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KRISHNA Heart & Super Specialty Institute

KRISHNA Heart & Super Specialty Institute

Ahmedabad, India

319- Green City ,Ghuma

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  • KRISHNA Heart and Super Specialty Institute is one of Gujarat's leading medical facilities with a mission to provide high quality of medical services at an affortable cost to people around the world.
  • The hospital is equipped with modern medical technology and equipments, leading physicians and surgeons and a highly skilled staff.
  • The Institute is located in Ahmedabad, India, in a park like campus, with easy access from India and abroad.
  • A team of qualified medical professionals provide the high quality medical, surgical and preventive care support for the life-saving mission of KRISHNA.
  • Today, KRISHNA is known for its innovative diagnostic and treatment procedures, and extensive work in Cardiology, Joint Replacement and other Medical areas.
  • Backed by a team of expert Physicians in the field of Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cancer Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Anesthesiology, Electrophysiology and other highly specialized medical treatments, the Institute is a trusted name in providing patient care and medical services.

KRISHNA Facilities

  • A reputation for quality patient care
  • Satisfied patients from around the world, including UK, USA, Canada
  • Comfortable accommodations for patients and relatives
  • Accommodation assistance for relatives and visitors
  • And alot more..

Medical Infrastructure
Well equipped facilities with advanced equipment

  • Philips H5000 Swing Arm Cardiac Cath Lab, First in Asia & Europe
  • ISO-100 class operating theaters with laminar flow and triple-filtration
  • Sophisticated CSSD with STERIS sterilizers and plasma sterilizer from J&J 
  • Modern building with engineering services from world’s best companies  
  • Captive and back-up power sources for uninterrupted patient care and hospital facilities 
  • Central communication and paging system and close circuit television camera for prompt access to staff and physicians 
  • International standard water filtration and distribution systems to supply pure water, hot and cold, round the clock 
  • Eco-friendly waste-water treatment plant and incinerator of our hospital enables us to treat the hospital waste in the most environment friendly manner and it reduces pollution
  • 250 seat auditorium with global video conferencing facilities to facilitate the leading doctors and surgeons to share the latest medical findings and techniques

Fully equipped ICU on wheels with attending medical team


  • Cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Onco (Cancer) Surgery
  • Critical Care
  • O.P.D.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Pathology
  • Radiology

In addition to providing affordable healthcare, we are meeting the special needs and concerns of our International patients. Our International Patient Center is dedicated to assist you before, during, and after your stay in India to ensure a satisfying visit.

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The Institute was established in 2000 as a high-end medical facility specializing in heart diseases, and has evolved into a center for all types of cardiac care, including Angiographies, Angioplasties, Cardiac Arterial By-pass Graft surgeries ("Open-heart" or "By-pass" surgeries). The institute offers pioneering medical techniques in the field of cardiac care, including "Beating-heart" (off-pump) By-pass surgeries and Radial Angiography. Over the period of time, the Institute has expanded into other highly specialized areas of medical care, including Joint Replacement Surgery for Hip and Knees, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Onco Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgeries. Maintaining it's tradition of providing a high level of care and advanced medical technology, the Institute  is  the  first  in  this part of the world to set-up ISO-100 operating theaters where air is changed 130 times per hour to provide hygienic and infection-free environment for major surgeries. KRISHNA Heart Institute was conceived by Dr. Atul Chokshi, an Interventional Cardiologist practising in New York, U.S.A. and other like minded Physicians and Professionals of Indian origin residing in America. The primary purpose of establishing KRISHNA is to provide life saving technologies to the people of India and rest of the world at an affordable cost.

Patients and Relatives

  • 150 bed super specialty hospital with 45 bed Surgical and Medical ICUs 
  • Centrally air-conditioned, in a tranquil and serene environment with gardens and fountains
  • Stylishly furnished, air-conditioned rooms 
  • All rooms with contemporary modern comforts, 24 hour hot/cold water, attached bathrooms, television, laundry service and other amenities 
  • Deluxe, VIP and other rooms to fit variety of budgets 
  • State of the art life-saving technologies available to each room, bed and patient - including monitoring equipment, continuous central monitoring, medical gas access – all of our rooms can send data in real time to specialist physicians around the world with access to internet 
  • Air-conditioned lounges for relaxation on each floor 
  • 24-hour cafeteria with a selection of cuisines with an expert chef and five-star amenities and ambience 
  • Round the clock dining, dry-cleaning and other concierge facilities

International Patients
We have a track-record of successfully providing high quality of medical care to our International patients. Quality medical care is made available at KRISHNA to our International visitors at economical rates.
Record of successfully serving many discerning patients from around the world, including:

  • USA, Europe, Canada, Africa, Middle-East 
    Easily accessible 
  • Direct flights from UK, USA and the Middle-East
  • Situated in a park like campus in Ahmedabad, India

Complete assistance in organizing a medical visit to KRISHNA for the patient and accompanying guests, including:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport
  • Travel planning for the patient and relatives
  • Comfortable accommodations for patients and relatives
  • Stylishly furnished, air-conditioned rooms with all modern comforts, attached bathrooms, 24 hour hot/cold water, television, laundry, available concierge/attendant and other amenities
  • Deluxe, VIP and other rooms to fit variety of budgets
  • Accommodation assistance for relatives and visitors

Our friendly and professional Medical Administrator will be happy to assist you in:

  • Assessment of the patient’s medical needs prior to arrival 
  • An escort to greet and assist families at the airport
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Help with scheduling doctors’ appointments, admission procedures, collecting medical reports and arranging follow-up appointments 
  • An escort during doctor consultations, examinations, medical and surgical procedures
  • Follow-up on patient's future medical needs
  • Other General Inquiries

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Interventional Cardiology
We are one of the leading centers of India to provide comprehensive range of Interventional Cardiology procedures for diagnostics and treatments, including Angiography, Angioplasty and Coronary Stenting with Drug Eluting Stents. Our team of cardiologists and staff have pioneered many new techniques, and KRISHNA is today renowned around the world for its leadership position in the field of Interventional Cardiology.

Interventional Cardiology consists of advanced techniques and technologies for diagnosing and treating the problems of the heart. Blockages can develop in the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, which is the root cause of Cardiac problems. Through a minimally invasive diagnostic procedure called Angiography, such blockages and their magnitudes are assessed. To remove the cardiac blockages interventional procedures of Angioplasty or Stenting are performed. These procedures are minimally invasive, and shorten the recovery time and discomfort to the cardiac patients. Some patients, who are not candidates for minimally invasive procedures require a Coronary Bypass Artery Graft surgery (CABG or "open heart surgery") – please refer to the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department for more information on this topic.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab: We have a fully digital Cardiovascular Angiography Laboratory, which is equipped with Philips H5000F Swing Arm Cathlab – the first of its kind in Asia and Europe .

New Techniques: Our cardiologists are some of the pioneers in new techniques, such as Trans-radial Cardiac Catheterization. This technique reduces the time and discomfort for the patient undergoing the minimally invasive heart procedures. Our cardiologists are supported by a highly skilled team of professionals, including nurses, technicians and engineers. Our innovations and high standards have led to a success rate that is better than most hospitals around the world.

Dedicated Intensive Care Unit: Our cardiology department is supported by a dedicated 20 bed Post-Angiography Intensive Care Unit to provide the highest level of support and speedy recovery of our patients.

Extensive Experience: We have completed over 12,000 invasive procedures, including over 3000 Angioplasties.

Department of Electro Physiology & Pediatric Cardiology
These departments are most advanced for identifying and treating congenital cardiac disorders and for arrhythmias (irregular heart-beats and other disorders of heart rhythm). Ours is one of the few centers with such facilities in India , with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Our Cardiothoracic Surgery department delivers outstanding level of surgical care to patients suffering from heart diseases. The department is a leader in performing complicated heart surgeries, such as the Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG, or "Heart Bypass Surgery"), Valvuloplasty and other complex procedures. It has an exceptional record of high safety and success rate for complex heart surgeries. It is led by renowned surgeons and highly skilled staff, and supported by a state-of-the-art facility with ultra modern equipment. The department provides around the clock services to patients requiring surgical care.

KRISHNA ’s Cardiothoracic Department is one of the few centers around the world to offer "Beating Heart Bypass Surgery", and is recognized as a center of excellence in this area. The "beating heart" surgery reduces recovery time and improves results for cardiac patients undergoing surgical care. About 60% of all heart surgeries at KRISHNA are conduced using the "beating heart" procedure.

Our Cardiothoracic Department is equipped with the latest equipment and facilities

  • We have four dedicated operation theaters, for the Cardio-Thoracic department. Our operating theaters are fully equipped and prepared for all types of heart surgeries, including Beating Heart Surgery (Bypass Off Pump), Open Heart Surgery (Bypass On Pump), Valvular and Cogenital Surgery, Pulmonary and other complex procedures.
  • Filtration of air in the operating theaters is critical for preventing infections. Our theaters have Micro-V and Hepa filters to ensure sanitary air supply during the procedures. The air is changed every 2 minutes and a positive pressure is maintained to prevent outside air from coming in.
    All materials of our operating theaters, including floor and wall materials, are non-porous to prevent growth of any bacteria or infectious materials. These washable materials are kept sterile by top quality of sterilization and disinfection processes. The operating rooms are built to allow every nook and corner to be kept easily sterile.
  • Our operating theaters are furnished with the latest equipments, such as Sarns 9000 Heart Lung Machine, Valley Lab Electric Cautry, Maquet Table, Astiva Anesthesia Works Station, cooled lights from Dr. Mach & Amsco, etc.

We provide exceptional high quality post operative care in our well-equipped and dedicated Intensive Cardiac Care Units (ICUs) for the Cardiothoracic. We have one of the lowest incidences of post operative infections in the nation. We maintain a 1:1 nurse to patient ratio to ensure positive outcomes and caring service.

Our ICCU is equipped with most modern equipments, such as ‘Siemens’ S3000 Ventilators, ‘Hewlett Packard’ Monitors with all non-invasive modules, ‘B.Braun’ Syringe Infusion pumps, ‘Data scope’ Intra Aortic Balloon pumps with Central Suction and Oxygen Lines, Acute MI Stenting programmers.

Orthopedic Surgery
Department of Orthopedic & Reconstructive Surgeries
Our Orthopedic and Joint Replacement department is a leader in the field of Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeries, and is equipped with the latest equipment, dedicated ultra modern facilities, and a highly skilled staff.

We offer comprehensive joint replacement surgeries to patients from around the world, including:

  • Total Knee Replacement (TKR)
  • Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement (UKR)
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Other surgical treatments

We are one of the few centers in India with an ISO-100 Class operating room, specifically designed and dedicated to joint replacement surgeries. We have an exceptionally high success rate and a very low infection rate (0.5%).

Our Class 100 Operation Theatre is fully dedicated for Joint Replacements. This theater is specially designed with Pre filter, Micro V filter and HEPA filters. Clean air is brought into the theater for more than 130 times per hour, to create the most sterile environment for the surgery. This theater and special facilities have led to a very high success rate and a very low rate of infections at our hospital.

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
International Patients
Our team of plastic surgeons offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures in both cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. They have significant experience in the field of plastic surgery in various procedures.

All of our patients are advised by their plastic surgeon on an individual basis and we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care. We work to protocols based on proven best practice, using the latest techniques.

Following are some of the several plastic surgeries.

Specialized Services are available for following procedures

Cosmetic Surgery
Lipoplasty – Liposuction Power – Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) ...More
                + Removal of Excess localized fat through small incision – 3mm-4mm with the help of electric powered motorized cannula (reciprocating) and high vacuum suction.
                + Mostly done under local Anesthesia and sedation if needed.
                + Up to 3-4 L of fat can be aspirated in one procedure.
Body shaping surgery.
Abdominoplasty – Tummmy Tuck.

Removal of excess and loose skin and soft tissues of lower belly with tightening of abdominal wall muscles.

  • Thigh Lift
  • Brachialplasty – Arm Lift
  • Face Lift
  • Blepharoplasty – Eye Lid Surgery for baggy, sagging and wrinkled eyelids.
  • Breast Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Breast Augmentation by implant.
  • Breast Reduction – by Power Assisted liposuction (PAL) and Surgery.
  • Breast Lift.
  • Nose shaping
  • Scar Revision.
  • General Plastic Surgery
  • Soft tissue Reconstruction – Skin Graft Flaps.
  • Cleft Lip – Cleft Palate
  • Genital defects and injuries
  • Hypospadias
  • Vaginoplasty.
  • Burns Deformities
  • Facio Maxillary injuries and defects.
  • Hand injuries and defects
  • Soft Tissue injuries.

Onco Surgery

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC)

  • Needle Biopsy
  • Excision Biopsy, Lymph node Biopsy
  • Direct Laryngoscope evaluation & biopsy
  • Esophagoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Sigmordoscopy
  • Sonography guided Aspiration / Biopsy

Head & Neck Surgery

A. Oral Cavity.

Hemoglossectomy, Wide excision buccalmuosa

   1. Maxillectomy, Wide excision & Radial Neck Dissection (RND)
   2. Commando (Wide excision + Hemimaxdebulectomy + RND)
   3. Commando with Pectrolis Major (PMMC) flap
   4. Marginal Maxdebulectomy

B. Orophanyx

Wide excision (base tongue / tonsil) + RND + PMMC flap.

C. Larynx, Hypophangue

Laryngectomy, Wide field Laryngectomy, Laryngopharyngectomy + Bilateral RND + PMMC flap.

D. Parotid, Thyroid

Superficial Parotidectomy, Hemithyroidectomy, Total Thyroidectomy. Revision surgeries for Thyroid block dissection.

E. Neck

  • Radical neck dissection, Mardified RND
  • Lobectomy, Pneymonectomy, Esophagectomy

Gastroectomy (Parial + Total) + Roux-en-y Gastrojejunostomy.

  • Choleystojejunostomy, Whipple’s surgery
  • Hemicolectomy, Anterior resection, Low Anterior resection + Stapler anastomosis,                      
  • Abdomino-perineal resection (APR).
  • Radial Nephroectomy
  • Radial Cystectomy + Ilea Pouch
  • Partial / total penectomy + Thio-inguinal dissection.


  • Lumpectomy, Excision of breast mass
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy
  • Breast preservation surgery – wide excision + axillary clearance.
  • Breast reconstruction – Transverse rectus abdominis flap / Lattisimus Dorsiflap.


  • Wide excision + Flat
  • Amputation, Forequarter / hindquarter amputation.

Critical Care Department

  • We offer Critical Care services to our patients seeking immediate treatment. These services of International Standards are rendered round the clock in our hospital.
  • Our team is always prepared to meet all type emergencies like Cardiac, Non-cardiac, ARDS, Neurological, Trauma, Septicaemia, Surgical emergencies, Postoperative medical emergencies and any such other critical condition.
  • This is possible only by our expertise team of Doctors, Surgeons, Intensivists, Anesthetists and Nursing Staff who successfully handles the I.C.U. having capacity of rendering services to 47 patients at a time.

Collaboration is done with MEDISURGE Hospital, Mithakhali, Ahmedabad, for critical care ICU having capacity of serving 13 critical patients at a time and is open for all specialists of Medisurge Hospital to provide immediate treatment to their critical patients. It is well equipped with:

  • Invasive & Non-invasive monitors with central nursing station
  • High-End Ventilators Invansive & Non Invansive
  • Infusion pumps a modern drug delivery system
  • Bedside X-ray, Sonography, ECG, 2D Echo & Colour Doppler
  • Bedside Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy
  • Bedside Pulmonary function testing
  • Inhouse ABG
  • Haemodialysis
  • Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
  • Temporary Pacemaker
  • 'ICU on wheels' readily available for shifting of any critical patient

Our Hospital has the Respiratory Medicine Department which is lead by Dr. Parthiv Mehta, M.D. (Chest Medicine). This department serves those patients who have acute respiratory disorders by rendering them advanced, Non - invasive Ventilatory care.

This department is supported by Pulmonary Function testing unit from Cosmed - Italy, Fiber-optic respiratory assessment, diagnostic and therapeutic Bronchoscopy (under Image Intensifier) for detecting malignancies, foreign body and performing bronchial stenting under the expertise of leading pulmonologist Dr. Parthiv Mehta.

Ultramodern Health-Checkup and Diagnostics Facility
We have the Department specially designed for the services to our Out patient services. The services regarding the Non Invasive Cardiology is also rendered here in O.P.D. The Radio-diagnosis facility is available in our OPD together with the following equipments.

  • Computerized Tread-Mill
  • 2 D Echo (Sonos 5500 from Hewlett Packard)
  • Portable Echo
  • Holter
  • Electrocardiography
  • Tilt Test
  • High-end ECG Machine(Page writer from Hewlett Packard)

In addition we also run a Preventive Cardiology Program customized for heart disease patients which includes both Cardiac Rehabilitation, a Cholesterol Management Program, a Smoking Cessation Program, a Diet and Weight Loss Program and a Cardiac Fitness Program. The range of services integrated within the Preventive Cardiology Program are designed to promote wellness among individuals at risk for developing over heart disease.

The OPD facilities is available for our Out patients round the clock for all the 365 days.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Post operative Care of Cardiac Patients is much important aspect. As it is said that "Prevention is better than cure". To prevent further loss of the damaged heart and to return the confidence of the Cardiac Patients so that they can live happily under stressful conditions also, it is necessary to make their heart strong. Hence, a total new concept of "Cardiac Rehabilitation" has arrived, which proves our affection towards our Cardiac patients.

It is the first of its kind in this part of our country. The Rehabilitation Team is comprising of

Physical Therapists – They show mild exercises to the Cardiac Patients which makes the heart stronger.
Respiratory Therapists - They solve the disorders of respiration of the Cardiac Patients & thus makes them easy for breathing.
Nutritionists – Proper diet with nutrients and avoidance of food with heavy content cholesterol is a must to prevent further damage for heart of Cardiac Patient. The guideline of our Nutritionists helps the Cardiac patients to prevent further loss due to wrong eating habits.
Psychologists – The stressful and lonely life may lead the Cardiac Patient to further loss of already damaged heart. Consultation to our Psychologist helps them to reduce stress in life. 

Effective and speedy cure of any disease is possible only if the disease is detected and diagnosed correctly in the early stages of disease.

Our specially trained staff of this department, using the most advanced equipments performs a wide variety of tests for both inpatients and outpatients in the Hospital's laboratories round the clock for whole year. The analysis of blood, urine and body fluids is conducted in the Pathology laboratories while the search for microbial and parasitic organisms is performed at Supratech Laboratory in our Hospital.

The Laboratories are fully equipped with all the latest machineries like Auto analyzers of ‘Hitachi’, Blood Cell Counters, Electrolyte and Blood Gas monitors and Analyzers, Elisa readers, Serum Electrolyte Analyzer, etc. The department offers all the latest facilities in the field of Conventional Medical diagnosis.
KRISHNA Heart Institute has also supports for blood-banking facility to meet immediate blood requirement of its patients thru Supratech Laboratory.

Our Radiology Department offers a full range of diagnostic services including X-ray, Ultrasound sonography, 3D-Imaging, Colour Doppler Test etc. for complete inner body check-up.

Some of the Equipments and Instruments of our Radiology Department

  • 500 mA X-ray machine
  • ‘GE Wipro’ Portable X-Ray machine
  • Portable ultrasound machine

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  • Dr. Atul Chokshi
    Chairman, KRISHNA Heart & Super Specialty Institute
  • Dr. Saurabh Chokshi
    Chief Technical Advisor, KRISHNA Heart & Super Specialty Institute
  • Dr. Tejas Patel
    Senior Interventional Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Shalin Thakore
    Full Time Interventional Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Anoop Gupta
    Full Time Interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist 
  • Dr. Shamik Brahmbhatt
    Full Time Interventional Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Anand Shukla
    Full Time Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Bhupesh R. Shah
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Keyur Parikh
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Milan Chag
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Urmil Shah
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Hemang Baxi
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Anish Chandarana
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Ajay Naik
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Gunvant Patel
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Joyal Shah
    Consultant Cardiologist Anaesthetist  
  • Dr. Jayesh Prajapati
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Sharad R. Jain
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Rashmit G. Pandya
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Hasit Joshi
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Sunil Thanvi
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Dushyant Balat
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Upendra Shah
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Sameer Dani
    Consultant Cardiologist  
  • Dr. Prakashvir Parikh
    Consultant Cardiologist

Cardio-thoracic Surgery

  • Dr. Rajesh N. Desai
    M.S., M.Ch.
    Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon
    Internationally Reputed Cardio Thoracic Surgeon 
  • Dr. Bhavin Desai
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon
  • Dr. Naishad Shah
    Consultant Asst. Surgeon 
  • Dr. Saurin Shah
    Consultant Anesthetists
  • Dr. Hinal Patel
    Consultant Anesthetists
  • Dr. Robert Benjamin
    BSc, DPT
    Consultant Perfusionist 
  • Dr. Anil Jain
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon
  • Dr. Srinivas Mallya
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon
  • Dr. Vishal Gupta
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon
  • Dr. Bharat Trivedi
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon  
  • Dr. Dhiren Shah
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon  
  • Dr. Naman Shastri
    Consultant C.T. Anesthetist  
  • Dr. Kalpana Jain
    Consultant C.T. Anesthetist  
  • Dr. Chirag Mehta
    Consultant C.T. Anesthetist  
  • Dr. Niren Bhavsar
    Consultant C.T. Anesthetist  
  • Dr. Urmi Shah
    Consultant Cardiac Physician  
  • Dr. Mehul Shah
    Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Jigeesh Doshi
    MS, M.Ch
    Consultant CardioThoracic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Dhiren Dave
    MS, M.Ch
    Consultant CardioThoracic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Rajendra Vasaiya
    MS, M.Ch
    Consultant CardioThoracic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Bhupesh Shah
    M.Ch., D.N.B.
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon  
  • Dr. Priyankar Sinha
    MS, M.Ch
    Consultant CardioThoracic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Sunita Dinkar
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon  
  • Dr. Apoorva Kanhare
    Consultant C.T. Surgeon  
  • Dr. S. Bhattacharyya
    M.S., M.Ch, F.I.A.C.S
    Visiting Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery 

  • Dr.Hriday Vaidya
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Dr. K.C.Mehta
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Dr. Hemant Saraiya, MS,Mch
    Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Yogesh Patel, MS,Mch
    Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon

General Surgery

  • Dr. Shailesh Shah, MS
    Consultant General and Laproscopic Surgeon  
  • Dr. Rashmi Thakkar, MS
    Consultant General and Laproscopic Surgeon
  • Dr. Tushar Lakhia, MS
    Consultant General and Laproscopic Surgeon
  • Dr. Praveen Saxena, MS
    Consultant Spine Surgeon
  • Dr. Bharat Amin, MS
    Consultant General Surgeon 
  • Dr. Vasant M. Valu, MS
    Consultant General Surgeon
  • Dr. Digvijaysingh Bedi, MS
    Consultant General Surgeon

Onco Surgery

  • Dr. Tarang Patel, MS,Mch
    Consultant Onco Surgeon  
  • Dr. J. D. Patel, MS,Mch
    Consultant Onco Surgeon  
  • Dr. Mahesh Patel, MS,Mch
    Consultant Onco Surgeon  
  • Dr. Ashok Patel, MS,Mch
    Consultant Onco Surgeon  
  • Dr. Hemant Shukla, MS,Mch
    Consultant Onco Surgeon


  • Dr. Hitesh Chavda, MD,DM
  • Dr. Sudhanshu Patwari, MD,DM  
  • Dr. Tushar Lakhia, MS  
  • Dr. Bharat Amin, MS

Visiting Consultant

Department Of Critical Care
Dr. Parthiv Mehta, MD (Chest)
Chief – Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Revathi Jayapalan, MD,DNB
Critical Care Consultant

Department Of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dr. Shailesh N. Desai, MD
Chief - Cardiac Rehabilitation & Cardiologist

Department Of Pathology
Dr. Sandip Shah, MD (Path & Bact.)
Chief – Dept. of Pathology

Senior Consultant Cardiologists
Dr. Thakorebhai K. Patel
Sr. Consultant Cardiologist

Dr. Suryaprasad H. Mehta
Sr. Consultant Cardiologist

Visiting Consultants
Dr. Tarang M. Desai, MD
Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

Dr. Jayesh Pavra, MD
Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

Dr. Sudhendu R. Patel, MD
Consultant Physician & Cardiologist

Dr. Suman Patel, MD
General Physician

Consultant Radiologists
Dr. Parag M. Sheth, MD, DMRE
Consultant Radiologist & Sonologist

Dr. Satish J. Desai, MD
Consultant Radiologist & Sonologist

Dr. Ajay P. Desai, MD
Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Consultant ENT Surgeons
Dr. Deepak K. Raval, MS
Consultant- ENT Surgeon

Dr. Navin K. Patel, MS
Consultant- ENT Surgeon

Dr. Jayant H. Patel, DLO,MS
Consultant- ENT Surgeon

Dr. Amit Chanddha, MS
Consultant- ENT Surgeon

Consultant Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Shyamal Munshi, MS,M.Ch
Consultant - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Praful S. Jarmarwala, MS
Consultant - Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bijal V. Parikh, MS,M.Ch
Consultant - Plastic Surgeon

Consultant Nephrologists
Dr. Himanshu A. Patel, MD,DM(Nephro)
Consultant - Nephrologist

Dr. Jagdeep B. Shah, MD,DM(Nephro)
Consultant - Nephrologist

Dr. Pankaj R. Shah, MD
Consultant - Nephrologist

Consultant Urologists
Dr. Kandarp P.Parikh, MS,M.Ch,DNB(Uro)
Consultant – Urologist

Dr. Nagendra Mishra ,MS,DNB(Urology)
Consultant – Urologist

Dr. Janak Desai, MS,M.Ch
Consultant – Urologist

Consultant Dental Surgeons
Dr. Rashmikant A. Mehta, BDS
Consultant – Dental Surgeon

Dr. Sangeeta D. Shishoo, BDS
Consultant – Dental Surgeon

Consultant Gastroentrologists
Dr. Sudhanshu Patwari, MD,DM
Consultant – Gastroentrologist

Dr. Deval A. Parikh, MS,FICS,FAIS
Consultant – Gastroentrologist

Consultant Gynecologists
Dr. (Mrs) Vaishalee D. Raval, MD
Consultant – Gynecologist

Dr. (Mrs) Ingita Chaddha, MD
Consultant – Gynecologist

Dr. (Mrs) Jarastin D.Chokshi, MD
Consultant – Gynecologist

Consultant Neurologists
Dr. Suhas V. Panat, MD,DM (Neuro)
Consultant - Neurologist

Dr. Parindra Desai, MD,DM(Neuro)
Consultant - Neurologist

Consultant Pediatriciats
Dr. Nidhish C. Nanavaty, MD
Consultant – Pediatrician

Dr. Rohit Modi, MD
Consultant – Pediatrician & Neonatologist

Consultant Diabetologists
Dr. Banshi Saboo, MD
Consultant – Physician, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist

Consultant – Diabetologist & Cardiac Physician

Consultant Opthalmologist
Dr. Ramesh Desai, MS
Consultant - Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sonali T. Patel, MS
Consultant - Ophthalmologist

Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr. Rajesh O. Parikh, MD(Psychiatry)
Consultant – Psychiatrist

Consultant Hematologist
Dr. Ashwin P. Patel, MD
Consultant – Hematologist

Consultant Physician and Cardiopulmonologist
Dr. Janak A. Bhavsar, MD (Chest)
Consultant Physician and Cardiopulmonologist

Dr. Gopal Raval, MBBS,DTCD,DNB(Respiratory Medicine)
Consultant Physician and Cardiopulmonologist

Dr. Hardik Mehta, MD(Chest & TB)
Consultant Physician, Cardiopulmonologist, Intensivist

Dr. Gaurangi Shah, MD
Consultant Physician and Intensivist

Consultant Orthopedic Surgery (Arthroscopy)
Dr. Nilesh J. Shah, MS(Ortho)
Consultant - Orthopedic Surgery (Arthroscopy)

Consultant Clinical Nutritionist & Dietetics
Ms. Rucha Mazmundar
Visiting Clinical Nutritionist & Dietetics Consultant

General Surgeons
Dr. Shailesh Shah, MS
Consultant General Surgeon and Laproscopic Surgeon

Dr. Rashmi Thakkar, MS
Consultant General and Laproscopic Surgeon

Dr. Vasant M. Valu, MS
Consultant General Surgeon

Dr. Digvijay Singh Bedi, MS
Consultant General Surgeon

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 I would highly recommend KRISHNA HEART & SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL to anyone I encounter in the U.S.A who need knee replacement or heart treatment. My stay has been wonderful and most of all I CAN WALK AGAIN!
- Ms. Delores Marie Clapp,USA.
Procedure - Bilateral Knee Replacement, January, 2007

In my e-mail home I wrote: "The people here continue TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to help us." you can imagine how comforting that was to our family on the other side of the world.
- Ms. Margarette,USA.
Patient Relative- January, 2007

I have an excellent impression of Krishna Heart Institute. All the people are courteous and competent. The surgical process seemed to be equal to anything available in the U.S.A. the care was so good that I didn't feel that brining a family member along would have made things better. Krishan Hear Institute is like a family.
- Mr. Thomas Winder,USA. More
Procedure -Hip Resurface, January, 2007

Krishna Heart Institute is a pride for Gujarat.Krishna has proved it's name for the people.
- Shri Harin Pathak,Member of Parliament - ( Lok Sabha ) India.
Procedure - Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) , January, 2007

Excellent! I chose KRISHNA because I saw a documentary on English television which gave very good reports about the facilities at Krishna Heart Institute and the overall price of the surgry. It couldn't have been better. Everyone made me feel very welcome and all staff were extremely friendly and helpful. There were no problems and I was treated very well.
- A.Cox, U.K.
Procedure - Liposuction and Gynecomastia (male breast reduction),

Excellent! I chose Krishna Heart Institute because it was given such a good recommendation on English television and the costs of surgery were very good compared to the UK. Fantastic! All the staff were friendly and very helpful. Everything was very good.
- L.C., U.K.
Procedure - Breast Enlargement (Breast Augmentation),

I wish to say that my visit to KRISHNA has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. More
-Mr.Gary Konkol, USA.
Procedure: Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Highly recommend KRISHNA hospital to any patient especially if coming from outside India.
-Mr.Adunola Mustapha, U.K.
Procedure: Bilateral Knee Replacement

It’s five-star. It’s top class hospital. I’m quite excited because I know that when I come back I’m going to have no pain in my knees. Very Satisfying and comfortable stay at KRISHNA. The staff works all first class and cooled not have done any thing ears to help more. We go away with many happy memories for KRISHNA Heart Institute.
--Mr. James Stewart Campbell, U.K.
Procedure: Bilateral Knee Replacement

The doctors and staff have really been wonderful and I was happy to choose this KRISHNA Heart Institute for my treatment...   
-- Kirtiben Rana, USA.
Procedure: Laparoscopic Cholycystectomy

In our opinion KRISHNA Heart institute is one of the best Institute for treatment of Heart & Orthopedic.
--Mrs. Maniben J. Patel, New York, USA.
Procedure: Bilateral Knee Replacement

I sincerely thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for us in critical time and what you are doing for our community. God give you more strength to serve community...   
-- Ashish Arvindbhai Pancholi, USA.
Procedure: Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

I was deeply impressed with everything namely hospital management, treatment, discipline, and above all courtesy, kindness, humane approach, efficiency of staff, etc. So far I had an erroneous impression about our hospitals in our country, but I am very happy to correct my wrong impression...   
-- Mr. Vasant Vani, New York, USA.

Very satisfactory experience here in KRISHNA Heart Institute. Nurses, Ward boys everybody is co-operative. Neat & Clean food. In short excellent. Every department is very good.
--Mr. Dushyantbhai L. Patel, New York, USA.
Procedure: Hip Replacement Surgery

We are very glad that we selected KRISHNA for the surgery; Facility is an excellent and very suitable for N.R.I. We are very much thankful to all staff & doctors. We are definitely recommending KRISHNA to friends and relatives.
--Mrs.Anupamaben R. Desai, USA.
Procedure: Total Knee Replacement Surgery

I highly appreciate the excellent services rendered by the team of Doctors, Staff Nurses, Ward Boys and all Concerned with the hospital management, including Security Personnel. I am very much thankful for their cordial response, love and assistance with smiling faces, which has helped in my healing process.
-- Mr. Bhagvatiprasad D. Mehta, U.K.
Procedure: Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)
All staff members, security persons are very co-operative. All Doctors are very careful & give suggestions to us very politely.
--Mrs. Hemanginiben B. Pandya, U.K.
Procedure: Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG)

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Scot's Praise for Indian Surgeons
By Fred Brenton
For BBC News Online Scotland

A Scot who hit the headlines when it was revealed that he was travelling to India for surgery has been singing the praises of medical services there.

James Campbell, from Braemar, in Aberdeenshire, chose to fly thousands of miles out to the sub-continent for a double knee replacement operation.

Otherwise he faced a two-year wait on the National Health Service.

The 68-year-old arthritis sufferer said he has thanked surgeons there for "giving me my life back'."

Mr Campbell suffered from osteo-arthritis in his two joints and did not want to end up dependent on pain-killing injections before they were replaced at home.

After an extensive search on the internet, he opted to travel to the Krishna Heart Institute in Ahmedabad, western India, for his treatment.

The former retail manager flew out to India at the start of October and underwent two 45-minute operations at the institute.

Afterwards he spent three weeks recuperating before moving to a friend's house in the nearby town of Baroda for further rest.

He returned home at the end of last month after a seven-week stay which cost him significantly less than the £8,000 he initially budgeted for.

If he had decided to go private in the UK it would have set him back at least £20,000 .

Mr Campbell said: "I would tell anybody who wanted surgery of the type I underwent to consider having it carried out in India .

"I know osteo-arthritis is not a life-threatening condition like cancer or heart disease and people suffering from such things had to come before me back in Britain but anyone who has it will tell you there is no relief from the pain.

"Although there are some things I cannot do anymore, like kneel down or ride a bike, at least I don't have the arthritis in my knees anymore and no longer have the pain.

"After the surgery the first thing I said to the surgeon was 'Thank you for giving me my life back'."

But it was the level of care and not the low cost of the treatment which Mr Campbell was most impressed with .

"The treatment I received was absolutely perfect," said Mr Campbell. "The room I was in was swept, disinfected and mopped out three times a day and every day the surgeon and members of his surgical team would come in to check if everything was okay.

'Somewhat disgusting'

"I can only say as I have found, and I have never had major surgery before, but I have had friends and relatives in hospital and never seen that happen over in the UK .

Mr Campbell stressed that he was "grateful" to have the financial means to consider surgery in India .

He said: "I still do find it somewhat disgusting in as much that I've worked all my life and paid my National Insurance and taxes and never asked for any surgery in that time.

"And yet when I want something significant back from the NHS I wasn't able to get it.
"I can quite willingly accept that what I had was not a life-threatening condition but I still think people like myself should be given the opportunity to have surgery within a maximum period of time."

It’s cosmetic surgery that’s drawing foreigners to city
Indian Express, Ahmedabad, February 16, 2006
IF MEDICAL tourism has put India on the world map, can Ahmedabad be far behind? Given the influx of foreign nationals seeking treatment for various ailments, the city has witnessed an increase in such patients. And a recent trend that has picked up among them is cosmetic surgery.

So when Lona, an 18-year-old British girl decided to get her bi-lateral breast augmentation (enlargement) surgery done at a private hospital in Ahmedabad, it wasn’t done in a haste but was a conscious decision triggered by a thorough study. Lona wanted a body that can make her feel more confident while performing on the stage.

Her father Andrew (46), a self-employed instrumentation engineer wanted extra fat removed from his chest and lower abdomen so that he could wear T-shirts. Both daughter-father chose the city after they watched a documentary on Indian Healthcare System on the BBC where they got first-hand information on Indian hospitals. So while the father underwent a liposuction of his chest and lower abdomen, the daughter got the desired shape and size of her breasts. Doctors removed nearly 2,000 ml of fat from his abdomen and chest. But what is drawing these foreign nationals to the Indian shores?

This could be due to various reasons, say doctors in Ahmedabad. First, no foreign or Indian insurance company covers cosmetic surgeries — one has to pay from one’s own pocket.

Second, there is an increased awareness about Indian hospitals providing international-class infrastructure. Third and most importantly, the cost involved in the treatment here is almost 40 per cent less than what they have to incur in their own country.

"Had I got the same surgery done in the UK, I would have ended up paying 6 to 8 thousand pounds while here the same treatment cost around 2 to 2.5 thousand pounds," said Andrew, who got the surgery done at KRISHNA Heart Institute in Bopal, Ahmedabad.

Dr Hemant Saraiya, who performed the surgery, said: "Earlier, people from the UK and the US used to go to Mexico and Latin American countries for the treatment but similar treatment at a lower price is now attracting them to India."

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GUJARAT, the land of rich Culture and Heritage! The mystic experience as it unfolds its magic in abundance. With the largest Coastline in the Country, Gujarat has much to offer to its people.
Number of historic monuments, religious places, industrial complexes and educational institutions glorify the cultural pride of Gujarat. It reminds us of great traditions of Lord Krishna to Mahatma Gandhi.

Hospitality is the foundation on which the edifice of Gujarat tourism is built.

Gujarat Tourism offers colorful experience to its travelers packed with pleasant surprises - endowed with forests and deserts, hills and plains, sea and lakes, tribal hinterlands and special interest destinations with a strong rail, road and air network.
For wildlife enthusiasts and naturalists, Gujarat offers a fascinating variety of species in Sasan Gir sanctuary and other places. For the devote pilgrims, Gujarat is a source of plentiful faith and devotion Palitana, Somnath, Dwarka and many other pilgrim spots attract lacs of disciples every year.
Gujarat’s rich tradition of textile and handicraft, are unique styles developed as culmination of hundred of years of experience. The rivers and reservoirs, farms and fields, villages and towns, suburbs and cities, markets and industries, temples and complexes add to its physical prosperity and unfold the prosperity of its historic basis. Number of historic monuments, religious places, industrial complexes and educational institutions glorify the cultural pride of Gujarat. The national shrine of Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad is the nation's pride.

King Karandev 1, the Solanki Ruler, had waged a war against the Bhil king of Ashapall. After his victory Karandev established the city called "Karnavati". In 1411 Sultan Ahmed Shah conquered Karnavati and after his name Karnavati was renamed to Ahmedabad. The city was built in open and spacious plane to the East of Sabarmati. It compromised of smaller known Fort as Bhadra Fort. The city fort wall was enclosed containing 12 Gates.
In 1753 combined armies of Raghunath Rao and Damaji Gaekwad took the fort, which resulted into end of Mughal Rule in Ahmedabad. In 1818 British took over the administration of Ahmedabad. During this period Municipality Committee was founded and Railway link was established.
On a quiet stretch of the river Sabarmati, 7 kms. north of the city, Mahatma Gandhi set up a simple retreat in 1915. This was his first Satyagraha Ashram and for many it was the nerve centre of India's freedom movement.
The Gandhi Ashram has a memorial centre, library and a sound and light spectacle to offer its visitors.

Adalaj Vav is situated 18 kms. north of Ahmedabad in Gandhinagar district. Built in 1499 A.D. by Queen Rudabai, this step well at the village Adalaj is a fine example of magnificent architectural form, unique to Northwestern India.
The step well or Vav as it is locally called is intricately carved and is several stories in depth. The designs on its walls and pillars include, leaves, flowers, birds, fish and other breathtaking ornamental designs.
The Jumma Masjid, built in 1423 by Ahmed Shah, is beside Mahatma Gandhi Rd, just to the east of the Teen Darwaja.
Built in yellow sandstone, it combines the best of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. It stands on 260 pillars supporting 15 domes at varying elevations.

Just south of the railway station, outside the Sarangpur Gate, the Sidi Bashir Mosque is famed for its shaking minarets, or jhulta minars. When one minaret is shaken, the other rocks in sympathy. This is said to be a protection against earthquake damage.
The mosque was constructed by Sidi Saiyad, a slave of Ahmed Shah, and has beautiful carved stone windows depicting the intricate intertwining of the branches of a tree.
It is famous all over the world for its exquisite stone window tracery - a superb example of delicate carving that transforms stone into filigree.

About 8 kms. from the city, Sarkhej comprises one of the most elegant architectural complexes of Ahmedabad. Grouped around a great stepped tank is the tomb to the saint, Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh (1445), the mosque, the tombs of Mehmud Shah Begada and his queen, and the palace and pavilions.
The buildings are remarkable for the complete absence of arches and the use of pierced stone trellises throughout.

The Pols are residential units dating back to 1714 with intricately carved facades, which line the streets are an integral parts of old Ahmedabad. It nurtures within its folds, pages of history, a breath of harmony and a showcase of exquisite architecture.
Notable in the present day Pols are Mhurat Pol, Mandvi-ni-Pol, and Lakha Patel-ni-Pol.

The tomb and mosque of Saint Shah Alam is said to have been built by the brother of the Empress Noorjehan. The brass doors are set in carved marble frames and the floor tiled in black and white marble.
The triple-arched gateway was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah to serve as the royal entrance to the Maidan Shahi or the Royal Square. It is an imposing monument of perfect proportions and highly ornate buttresses.


    Location :- 1 kms. from Airport, 8 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 91.
    Address :- International Airport Circle, Hansol, Ahmedabad: 382 475, Gujarat.  
  • CAMA PARK PLAZA (4****)
    Location :- 11 kms. from Airport, 3 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 50.
    Address :- Khanpur, Ahmedabad.  
    Location :- 1/2 kms. from Airport, 6 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 33.
    Address :- Airport Circle, Hansol, Ahmedabad.  
    Location :- 7 kms. from Airport, 5 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 79.
    Address :- Opp Gujarat College, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad.  
  • HOLIDAY INN (3***)
    Location :- 4 kms. from Airport, 3 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 63.
    Address :- Near Nehru Bridge, Ahmedabad.  
  • HOTEL WESTEND (3***)
    Location :- 12 kms. from Airport, 5 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :- Rooms - 37.
    Address :- Near Gujarat College Road, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad.  
    Location :- 11 kms. from Airport, 6 kms from railway station.
    Accomodation :-Rooms - 96.
    Address :- Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

Gujarat is situated in the west coast of India. The state is bounded by the Arabian sea on the west, Pakistan and Rajasthan in the north and north-east respectively, Madhya Pradesh in the south-east and Maharashtra in the south. The state covers an area of 196,024 sq km (75,685 sq mi).
The name 'Gujarat' is said to have been derived from the Prakrit Gujjar Ratta or Gujjar Rashtra - the land of Gujjars - a tribe that entered India with the Huns in ancient time and wandering through Punjab and Rajasthan, settled in western India.

Gujarat is renowned for its temples and monuments associated with momentous historical periods. The architectural and artistic virtuosity of the people of Gujarat is reflected in the many buildings both ancient and modern. As much a part of the state are its wildlife sanctuaries, its hill resorts, its natural grandeur and religious and pilgrim centres.
Gujarat has a single-chamber legislative assembly with 182 members. The state sends 37 members to the Indian national parliament: 11 to the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) and 26 to the Lok Sabha (Lower House). Local government is based on 19 administrative districts.

Signs of civilization in the region that is now Gujarat date back to the period from 3000 to 1500 BC. The region was part of the Mauryan Empire in the 3rd century BC under King Ashoka. In 1818 the English East India Company took control of Gujarat, administering the state through local princely rulers. With the independence of India in 1947, Gujarat became part of the state of Bombay. In 1960 Bombay state was split up, and Gujarat was formed from the northern and western portions, which were predominantly Gujarati-speaking areas.

The diverse ethnic groups represented in the Gujarati population may be broadly categorized as Indic (i.e. northern-derived) or Dravidian (southern-derived). The former include the Nagar Brahman, Bhatia, Bhadela, Rabari, and Mina castes (the Parsis, originally from Persia); among the peoples of southern origin are the Bhangi, Koli, Dubla, Naikda, and Macchi-Kharwa tribes. The rest of the population, including the aboriginal Bhil tribe, exhibits mixed characteristics. Members of the Scheduled (formerly "untouchable") Castes and of the aboriginal tribes form nearly one-fifth of the state's population. There is one entirely tribal district of Dangs.

Ahmedabad district has the highest proportion of Scheduled Castes. Gujarati and Hindi are the official languages of the state. About 70% of the population is Hindus ahead of minorities of Muslims and Jains. About one-third of the population is urban. The most urbanized part of the state is the Ahmedabad-Vadodara (Baroda) industrial belt.
Major towns that were once capitals of princely states are Rajkot, Junagadh, Bhavnagar (Bhaunagar), and Jamnagar.

The folklore and folk culture of Gujarat are traced to the mythology of Lord Krishna. Dance forms and festivals in honour Krishna exist, Garba and Bhavai being two examples. Among the most durable and effective of the state's cultural institutions are the trade and craft guilds known as mahajans which often solves disputes, acted as channels of philanthropy, and encouraged the arts. Gujarat’ s handicrafts are famous the world over.

The State of Gujarat; situated on the western coast of India; is mainly arid and semi arid and its vast coastal areas are saline. These varied landforms include dry deciduous forests, majestic grasslands, wetlands, marine ecosystems and rich moist deciduous forests. These habitats are home to some extremely rare wildlife. The Asiatic Lion is found only in Gir. The Wild Ass in the Rann of Kutch, the rare great Indian bustard in the bird reserves, the world's only four-horned antelope and the Black Buck are some other valued species protected in Gujarat. The dugong and the rare boralia species also find a safe haven here.

  • Sprawling in an area of 1424 sq. kms., Gir with its dry deciduous forest is a luxuriantly rich ecosystem-endowed with floral and faunal plentitude. Thirty species of mammals, twenty species of reptiles, several species of insects and birds are found here.
  • Gir Sanctuary is the last and only home of the critically endangered Asiatic Lion. The major attraction among the reptile population of Gir National Park are the numerous non-venomous Snakes such as the Indian Rock Python along with the four venomous varieties, which are Indian Cobra, Common Krait, Saw Scaled Viper, Russell's Viper.
  • Others main wild attractions are Nilgai, Chinkara, Sambhar, Black Bucks, the four horned Antelope, Wild Boar, Indian Flying Foe, Grey Musk Shrew, Indian Hare, Pale Hedgehog, Small Indian Mangoose, Small Indian Civet, Indian Pangolin, Indian Porcupine, Ratel, Indian Fox, and Jackal.

Blackbuck National Park Velavadar, located seventy-two km away from Bhavnagar and spread over an area of 3,408 ha, in the Bhal region of Saurashtra is a unique grassland ecosystem that has attracted fame for the successful conservation of the blackbuck, the wold and the lesser florican.
This exclusively Indian animal is perhaps the most graceful and beautiful of its kind. It has ringed horns that have a spiral twist of three to fours turns and are up to 70 cm long. The body's upper parts are black and the under parts and a ring around the eyes are white. The light brown female is usually hornless.


  • Vansda National Park, located in the Navsari District, is a small but unique Protected Area. Nestled in the Western Ghats or Sahyadris it has a unique flora and fauna.
  • There are 115 species of birds including those found only in the Western Ghats like the Great Black Woodpecker, Malabar Trogon, Shama and Emerald Dove. Other noteworthy avian wonders include the Grey Hornbill, Racket-Tailed Drongo, Paradise Flycatcher, Leaf birds, Thrushes and Sunbirds.
  • It also has a good diversity of mammals such as the Leopard, Hyena, Jungle Cat, Civets, Mongooses, Macaques, Barking Deer, Four-horned antelopes and the only herd of Spotted Deer in this part of the State.

A unique Marine eco-system is found in the Gulf of Kutch, (Jamnagar District), an area of 162.89 Sq. Km is declared as a Marine National Park and an area of 457.92 Sq. Km has been declared as a Marine Sanctuary.
The area has excellent coral reefs, second to none in the country, though slightly over exploited it supports 37 species of hard & soft corals, 70 species of sponges, 150-200 species of fishes, 27 species of prawns.
The Major Flora are Mangroves, Saag , Sesam , Kheru, Limda etc. and the major Fauna are Coral lichen ,Coral sponge, Green sponge, Puffer Fish, turtles , dolphins etc.

The Sanctuary was established in 1973 covering entire little rann and waste lands of bordering five districts with an area of 4953 Sq. KM.
Locally known as 'Ghud Khar' was once common in the North-western India. West Pakistan and South Iran. They are now found only in the Rann of Kachchh.
Sanctuary inhabits mammals like Nilgai, Chinkara Wild Boar, Black buck, Hare, Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Jungle Cat, Desert cat and Hyaena. Spiny tailed lizards are abundant.
The lake - Nalsarovar - and the wetlands around it were declared a bird sanctuary in 1969. Spread over 120 sq.kms, the lake and the extensive reed beds and marshes are an ideal habitat for aquatic plants and animals.
Besides birds, there are several animals found in the region: Mammals such as nilgai (blue bull), blackbuck, wild ass, jackal, common fox, black-naped hare, porcupine and hedgehog. Reptiles such as monitor lizard, cobra, rat snake, wolf snake, sand boa, checkered keelback and saw-scaled viper are seen here.
Fish species such as catla, rohu, mrigal are found in the lake waters. Insects that commonly occur here are the aquatic insects and dragonfly nymphs. Commonly occurring aquatic insects are the pond strider and water boatman.

The Sanctuary, not far from Ahmedabad City has a small area of 6.99 sq. km. Apart from its proximity to Ahmedabad city and situation in a country-side environment, the beauty of this waterfowl abode is its compactness. The proverb 'small is beautiful' holds true for the Thol wetland.
High species diversity of water birds like Trumpeting cranes (Eurasian, Demoiselle and Sarus), honking geese (Grey lag and Bar-headed), gorgeous flamingos (Greater and Lesser), bulky pelicans (Rosy and Dalmatian), meditating herons and egrets (Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Large Egret, Smaller Egret, Little Egret) milky spoonbills, dabbling ducks (Shoveller, Pintail, Common Teal, Brahminy Duck, Nukta, Whistling Teal, Wigeon, Spotbill Duck etc.), diving grebes/cormorants/coots, swarming ruffs, twittering stints, piping and fluting shanks/sandpipers/ plovers, mud-probing Godwits and ibis (Glossy and White). can fascinate the tourists.

  • Purna Sanctuary is a part of dense moist deciduous forests in Western Ghat of Gujarat. Purna is a Sanctuary, where luxuriant dense forests with thick bamboo brakes enchant visitors.
    It supports gamut of flora and fauna of very high evolutionary value.
  • Tiger, leopard, rusty spotted cat, fourhorned antelope, giant squirrel and python are the threatened species found in the Sanctuary. Sambar, barking deer, chital, civet cat, wild boar, rhesus macaque, hanuman langur, common grey hornbill, hyena, jungle cat are the other species found in the Sanctuary.


  • Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary is a unique area because the uncommon ecosystem in the arid zone supports 15 threatened species of wildlife.
  • Some of the species of semi-desert habitat, which are recorded in this region, are not common in other areas in the country.
  • Caracal, desert cat, desert fox, wolf, ratel, chinkara, Indian pangolin, leopard, great Indian bustard, lesser florican, and houbara bustard are threatened and found here. Other species found here are-wild boar, bluebull, jungle cat, civet cat, porcupine, fox, common hare, desert hare, hedge hog, hyena, jackal, mongoose, species of bats, and over a dozen species of rodents along with several species of birds, reptiles and insects, preferring grassland and desert thorn forests.

The Royal Orient is one of the world's most exotic trains. It is a rare delight, an experience that will take you back in time to the age of the Maharajas. The train takes you through the two culturally fascinating states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.
The Royal Orient train is a joint venture of the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat and the Indian Railways and promises a seven memorable days and nights.
There are thirteen coaches and saloons, inspired from the mighty kingdoms. The train is fitted with all the modern conveniences you would expect in a first class hotel. Air-conditioned ambience keeps the temperature down to 15 degrees. Every cabin is clean, comfortable and furnished tastefully. The cabins have spacious baths attached to them, equipped with running hot and cold water. There are multi-cuisine restaurants to tickle your taste buds, as well as a bar. There's even a library on the Royal Orient if you are looking for a quiet laid back time.


  • This was the former forest palace of the Lohani Nawab family, who ruled Jalore for nearly 14 generations from the late 14th century onwards. The palace was erected in the 1930s during the rule of Sir Talej Muhammad Khan, 20th Jalori Nawab of Palanpur, who also commissioned the Kirti Stambha (tower of victory), Zorawar City Palace and King George V Club in Palanpur.
  • The palace is surrounded by forests, which extend into the Balaram Ambhaji and Jessore Wildlife Sanctuaries, and 13 acres of green hills are part of the private palace estate.
  • The Balaram Palace has been renovated to its former grandeur with a lavish Nawabi style garden, lawns for parties, swimming pool, indoor games, multi-gym health club, restaurant, conference hall, board meeting room and other deluxe facilities.

Balaram Palace Resort is located 167 kms. from Ahmedabad, 14 kms. from Palanpur station. It is 3 kms. off the Ahmedabad-Mount Abu National Highway-14. It is a very convenient stopover between Ahmedabad and Destination of Rajasthan.
Balaram Resort Palace
Village Chitrasani,
Off. Ahmedabad - Mount,
Abu National Highway-14.
District Banaskantha.

The Garden palace is a set of fine gardens, agricultural fields and orchards. Nawab Saheb Manovar Khanji Babi built it in 1883. The Garden Palace serves meal in a typical Nawabi period ambience; made from homegrown vegetables, milk from the palace dairy and chicken from its poultry.
Balasinore is 86 kms. from Ahmedabad, and is a possible stopover between Ahmedabad and the destinations of Malwa such as Mandu, Dhar, Indore and Ujjain.
Garden Palace
Balasinore, District Kheda

The rulers of Poshina were descendants of the Chalukyas, who ruled much of Gujarat and Central India in the 12 th century. The Darbargadh was once the pride of the Chalukya dynasty. This palace has huge gateways, a massive dome, numerous pillars and arches. It offers pleasant courtyards, gardens, lawns, shady trees and terraces with views of the Arravalli mountains. Ancient fort walls and the old prison are reminders of the property‘s history.
Poshina is located 51 kms. from Abu road station, 140 kms. from Udaipur, 180 kms. from Ahmedabad, Poshina is a possible stopover between Ahmedabad and the destinations of Rajasthan such as Mount Abu, Rankapur, Udaipur.
Darbargadh Poshina
Village Poshina,
Via Khedbrahma,
Dist. Sabarkantha.

The Rajmahal Palace was built in the 19th century by HH Bal Sinhji and was earlier called Bal Vilas Palace. It is located in 13-14 acres of park-like grounds with tennis courts, lily ponds, fountains, out houses and cricket pitches. The centerpiece is a beautiful pillared courtyard with marble statues. There is a marvelously appointed Darbarhall with painted ceilings, king-sized portraits and a throne. There are beautifully restored vintage cars and a library of automobile books.
It is 20 kms. from Viramgam station and 120 kms. from Ahmedabad airport.
The Rajmahal Palace
Dist. Surendranagar

Set among 40,000 feet of luxuriant lawn, groves and gardens, the Nilambagh was built in 1895/6 by William Emerson. The entrance is a pillared porch with Gothic arches and an austere period piece reception counter that opens onto a lobby of sofas, exotically colored carpets, life-size portraits, antique furniture, stuffed leopards and mounted trophies. From here one enters a paved courtyard, surrounding a fountained pleasure pool, around which the palace was erected.
The 26 double bedrooms, including 2 executive suites, are furnished lavishly with period furniture.
Nilambagh Palace

Gopnath Bungalow was the seashore retreat of the royal family of Bhavnagar. Built in a European colonial style with cottages and mansions surrounding a courtyard, the whole complex faces the sea. The tidal waves here are among the largest in the world. Blessed with lovely white sand beaches it is a nature lover’s paradise. You can see marine life in the rocky shoals, extensive coastal bird life including oystercatcher and plovers, stripes hyena and jackal in the coastal scrublands.
Gopnath is 89 kms from Bhavnagar and can be slotted between Bhavnagar and Diu. It can also be used as a base to visit the Jain temples of Palitana and the sights of Bhavnagar.
Gopnath Bungalow
Dist. Bhavnagar.

The Royal Oasis and the Residency are located in the erstwhile princely state of Wankaner. The palace is a stupendous work of Venetian-Gothic architecture in an oriental vein, with arches, balconies, marble biradaris and pillared porticoes. The interiors are equally delightful in their profusion of Italian marble, stained glass windows, European chandeliers, French crystal, Belgian glass, Burma teak furniture, Persian rugs, custom woven Mirzapur carpets, magnificent drawing room.
Wankaner railway station is connected by trains to Bombay. The Palace is at a distance of one-hour from Rajkot airport and a popular midway stopover between Ahmedabad and Bhuj.
Royal Oasis & Residency
Taj Palace,
Dist. Rajkot

The Rajwant Palace Resort is a part of the 7 acre Vijayraj palace complex constructed for Maharajah Vijay Singhji in 1915. The palace resembles a typical European mansion, with its Romanesque dome, classical columns, Greek capitals, and Venetian doors, Gothic arches. The interiors are appointed in original period furniture. A few rooms of the palace are set aside for a museum of trophies, stuffed animals, mirrors, portraits, textiles, glass and ceramics.
Rajwant Palace Resort
Rajpipla, Dist. Bharuch

Around 150 kilometers from Baroda, 78 kilometers from Ahmedabad and en route to Bhavnagar, the Palace Utelia is a grandiose turn-of-the-century haveli (mansion), which is specially imposing when compared to the hutments that crowd its high walls. The architectural style is predominantly Indo-Saracenic, and includes domes, pillars, arches and Gujarati haveli style facades.
The Palace Utelia is 78 kms from Ahmedabad, 5 kms from Lothal Burkhi railway station. It is 4 kms off the Ahmedabad-Bhavanagar highway. Village Utelia
via Lothal Burkhi,
District Ahmedabad - 382 230. Gujarat

Gujarat could well be termed the 'Land of Festivals and Fairs' with almost 3,500 of them being celebrated in different parts of the state every year. The festivals and fairs of Gujarat revolve around an occasion - be it the turn of a season, the time for harvesting a golden field, or a religious event from India's extensive and rich mythological traditions.
All the fairs and festivals are governed by the solar and lunar calendars of old world astrology that offers the visitor an excellent opportunity to experience the diverse cultural and religious identity of the people of Gujarat. All these celebrations centreing around gods and goddesses are truly secular socials in which people of all faiths participate.

  • Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair (Tarnetar Mela)
  • Vautha Mela


  • Diwali
  • Navratri
  • Holi & Dhuleti
  • The International Kite Festival
  • Janmashtami
  • Rath Yatra


  • The small hamlet of Tarnetar, about 75 kilometres from Rajkot is the site for one of Gujarat's most well known annual fairs, the Trinetreshwar Mahadev Fair popularly called the Tarnetar Mela. The Mela (fair) is held for three days in the period between August to September.
  • The fair is held around the Trinetreshwar Temple dedicated to the three-eyed Lord Shiva. There is a kund (reservoir) here and it is popularly believed that a dip in its waters is as holy as a dip in the sacred River Ganges. The reservoir is also known as papanshu (the destroyer of sins).
  • This fair is primarily a 'marriage mart' or 'Swayamvar' for the tribal youth of today who still visit Tarnetar, to find them a suitable bride.


  • This magnificent fair is held every year at Vautha, where two rivers, the Sabarmati and the Vatrak meet. The site, also known as Saptasangam, is at the confluence of seven rivers. The most important Shiva temple here is the temple of Siddhanath.
  • The most significant thing about this fair is that it is the only major animal trading fair in Gujarat and is on par with the famous camel fair at Pushkar, Rajasthan. However the only animals traded here are donkeys.

The last day of the Hindu year of the Vikram era is celebrated as Diwali or festival of lights all over the State. According to the Purana, Lord Vishnu had rescued Goddess Lakshmi from the hold of King Bali on this day. It is also believed that on this day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya.
Rows of earthen lamps lighting up the surrounding area gives a special touch of festivity. Merchants worship Goddess Lakshmi and the books of accounts. At night firecrackers of various types are burnt by youngsters.
The next day or Kartik Sud 1, the first of the Hindu calendar is celebrated as New Years Day with great solemnity.
Navratri, meaning nine nights is a colourful and ancient festival honouring the Mother Goddess- the Divine Shakti. Navratri is held annually in September-October and is celebrated with joy and religious fervour.
An interesting feature of Navratri is the Garba and the Dandia-Ras dances. The costumes worn for the dances are traditional and extremely colourful. These dances start very late at night and end in the early hours of the morning.

The version which is popular in Gujarat on how Holi came to be celebrated is, Pralhad, the son of the demon King Hiranyakashyap had emerged unhurt from the heap of fire he was made to sit on, in the lap of Holika, who got burnt instead. Thus on a full moon day of Phalgun Sud 15 Holi is celebrated to commemorate the event of one's belief. It is done by lighting a bonfire of wood and cowdung which is erected in a conical shape over a small pit which is dug at the bottom.
The next day after Holi is Dhuleti or Dhuli Padvo. Literally it means throwing of mud, the practice which has given way to throwing of vermilion. In the villages of Panchmahals Adivasi men play a martial game known as Gol-Gadheda in which the women after snatching a shoulder scarf from a man, ties it on a tree top with a lump of molasses.
International Kite festival is held at Ahmedabad on January 14 every year, to coincide with the festival of Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is a festival that heralds a change of season marking the movement of the sun into the northern hemisphere - a celebration to mark the end of winter.
A tremendous variety of kites are seen with friends, neighbours and total strangers indulging in kite fights. The nights see the arrival of the illuminated box kites, often in a series strung on one line, to be launched into the sky. Known as Tukkals, these kites add a touch of splendour to the dark sky.
The festival draws expert kite-makers and flyers not only from cities of India but also from around the world.


  • Dwarka, the city of gold. Dwarka, the abode of Lord Krishna, the city where he reigned for a hundred years. Janmashtami, the day Shri Krishna was born is celebrated.
  • Rows of lights are lit everywhere, kirtans and bhajans (devotional songs) are sung, sermons are delivered and Krishna is worshipped in his infant form.


  • The mammoth procession of Rath Yatra at Ahmedabad is the biggest in Gujarat. It starts from the Jagdish Mandir situated in the Jamalpur area of the city early in the morning.
  • There are three separate chariots for the idols of Krishna, Balram and their sister Subhadra. Music bands and Bhajan Mandlis lead the procession. Decorated elephants also move with the procession and gymnasts and acrobats perform astonishing feats.

The exterior of the temple is supported by 60 columns and is crowned by a soaring, elaborately carved spire. On Janmashtami day (birthday of Lord Krishna) thousands of devotees throng this temple from all around the world. Adi Shankara the renowned reformer saint also established the Sharda Peeth - one of the four seats in the country propagating Hinduism.
Situated 79 kms from Junagadh and 25 kms. from Chorwad, is the legendary shore temple of Somnath, one of the twelve most sacred Shiva shrines in India. Legend has it that Somraj, the moon god, originally built the Somnath Temple out of gold. Then, it was rebuilt by Ravana in silver and then again by Krishna in wood and yet again by King Bhimdev Solanki in stone in the 10th century.
The temple contains one of the twelve sacred Shiva shrines known as Jyotirlingas.
The Shri Adishwara Temple dedicated to Rishabhdev, stands on the apex of the northern ridge. The temple is ornately carved with a frieze of dragons along the walls of its prayer halls. It is one of the most important Jain pilgrim centres and lies at the foot of the Shatrunjaya Hill. The sacred hill rises in a crescendo of 863 magnificient temples, most of them carved out of white marble.
The Dilwara Jain temples in Mount Abu enshrine various Jain 'Tirthankaras'. Constructed out of white marble from Arasoori Hill, near Ambaji, 23 km from Abu Road, the temples are an outstanding example of Jain temple architecture.
Dilwara temples are one of the best examples of craftsmanship, the genius of carving out so brilliant and intricate a shape out of a block of stone, such that it almost comes to life! The temple is a tourist’s paradise and a meditative sanctum for the devotees.
Built outside Delhi Gate in 1850 by a rich Jain merchant, the Hatheesing Temple is the best known of Ahmedabad's many ornate Jain temples. Built of pure white marble and profusely decorated with rich carvings, the Hatheesing Temple is dedicated to Dharamnath, the 15th Jina or Jain apostle. Within the city there are many other Jain temples with remarkable carvings in stone and wood.
Situated on the Arasur hill near Mount Abu, Ambaji is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Gujarat because of the famous temple of goddess Ambaji, also known as Amba Bhavani or Arasuri. Built of the finest quality of marble, the temple of Ambaji is recognised as one of the original Shakti Pithas where, according to the ancient Scriptures, the heart of the goddess Ambaji fell to earth when her body was dismembered.
Pavagadh is a famous place of pilgrimage situated in the Halol Taluka, 49 kms from Vadodara. According to popular legend, in a bygone age, there existed a valley where the Pavagadh Hill now stands. In old inscriptions, the name of the hill also appears as 'Pavagadh' or 'Fire-Hill'. It covers about 42 kms. in circumference. The distance from the foot of the hill to Kalika Mata's Temple on its highest peak is about 5 kms.
The most famous temple of the Swaminarayan Sect, one of the richest religious sects in the world. The temple was built in the memory of Sreeji Swami its founder in 1993. It also incorporates an amusement park, a museum, a cafeteria, picture gallery and library. Akshardham is situated 32 kms. north east of Ahmedabad.
Since August 1st 1964, there has been a continuous chanting of 'Shri Ram', 'Jai Ram', 'Jai Jai Ram', or 'ram Dhun' (in vocation) 24 hours a day, everyday, day after day.
This devotion has earned the temple a place in the Guiness Book of World Records.

TAJ MAHAL (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)

Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century by Shahjahan- the fifth Mughal emperor, in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is more than 350 years since Taj Mahal was built, but it has not lost its romantic aura, which attracts millions of visitors towards it. It is because of this everlasting charm that the Taj Mahal can boast of being one of the most popular monuments on this planet.
The Taj Mahal is located towards the far end of the enclosure near the bank of river Yamuna.
GULMARG (Jammu & Kashmir)
Gulmarg is known for unparallel beauty and is rated as one of the matchless tourist spots of the world. Gulmarg is surrounded by dense forests of tall conifers. It is famous for Golf hikes and boasts of a beautiful highland golf course. It is premier resort for winter sports in the country. The meadow of Flowers is a world famous tourist spot in the Bramble Distt of Kashmir. The altitude of Gulmarg is 2730 meters.

LADAKH-LEH (Jammu & Kashmir)
Ladakh lies at altitudes ranging from about 9,000 feet (2750m) at Kargil to 25,170 feet (7,672m) at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram. The main overland approach to Ladakh is from the Kashmir Valley via the 434 km Drinagar-Leh road that remains open for traffic from early June to November. The most dramatic part of this road journey is the ascent up the 11,500 feet/3,505 m high Zoji-la, the pass in the Great Himalayan Wall that serves as the gateway to Ladakh.
VAISHNO DEVI (Jammu & Kashmir)
The Vaishno Devi shrine forms one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in India. The shrine is located in a cave towards the top of the Trikuta Mountains in Jammu-Kashmir. This is believed to be the only place where these three Devi's are found in one temple as natural pindies.
Vaishno Devi Temple can be reached after making a steep 13-km trek from the road head at Katra, the town at the foot of the Trikuta hills. The shrine of Vaishno Devi is easily accessible through air, road and rail from the other major Indian cities and states.

RAJGHAT (New Delhi)
The mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi were cremated on this spot on the west bank of the river Yamuna on the evening of January 31, 1948. A simple open platform inscribed with the Mahatma's last words, 'Hey Ram' (Oh God) is set in a garden with fountains and a variety of exotic trees.
AMBER FORT (Jaipur, Rajasthan)
At a short distance of 11 kms . from Jaipur, the Amer Fort complex stands amidst wooded hills overlooking the Delhi-Jaipur highway, with its forbidding ramparts reflected in the still waters of the Maota Lake below.

GOLDEN TEMPLE (Amritsar, Punjab)
The Golden Temple or Darbar Sahib, situated in Amritsar, Punjab, is the most sacred temple for Sikhs. It is a symbol of the magnificence and strength of the Sikh people all over the world. In the evolution of the Darbar Sahib, is entwined the history and ideology of Sikhism.
Goa is one of India's special tourist places that can boast of fantastic weather, fabulous beaches, wonderful people, mouth-watering cuisine, and forts. The famous beaches in Goa include Anjuna, Calangute, Dona Paula, Agonda, Miramar and Colva.

It is a world apart, a world of coconut trees, marshy groves, shallow lakes, deep canals, and long boats. The backwater canal region is different from anything else in the Indian sub-continent, and is a unique way of traveling. It is a picture postcard setting, if ever there is one. The splendid sunsets, the waxing moonlights, the shoals of ducks, the pulsating palms and the wonderful waves make the backwater destinations the most sought after in kaleidoscopic Kerala.
Kovalam consists of three successive small crescent beaches; the southern most known as Lighthouse Beach. The fishing village of Kovalam lies 10 kilometres south of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Kovalam is the only beach resort of Kerala, and is very popular with the Indian as well as international tourists.

Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of peninsular India and the meeting point of three oceans-the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Besides its importance as a Hindu pilgrim center, it is famous for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset over the waters.
MARINA BEACH (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
Stretching two miles, from the Coovum River's mouth, south of the Fort, till the northern boundaries of the 16th century Portuguese town of San Thome, is this magnificent beach drive and promenade.

MYSORE PALACE (Mysore, Karnataka)
Built in Indo-Saracenic style with domes, turrets, arches and colonnades, the Palace is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world. intricately carved doors open on to luxuriously furnished rooms.
CHARMINAR (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)
The Charminar is as much the signature of Hyderabad. It is a magnificent square edifice of granite, built upon four grand arches facing North, South, East and West. These arches support two floors of rooms and gallery of archways.

Ajanta & Ellora among the finest examples of some of the earliest Buddhist architecture, caves-paintings and sculptures, these caves comprise Chaitya Halls, or shrines, dedicated to Lord Buddha and Viharas, or monasteries, used by Buddhist monks for meditation and the study of Buddhist teachings.
DARJEELING (West Bengal)
Darjeeling is one of the most magnificent hill resorts in the world. This heavenly retreat is bathed in hues of every shade. The flaming red rhododendrons, the sparkling white magnolias, the miles of undulating hillsides covered with emerald green tea bushes, the exotic forests of silver fir - all under the blanket of a brilliant azure sky dappled with specks of clouds, compellingly confounds Darjeeling as the QUEEN OF HILL STATIONS.

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