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Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me's Erectile Dysfunction in Brno, Czech Republic

Package price starting from: $6740
Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Associated Center: Cellthera Clinic
Focus Area: Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction | Local Stem Cell Treatment Program | Regenerative Laser Therapy | Brno, Czech Republic

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Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me's Erectile Dysfunction Stem Cell Program in Brno, Czech Republic

STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME has excellent stem cell therapy program and complex treatment program for erectile dysfunction as well as for the whole body in case atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity and/or chronic stress is also present. Complex treatment consists of autologous stem cell therapy and regenerative laser therapy in order to enhance natural regeneration of the whole body.

STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME in collaboration with Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me Clinic based in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, provides Stem Cell Therapy for Erectile dysfunction that treats medical conditions like:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction associated with hypertension, overweight, chronic stress 

Procedure to Follow Before Arrival to Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me Clinic:

  • The patient should receive and read Informed Consent Forms to the procedures scheduled at Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me Clinic
  • If indicated, patient should come for prescreening clinical examination by our experienced specialist to properly evaluate for our Treatment Program; blood tests may also be requested.  

Local Stem Cell Treatment Program – 1 day

Erectile dysfunction means the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by medications, atherosclerosis, chronic illnesses, poor blood flow to the penis, drinking too much alcohol, too much stress at work, or being too tired. New research studies demonstrate safety and clinical effects of autologous (patient´s own) stem cells in erectile dysfunction. No serious side effects such as heart attack, stroke, thromboembolism or death were observed in thousands of people treated with autologous stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is performed during one surgical procedure using autologous (obtained from the same person) stem cells freshly obtained from 50ml adipose tissue. Adipose tissue-derived stem cells has their unique capability of clinical effects which include but are not limited to suppression of chronic inflammation, suppression of degenerative changes in various tissues, migration to the sites of tissue injury, optimizing immune system functions, anti-oxidative effects. Several joints can be treated during the same surgical procedure. The whole procedure is performed on out-patient basis in local anesthesia, lasts 3-4 hours and consists of:

  • Local anesthesia before liposuction
  • Liposuction of 50ml of autologous adipose tissue per each large joint treated
  • Stem cell preparation from adipose tissue
  • Intracavernous injection of the stem cells to the site of damage

After short rest at the Clinic, patient is allowed to leave. He can perform normal daily activities but should avoid swimming and over exercise for next 10-14 days after liposuction. 

The Check-up Procedure

We suggest performing 1-3 months follow-up visit at our experienced urologist.

 Medical services provided in this Local Stem Cell Treatment Program can be combined with Regenerative Laser Therapy, especially in case of associated hypertension, overweight, and chronic stress (i.e. stress at work, stress at home, stress related to sexual functions). 

Regenerative Laser Therapy (RLT) – Extra from Local Stem Cell Treatment Program

RLT means application of certain wave length (infrared, red, and yellow, green, blue) of visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves to different parts of the body based on patient medical needs. It can be applied on the body surface, into the damaged tissue, or intravenously. Excellent clinical results with 10 sessions of RLT have been documented in combination with stem cell therapy. One or two sessions per day are recommended as a maximum. RLT in one session is typically applied locally for 10-30 minutes (infrared) or intravenously for 40-60 minutes (combination of red, yellow, green, and blue laser light, each color for 10-15 minutes). Allow 5-10 working days for RLT therapy. Based on your medical condition, our medical doctor will recommend an optimal program for you.  For more information and indications, ask for the detailed brochure about RLT.

What Is The Cost Of The Medical Programs?

The cost of this medical program is as follows:

  • Local Stem Cell Treatment Program  5,900- EUR/$6740
  • Regenerative Laser Therapy – 10 sessions local or intravenous - 6,000- EUR/$6854
  • Regenerative Laser Therapy – 10 sessions local and intravenous - 9,000- EUR/$10280
  • Local Stem Cell Treatment Program + Regenerative Laser Therapy                                   local or intravenous, 10 sessions – 9,900 – EUR/$11,308
  • Local Stem Cell Treatment Program + Regenerative Laser Therapy                                   local and intravenous, 10 sessions 12,900 – EUR/$14,735

Note: It does not include costs associated with accommodation or food.  

Additional medical services can be arranged for extra costs and include:

  • Next follow-up visits at 6 or 12 months (from 120 – EUR/$138)
  • For anti-aging, cosmetic surgery, or other medical services, please ask  

Additional non-medical services - can be arranged for extra costs and include:

  • City sightseeing tour
  • Taxi transportation (from/to hotel; from/to Brno, Vienna, Prague airport)
  • Hotel recommendation and reservation in a range of 50-200 EUR per night per single or double bed room including breakfast

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