarbu, Bucharest                                                                                   



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