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Cellthera Clinic

Brno, Czech Republic

Cellthera Clinic, Vienna Point building, 12th floor, Videnska 119, Brno, the Czech Republic

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Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic

Awesome Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic

About Cellthera Clinic in Brno, Czech Republic

Cellthera Clinic provides optimized Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic. We are using the benefits of completely non-invasive Regenerative Laser Therapy which activates patient´s own stem cells in the body, improves body oxygenation for long term, minimizes chronic inflammation and contributes to body detoxification in a complex way.

Cellthera Clinic has more than 20 years of clinical experience with stem cell therapy provided for more than 4000 patients. This is a World-Class Clinic experienced in Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedics, including joint pain, back pain, arthritis, Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurological Diseases including autism, stroke, multiple sclerosis, intracranial hemorhage after brain trauma, as well as Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy of Cancer and Complex Anti-Cancer Treatment Program, with professional team of medical doctors, nurses and clinical research workers able to provide safe and effective solution to your health-related problem.


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Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic

Here are several advantages that you can find through Stem Cell Clinic in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic:

  • Certified stem cell specialists in Czech Republic
  • Professional team of medical doctors, nurses, and clinical research worker
  • Competitive cost for stem cell treatments
  • Online consultation and reservation 24/7
  • High success rate of stem cell therapy

List of Treatments at Cellthera Clinic in Brno, Czech Republic

Here are several procedures that you can find through Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic:


Cardiology and Diseases of the Vascular System


Eye Diseases




Skin Diseases

Autoimmune Diseases


Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic

Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic will provide patients with 24/7 online consultation and certified specialists. If you want to get improvement for your orthopedic issue, stem cell can become the solutions you need. For more information about Cost of Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic, feel free to click button below:

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Stem Cell Specialists in Brno, Czech Republic

Here you can find information about Stem Cell Doctors in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic:

Doctor Name:  Jaroslav Michalek, MD PhD, Professor

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Stem Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy Specialist
  • Alternative Cancer Treatment Specialist
  • 28 Years of Clinical Experience
  • President of International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy

Doctor Name: Milos Janecek, MD PhD, Professor

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • 30 Years of Professional Experience

Doctor Name: Jan Travnik, MD

Experience and Specializations:

  • Traumatology and Orthopedics Specialist
  • Cell Therapy and PRP Experience

Doctor Name: Ladislav Lukac, MD PhD

Experiences and Specializations:

  • Traumatology and Orthopedics Specialist
  • Cell Therapy and PRP Experience


Get Affordable Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic Today!

Stem Cell Therapy in Brno, Czech Republic by Cellthera Clinic will give you satisfactory result for regenerative treatments. All medical staffs and specialists will assure your awesome experience when undergoing the procedure. You can also get interesting Stem Cell Packages with promising cost! It is time to book your consultation in this center today by clicking button below:

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  • (5 out of 5)

    “At the professor's clinic We walked Michalka with our seven-year-old son, who as a six-year-old baby suffered from herpetic meningo-encephalitis (brain inflammation). The effects of this insidious disease are psychomotor retardation, childhood autism, epilepsy, ADHD. We underwent regenerative laser therapy, and much to our surprise, our son improved tremendously after a few months. He is calmer, more perceptive of his surroundings, has less frequent tantrums and self-harm. We will be doing it again this year.“ “Thanks professor for a very personal and empathetic approach. Last but not least, we wanted to thank a nurse who didn't always have it easy with us.“ “I highly recommend Cellthera clinic to everyone!“


  • (5 out of 5)

    “Thank you Mr. Prof. M.D. to Jaroslav Michalko, Ph.D. for helping me restore my health.“ “In 2013 I suffered a stroke at the age of 46. I had a disabled small brain, severe imbalance, severe fatigue syndrome and a partially paralyzed right half of my body. Every normal daily activity exhausted me and I had a considerable difficulty concentrating on any activity. The whole body imbalance was so severe as if I was standing in a small boat that is on the water.“ “Everything was swinging and I had no certainty in moving or standing. After 2.5 years of illness, constant suffering that led to despair and after exhaustion of all available medical options and rehabilitation in our country, my health condition has improved very little, I addressed (r. 2016) Mr. Professor Michael, who offered me stem cell treatment in Vienna. My health condition kept killing me and “knocking me down” and I was extremely glad there was still another treatment option. My health condition was not even something to survive.“ “I'm not afraid to say it was "hell on earth" for me. I was fine when I slept or laid down without moving. The professor told me that unfortunately no health insurance company covers the treatment. I had the money and it had no value to me at the time. I haven’t had a chance to enjoy them being sick. I've been so desperate about it that I'd be grateful for any help. I didn’t hesitate at all and went to Vienna for a stem cell application in less than a month (April 2016). After nine months, intensive rehabilitation and a proper lifestyle with enough vitamins and minerals, my health began to improve gradually. My perpetual fatigue syndrome began to recede and my body balance improved. 2.5 years after stem cell application (r. 2019) my health has improved so much that I feel 98% healthy today.“ “Today I can drive a car long distances without any problems and I can even ride a bike without any problems. I can be a "full-time" father (r. 2019 - son 10 years and daughter 8.5 years), the whole family goes on vacation and I can "work" without problems. Thank you mr prof MUDr. Michalko got back his health, without which he can do nothing. I really appreciate the professor, he was the only one who could help me. Even though the treatment took a very long time, it was such a tremendous help for me in restoring the health I never even hoped for. Thank you professor and I wish you many more professional successes and good health.“


  • (5 out of 5)

    “Very pleasant, willing professional approach. Satisfaction to the max.“


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