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Orthopedic Treatment at Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier Clinic in Mexicali Mexico

Reforma 1000 centro Mexicali , Mexicali 21100, Mexico
Associated Doctors: Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier,
Specialty: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Sports Medicine
Focus Area: Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier | Orthopedic Knee Surgery | Articular Surgery | Ankle and foot surgery | Column surgery | Sports medicine | Hip and pelvis surgery | Mexicali | Mexico

Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier Profile Overview

orthopedic surgery in mexicali, mexico

Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier-Top Orthopedic Surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier is a leading orthopedic surgeon who is associated with the clinic Unidad De Ortopedia Avanzada. His clinic stands for their integral medical attention provided to every patient. Their professional team is made of interdisciplinary specialists who have much experience and who receive constant ongoing training. That is why the clinic always guarantees all of their medical treatments meet the highest standards of quality combined with the support of top-notch facilities and the latest technology, which leads to complete satisfaction of the patients.

Dr. Juan Carlos Alvarez Garnier is the member of the American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons since 2008. He is well trained in spine surgery and microsurgery with specialty in orthopedics and traumatology.

The clinic aims to be the best private comprehensive medicine and inpatient clinic to offer care, conservation and regenerative medicine for individuals in recovery, health and well-being with certified medical specialists equipped with the finest avant-garde technologies.
They offer comprehensive medical services, regenerative medicine and orthopedic knee surgery with certified medical specialists, based on the latest technologies and quality service.
Treatments and Procedures

Joint Surgery:

  • Articular replacement
  • Ligament reconstruction surgery
  • Arthroscopy

Ankle and foot surgery:

  • Traumatic sports injury
  • Degenerative affectations

Column Surgery:

  • Latest techniques in spine surgery including treatment of deformities, acute, chronic, traumatic and degenerative injuries

Sports medicine:

  • Attain any sports-related injury
  • Comprehensive attention of the athlete to prevent injury

Hip and pelvis surgery:

  • Degenerative or Traumatic with severe pelvic ring and acetabulum injuries

Muscle Skeletal System:

  • Muscular or tendinous fractures of injuries


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