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Detox Addiction Center Cancun Profile Overview

About Detox Addiction Center Cancun

Detox Addiction Center Cancun is a secure and comfortable clinic dedicated to providing the best Detox Program, assisting you in achieving a life free from addiction.

Our program is led by Dr. Alberto Sola, an experienced Emergency Physician who has been administering Ibogaine in a controlled clinical setting for the past eight years. With over four hundred patients treated, Dr. Sola has achieved excellent results.

At Detox Addiction Center, we offer a clinically monitored Ibogaine Detox Program designed to help individuals struggling with drug and substance addiction.

Our Ibogaine Treatments in Cancun, Mexico include:

1. Drug Addiction and Rehab:

  • Heroin
  • Oxycodone
  • Hydrocodone
  • Methadone
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamine

2. Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an investigational procedure that should be noted for its elective nature. It carries some side effects that, in certain cases, can lead to fatal outcomes. It's important to be aware that ibogaine utilizes an enzyme in the liver, which is also used by many other medications, including over-the-counter drugs. The interaction between ibogaine and certain medications can increase the risk of side effects.

About Our Ibogaine Program in Mexico:

Our primary program is a seven-day* inpatient residential medically supervised ibogaine drug and alcohol detoxification program in Cancun, Mexico. The program's goal is to interrupt the use of addictive substances such as opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and alcohol, significantly reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings in a safe and comfortable clinical environment.

Our Policy:


At Detox Addiction Center Cancun, we uphold strict confidentiality standards. Safeguarding the full name of our patients is of paramount importance. In any research papers or publications, patients are identified by code with no personal information disclosed.


Not everyone is a candidate for ibogaine treatment. We require thorough medical, personal, and social screening before administering ibogaine. Medical screening is particularly important, as we need your medical history and information about the medications you are currently taking. Upon arrival, a complete physical examination, medical history review, and laboratory cardiac tests will be conducted to ensure your suitability for treatment.

Personal Screening:

Commitment and readiness to stop using drugs are crucial factors. While everyone who contacts us expresses a desire to quit using drugs, it is important to assess if individuals are truly prepared to do whatever it takes to make it happen. All patients who come to Mexico understand and agree to participate fully in our program.

Environment, Social, and Family Screening:

Ibogaine is an important initial step in your treatment journey, but it is not a magic solution. To achieve a healthy life, we need to understand the environment you will return to and your plans for aftercare and long-term lifestyle changes.

Our Medical Team for Mexico Addiction Treatment in Cancun, Mexico:

Dr. Alberto Sola is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who received training in Mexico City. He has extensive experience in tourist medicine, having worked with Amerimed Hospitals Corporation in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo San Lucas. Dr. Alberto Sola has administered over 400 Ibogaine treatments and has also led medical operations and supervised a full hospital staff, providing medical care for major spring break student companies in Cancun.

Why Choose Rehab in Mexico?

1. Comfortable Facilities
2. Expertise and High Satisfaction Standards
3. Personalized Medical Care
4. Leadership in Ibogaine Treatments
5. Safe and Comfortable Environment
6. Confidentiality Policy

Contact us for Addiction Treatment. We are committed to helping you achieve a better, addiction-free life!

Detox Addiction Center Cancun, Cancun, Mexico Profile Details

DETOXADICTION CENTER CANCUN is a safe and comfortable clinic that will provide you with the best Detox Program, helping you to live free…

Our main program is a seven days inpatient residential medically supervised ibogaine drug and alcohol detoxify program in Cancun Mexico.

Our main Goal is to interrupt the use of addictive substances, such as opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol with significant reduce of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, in a safe, comfortable clinical environment.

Our Facilities

Our clinic is monitored 24 hours, it's a Beach Front property in the beautiful Women’s Island Shore (Playa Mujeres) Punta Sam, 30 min North of Cancun International Airport.



“Casa de la Playa” is an 8 bedrooms spacious beach property with swimming pool by the ocean in the quiet side of Cancun.

Our Casa de la Playa offers you all the amenities and medical care:

  • Round 24/7,   
  • Nursing care,
  • Personal cook,
  • Full hotel service,
  •  A/C,
  • Internet,
  • English TV,
  • Telephone.

Detox Addiction Center Cancun Treatments Offered

Our Services

For all our patients, and future patients it's very important the understanding of their problem drug and alcohol adult addiction.

Our patients are adults, whom abuse and/or depend of substances and that want to stop using and voluntary want to go through the ibogaine detox procedure.

Since ibogaine is an investigational and non-approved drug it is never a first choice treatment. The patient has to at least try to stop with one of the conventional approved methods and fail before trying ibogaine.

Our Program (Step by step)

After you contact us our case manager Ruben will contact you by phone or email and make an appointment for a telephone interview.

Phone Interview

In this interview will be explained you or your loved onesin in detail what this program is about and will answer all of  questions and concerns.

We will ask personal information and also method of payment, drug history, important medical history, and current medications. The initial phone interview typically it last 30 minutes or more we can talk to the patient or a relative.


Before booking a place in Cancun one of our staff needs to talk to the patient, if there is no medical or personal problem for the treatment we need to book the treatment day.

It is a seven* day treatment usually we have arrivals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will give us the information of the flight where our driver and your case manager will pick you up.

You need a valid passport to travel to Cancun.

We recommend the patient to travel on their own but if family members want to accompany the patients they can come and visit the clinic on their arrival with your patient, once done, we will call for transportation to your hotel, as family members are not allowed to stay.

Arrival at the Airport

Upon your arrival you will have to go through immigration and customs don’t travel with drugs weapons or illegal substances.

Once you are through immigration and customs you have to exit the airport terminal all the way to the street where you will see plenty of tour operators and taxi drivers. Once outside if you are on terminal 3 (most of US airlines come through this terminal) look to your left and there is a small door that says “family and friends” go through that door and we will be waiting for you with a sign.

Our Program (Day by day)

Admision to the Clinic

Every patient upon arrival will have its medication, passport, and money secured at the front desk, we will go over their luggage and personal belongings.

They are allowed cell phones and computers.
They will also be informed of the code of conduct of the facility.
They will sign the initial consent for treatment and testing also the privacy/confidentiality agreement.

Medical Test and Stabilization

Medical clearance is very important because it allows the patient to prepare for the treatment mentally, physically and spiritually.

Treatment Day

Without eating solid food since midnight the night before, it will start at 9:00 AM.

The first dose is a test dose, to check there is no sensibility to the ibogaine, and after 30 min the full dose or “flood dose” typically 1,200 mgrs. to 1,500 mgrs. orally.

After the flood dose in 45 min to an hour later you will start feeling tingling warmth sensation, a humming or buzzing sound and then the visions start.

After the initial 4 to 6 hours of intense visions the second phase, starts we call this second phase processing. I believe it is the most important, part of the treatment it’s been described as forced psychoanalysis or forced meditation. This is a very introspective phase where you are faced with your personal issues over and over until you sort them out. This phase lasts from 12 to 36 hours.


The day after the ibogaine you will feel exhausted and you will have difficulty sleeping with no cravings or withdrawal. During this day we encourage you to eat, drink and move around and you will get a massage in the evening.


A small dose of ibogaine 300 mgrs. will help on the short term to eliminate any residual withdrawal, and in the long term to increase the beneficial effects of the ibogaine for a longer period of time.

In the afternoon you can leave the facility with supervision to go to the beach or outside.

After Care

This day we focus on the after care plan and what is life after ibogaine, we will include recommendations for therapy, nutrition, supplements and if needed medication. Some patients want this day to go shopping.


Transportation to the airport.

We are commited to help you get a better life addiction free!!

Detox Addiction Center Cancun Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Our Doctors

Dr. Alberto Sola

He was born in Barcelona Spain, he is a board certified emergency medicine physician, trained in Mexico City graduate from Universidad Anahuac and still practicing emergency medicine in a 250 bed teaching hospital in Cancun.

He practiced tourist medicine with Amerimed Hospitals corporation from 1996 until 2006 in Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. Headed medical operations hired, managed & supervised a full hospital staff.

Spearheaded the establishment of 4 new hospitals including architectural planning, hiring of medical personnel, and all daily operations and supervised medical care for all major springbreak student companies in Cancun.

In 2004 trained with Dr. Deborah Mash in St Kitts and under her supervision and the world’s foremost experts established a treatment center with ibogaine in Cancun where he has administered over 400 treatments. He is fully bilingual English and Spanish.


Certificate of Appreciation from the White House Medical Unit 2006
Assistance and Facilitation of President George W. Bush’s
official visit to Cancun, Mexico


Member of American Society of Addiction Medicine
Member of Mexican Society of Emergency Medicine
Member of Medical College of Quintana Roo, Mexico


Treatment of ibogaine for substance abuse
Deborah Mash, PhD, Jeffrey Kamlet, MD, St. Kitts



  • Preceptor of the University of Queensland, Australia
  • Clinical Supervisor, Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine
  • Supervised medical students

2001 - 2003

  • Clinical Supervisor, Attending Physician for Medical
  • Students Emergency Medicine
  • Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Belfast
  • Supervised medical students

Detox Addiction Center Cancun Testimonials


I wanted to contact you and express my gratitude for all of the love and compassion that you showed me while I was at the clinic. You are an amazing women and I feel very appreciative to have had the chance to meet you. I will most certianly someday come back to visit you and Alberto. I wish you all the best and endless joy.

Feel free to contact me if you have any computer questions you can email me or call me, Saludos


The Editor's Corner

I have observed that, amongst my fellow, successful Advanced Health Transitions graduates, there is a sense of being privileged to participate in a crusade: that of bringing this extraordinary vehicle of deliverance to other suffering addicts. So, we have taken to calling ourselves "iboganauts," in the best tradition of heroic voyages, and in reference to our own journey of discovery.

I mention the term "successful" in order to honestly admit that Ibogaine is not a magic bullet. It will not somehow free an addict from making the necessary commitment to change, and exerting the personal effort required to make their recovery work. There have been clients who took Ibogaine and still relapsed, because they weren't yet ready to surrender their old way of life.

We mustn't underestimate the strength of our opponent: the disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. It is powerful enough to destroy us, cunning enough to make us the agent of our own destruction and baffling enough to keep us unaware and in denial. The spreading tendrils of this cancer reach throughout our entire being and attack us on every level. Addiction is much more than an escalating physical dependency. It is also a paradoxical inflation of the ego and, simultaneously, a gradual corrosion of the ego structure; a stealthy subversion of all psychological processes: perception, thought and memory; a progressive morbidity of emotional sensibilities; and the inexorable degradation of the spirit. In my experience, any treatment that fails to address these problems renders only temporary relief.

The period of early recovery is the most dangerous, when the addict is exposed to life without a chemical buffer for the first time in quite a while. The new, recovery-oriented behaviors are just forming, while the old, unhealthy but well-established patterns of thought and behavior beckon with the lure of familiarity and the illusion of security. Ibogaine goes far to bridge over this crucial period. Beginning with the extraordinarily effective detoxification, the Ibogaine experience offers the possibilities of psychological insight, emotional revitalization and spiritual awakening, if one is open to change. Because its metabolite, or intermediate form, wears off slowly, it maintains the addict in a receptive state long enough for them to firmly establish their new way of living and thinking, thus enhancing the chances to survive the difficult early period of recovery.

Yes, we iboganauts feel honored to be blessed with the opportunity to participate in bringing this marvelous new tool for the treatment of addiction to the relief of our fellow sufferers. It is a chance to perform service to others, a concept at the core of recovery, and to give back to a society from which we selfishly took for so long. More than that, we have the rewarding task of becoming living examples of the higher consciousness that the Ibogaine experience has guided us to find.

Thank you, Dr. Mash; thank you, Mama Iboga; thank you, O Supreme Spirit.


Dear Dr. Sola & Marcela,

I want to sincerely thank you for all of your hospitality, support, and advice throughout my treatment. I really loved everything about my trip to Villa Serena .

I cannot express into words how much this Ibogaine treatment has inspired me to "wake up" and enjoy life! There is just so much I want to do and too many places I want to visit---Ibogaine was my jumpstart!! I owe you a HUGH Thank you!!!

I'll keep you posted on myprogress next week via email. Im looking into to support/recovery programs and have also started pilates classes. So far I have been able to go out with my friends during the day and night and not had the desire to drink...it's time for me to experience this side now--and it's actually fun!

Hope all is going with my entire "Mexican Family" Give them a "hello for me" I bet you're getting very anxious for your vacation. Don't forget to ice your leg!!


Lauren Griffith

Great to hear from you. I apologize for not getting back to you. I've just been distracted-in a good way- feeling much better, being suddenly more active than ever before. Below I'll summarize briefly post-ibogaine recovery:

I can say with certainty that between 3-4 weeks was all it took- at least in my case of suboxone/morphine- to feel 98% better which means sleeping normally 6-8 hrs, dysphoria and mild depression dissipate replaced by a general sense of well-being, optimism, and a desire to enter into life: relationships, work, creativity, fun, etc. Between 5-6 weeks 100%- stomach functioning normally, tolerating all foods and even caffeine; and in the gym 3x a week: weights, cardio- fine; and a return of higher mental function: being able to read for long periods of time, hold my attention, etc. I will say hoping not to risk your concern that substances- marijuana and alcohol- have little effect at all, lack the pleasure they once associated, and are more or less undesirable. There continues to be- since the Ibogaine experience itself- NO desire for opiates in any form. Furthermore, the "fantasies" of the heroin-user lifestyle have no attractive power and are seen to be puerile, uninteresting, and false- as are all drug abusers, especially heroin/opiate addicts One of the most amazing and consistent effects post-ibogaine has been a complete lack of anxiety this entire time. Anxiety was always a feature of my past attempts at recovery from opiate addiction, and often the factor in relapse. But since Ibogaine there has been no anxiety- and although there was some discomfort for several weeks following I never "suffered" nor associated the discomfort with opiate withdrawal. Whatever the discomfort associated with this method of detox I did not associate it with opiate withdrawal- even the insomnia was qualitatively different and- given a week or so, very tolerable. My advice to anyone going through post-ibogaine discomfort would be to see it not as a lingering withdrawal nor even an effect of the noribogaine- but as a necessary process of re-learning how to use one's body after a long absence- like a baby learning how to walk and control their bodily functions. This metaphor of the baby may be too extreme but is somewhat appropriate as ibogaine research suggests that Ibogaine induces a prolonged REM state comparable only to the great amount of time infant's spend in an REM state- this peculiar state allows for the rapid building of the infant brain- and the re-building of the addicted brain during ibogaine detox. Another metaphor would be learning how to drive stick-shift after a lifetime of driving automatic cars. It takes a few weeks to calibrate and learn this new vehicle, but once mastered one drives faster and better than any automatic.

Anyway, sorry to be long winded there.

Thank you again Irene for everything. I sincerely wish you the best, and hope to talk soon.

- M A

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