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Thanawala’s Maternity Home. 1st Floor, Mahavir Centre , Plot no 77, Sector 17, Vashi , Navi Mumbai 4, Sector 17 Navi Mumbai Maharashtra, Navi Mumbai, India
Associated Doctors: Dr. Uday Thanawala,
Specialty: Fertility Treatment, Gynecology Treatment, Infertility/IVF
Focus Area: Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic | IVF | ICSI | Hysterectomy | Myomectomy | Pregnancy management | Navi Mumbai | India

Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic Profile Overview

Welcome to Thanawala Maternity Home & IVF Clinic, Navi Mumbai, India

Thanawala Maternity Home and IVF Clinic is proud to provide amazing pregnancy management services since the last 25 years. Their personalized quality care in the field of IVF and naternity treatments make them one of the best clinics in Navi, Mumbai. They are very popular among the international patients for their individualized approach to deal with a wide range of maternal, infertility, gynecology and obstetic conditions. they deliver highest standard of care consistently because of constant upgradation of knowledge, skills and expertise. At the clinic, you can expect the best of medical treatment & comfort with a culture of care and compassion along with strong ethical principles.

The center is ably supported by the experienced staff, worked for more than 20 years. Thus, they function like supreme experts at what they do. In addition, their conveneint location makes them easily accessible by the patients. One can easily reach the center by bus, train or car after arriving Mumbai.

Treatments and Procedures:

  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • Hysterectomy
  • Myomectomy
  • Pregnancy management
  • Menopause clinic
  • Adolescent clinic

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