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Associated Doctors: Dr. Octavio Jimenez,
Specialty: Obesity/Bariatric Surgery
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Welcome to Metabolic Health - Bariatric Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

Metabolic Health, located in Cancun, Mexico provides safe and affordable weight loss surgery. The effective weight-loss or bariatric, surgery helps losing weight and lowers the risk of medical problems associated with obesity. The bariatric team support before and after the surgery and check each patient regularly to make sure everything goes according to plan. The nutrition specialists help to understand diet restrictions to every patient and customize an individual plan for them.

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Effective bariatric surgery at Metabolic Health improves weight-related diseases like hypertension, insulin-resistant diabetes, high cholesterol, liver disease, arthritis, heartburn, incontinence, headaches, and sleep apnea. Severely obese patients have achieved best results after gastric bypass surgery at Metabolic Health. The gastric bypass provides an improvement in 100% of patients with diabetes mellitus, and complete remission of it in up to 76% of cases.

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Baraitric Surgery Treatments and Procedures in Cancun, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve in Cancun, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve medical procedure is performed laparoscopically under broad sedation. A few inconveniences can happen and may make the specialist wind up performing open a medical procedure. This implies that the cut will be bigger so the stomach can be gotten to all the more without any problem.

With the laparoscopic strategy, which is more normal, the cut is several centimeters in size. The specialist will utilize devices uncommonly intended for this strategy to eliminate the amplest piece of the stomach. After its vast majority is eliminated, the leftover part is stapled together to frame a tight "sleeve" molded chamber.

This will lessen the size of the stomach by 70 to 80 percent, and that implies patients will not have the option to eat however much they used to.

Gastric Bypass in Cancun, Mexico

In a Gastric Bypass method a part of the stomach is cut off with careful staples. In this segment, the new stomach pack is made, which has a surmised limit of 50 cc. This prohibitive methodology permits patients to eat less food while as yet feeling full. Then, the lower some portion of the small digestive system is connected to the new stomach pocket. This progression implies that the food goes through the stomach pocket straightforwardly into the lower part of the small digestive tract.

This malabsorption approach is extremely viable in light of the fact that the majority of the calories consumed by the body are retained through the area that is skirted. To supply fundamental stomach related liquids created in the upper piece of the small digestive tract (which is presently avoided in the stomach related interaction), this segment of the small digestive system is reattached to the lower part of the small digestive system.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

Below you can find the benefits of choosing bariatric surgery in Cancun, Mexico at Metabolic Health:

Minimal Out of Pocket Cost Without Medical Insurance
The Risks of the Surgery Are Minimal Compared to the Benefits
Certainty and Quality of Life
Meet Life-Long Friends and Family

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National Polytechnic Institute

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Dr. Jorge Maytorena is among the best weight loss doctors in Tijuana, Mexico. Seek expert obesity care at his accredited Cosmetic & Bariatric Surgery Center.

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Dr. Ricardo Garcia Audelo is a gastroenterologist focused on providing solutions to his patients with obesity problems. He performs obesity laparoscopic or appendix surgery with professionalism, as an expert in the field.

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Medica Siluet

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Transform your body and boost your confidence with Medica Siluet! Our expert surgeons in Mexico offer top-notch cosmetic & bariatric surgery services.

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