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998 Rimklongsamsen Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Cancer Treatment, Detox, Executive Healthcheck, Medical Spa Treatment, Weight Loss Program, Yoga/Meditation
Focus Area: Alternative Medicine | Ayurveda | Cancer Treatment | Detox | Executive Healthcheck | Weight Loss Program | Yoga Meditation

TRIA | Integrative Wellness Profile Overview

Wellness is a lifestyle!

TRIA is an urban health retreat for those who wish to embrace wellness as a lifestyle.

Our integrative wellness philosophy is made possible by a team of specialists, who with our state-of-the-art facilities, have come together to provide you with a comprehensive care that spans all aspects of your health needs.

At TRIA, your comfort and enjoyment is of the utmost importance. This is because we believe that your pursuit of a life of wellness can only be possible if you relish doing it.

That's why we have made every effort to create a welcoming space for you to care for your well-being. We look forward to welcoming you here, and to help you be inspired.

Our Philosophy
At TRIA we believe that true wellness lies in the harmony of our three essential health components-- the elemental, structural, and emotional states - enabling a longer life full of contentment. Each component is important on its own and in relations to the others. As such, integrative wellness requires a holistic approach to health.

To this end, TRIA's team of specialists work together as a team to help you optimse your total health and well-being. At TRIA you may be recommended treatment from our TCM doctor, our Naturopath or our Chiropractor along with regular assessments from a Medical Doctor and a correlating exercise prescription. Alternatively, perhaps colonic hydrotherapy coupled with nutritional education and a course of detoxification may be the best course of treatment.

Whatever your health requirements, our Medical Doctors are on-hand to assist you with an individualized treatment program that is safe and as effective as possible in addressing your concerns. TRIA focuses on specific needs of individual guests ensuring years of full health, energy and passion for life.

Our Treatments
TRIA's services is designed to span the elemental, structural and emotional components of your wellness. Some treatments may work on a single aspect, many have multiple benefits. Each step that furthers you along one path towards health will be reflected in the others, making your every progress a giant stride towards your optimal life. We provide treatments in the follwoing areas;

  • Healthcare
  • Movement
  • Bodywork and Spa
  • Beauty
  • Hydrotherapy

Our Programs
Programs might seem to break our philosophy of individualizing your wellness plan, but in fact many of us need to start in pretty similar places. As a result, we have put together several targeted programs to make your health choices easier. We provide programs in the following areas;

  • Weight Management
  • Movement and Shape
  • New Mother
  • Age and Health Management
  • Holistic Detoxification
  • Mind and Emotions

Induldge in wellness & Optimize your Wellbeing.

TRIA | Integrative Wellness, Bangkok, Thailand Profile Details

TRIA | A Good Time to be Well

Elemental health refers to wellness at our biochemical level, the malfunction of which underlies all disease and ill health. How well our inner biochemistry works depends on the complex interactions of our genetic blueprint, our nutritional profiles, our environmental exposure, and our ability to detoxify unwanted substances.

At TRIA, we can help you assess and analyze these elemental aspects to help you maintain your vitality over time, as well as to prevent deterioration and eventual illness. Our optimal aging programs rely on advanced testing and know-how to help you achieve this goal.

Structural health is about the strength and flexibility of physical being. The human body was designed to move, be dynamic and also to be capable of relaxation. Without movement alternating with rest, our bodies become hard, inflexible, and our muscles break down. To many, what is initially a lack of movement by choice can turn into undesirable immobility.

At TRIA, we offer a range of movement activities to suit your whims. We even help you relax afterwards with a comprehensive bodywork and hydrotherapy treatment list. With our increasingly sedentary lives, isn't it time we get moving again.

Emotional health lies in our mental wellness and peace of mind. Our attitudes to life, our families, friends, community and our spiritual connections all play an immense role in helping us manage stress, remain positive and set the stage for living a long life that gives you pleasure and a sense of worth.

Whether you want to talk to someone, get advice on how to change certain negative behaviors, or learn to control your emotions so it doesn't get the better of you, TRIA is here to support you on a path towards emotional wellness.

Health Care Treatment: TRIA's Healthcare services are based on the concept of Integrative Medicine.  Neither alternative nor complementary medicine, Integrative Medicine is firmly based on modern medical training and principles but maintains an open mind to the management of patients and the design of optimal treatment programs.

A development of modern medical practice, Integrative Medicine incorporates the principle of homostatis--the body’s natural healing ability--by leveraging on the explosion of modern understanding of the best of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities rather than relying on traditions. We provide the following categories of treatments in this area;

  • Medical Rejuvenation
  • Mind and Emotions

Movement Treatment: Our body was designed to move, and yet in this modern age we find ourselves increasingly inactive, losing our strength, flexibility, and fitness, not because of years but because of neglect.

A TRIA Movement program will help you reverse this trend. Combining specialist expertise with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities from comprehensive fitness assessments, cutting-edge of functional training, Pilates and yoga studios, and a lap pool, we create programs to match your interests and needs in fun and rewarding ways.

BODYWORK AND SPA Treatment: Sages throughout the years have known that a body neglected, cannot house a sound mind. With our bodywork menu, TRIA returns to the roots of medicine, taking the best tactile treatments from around the globe with strong histories of therapeutic application and evidence of success. To this we have added the skill and care of quality therapists, the benefits of grade A essential oils and fine, natural ingredients to begin the process of healing the body, so that it may serve you quietly and efficiently. We provide the following categories of treatments in this area;

  • Relaxation Therapies
  • Therapeutic Bodywork

BEAUTY Treatments: The following are offered in this area;

  • Glowing Body
  • Radiant Face
  • Shaping 

HYDROTHERAPY Treatment: The healing benefits of water are bountiful--from delivering nutrients to the skin, facilitating lymph flow, stimulating blood circulation, and relieving muscle and joint pain. At TRIA, we celebrate the power of water and offer a number of treatments to rebalance, purify, and bring your center back to its natural equilibrium.

Hydrotherapy at TRIA is second to none. Our treatments feature quality therapeutic ingredients delivered through baths and Vichy showers, but equally as important, prior to any hydrotherapy or bodywork treatment, we encourage you to take advantage of our extensive wet facilities: immerse yourself in the vitality pools to loosen your muscles, relax in the steam room to open up your pores, wind down in the infra red sauna to stimulate detoxification, or enjoy Swiss Showers to promote circulation. Relaxing the body means your therapist can work more smoothly, giving you a much better treatment.


Programs might seem to break our philosophy of individualizing your wellness plan, but in fact many of us need to start in pretty similar places. As a result, we have put together several targeted programs to make your health choices easier.

Our programs are broadly categorized into shorter assessment-oriented programs and longer goal-oriented programs. Completing an assessment program before moving into the action-oriented programs is highly recommended as it gives us the most information about how well a program suits you and how to measure your progress. If none of our targeted programs seem to fit your particular situation, please feel free to talk with our customer service staff about tailoring a completely new program.

Whilst we work with you, our staff will be able to note your progress and update your file. They may also discuss your progress with other therapists that you have chosen to work with, so that your treatments are optimized. Your privacy is important to us, so please let us know if you wish to keep any information confidential.

BANQUETING | TRIA Hall and Salon: If you're looking for something different for your important meetings, why not try TRIA Hall with a capacity to hold up to 180 persons and up to 60 person breakout room, TRIA Salon. Wellness activities can be incorporated as reqested.

TREATMENT AND WATER SUITES: To fully enjoy TRIA's facilities, we invite you to arrive early before your treatment to perhaps wind down in the vitality pool or the steam room and to take your time after your treatment perhaps in the quiet relaxation room.

Our His and Hers treatment and water suites each include:

  • 20 private treatment rooms
  • Vitality pool
  • Spa pool
  • Steam room
  • Infrared sauna
  • Swiss shower
  • Vichy shower
  • Lounge Around relaxation room


  • 3 couples' villas

DINING: At TRIA, we believe in the joy of healthy eating. By choosing fresh ingredients and recipes that leverage on the latest discoveries in nutrition, we strive to create dishes that optimize your health and well-being while satisfying our basic needs for taste.

From lean meats and vegetarian raw foods and juices to yeast-free breads and soy-based dishes, TRIA dining completes your current wellness programs, be it weight management or detoxification.

  • ONE: This casual fine dining restaurant featuring World Health Cuisine provides diners with a menu inspired by recipes from around the world, adjusted to serve those with healthy eating in mind.
  • TRUE: A breezy outdoor setting, TEA's rooftop "garden" offers fine teas and herbal infusions to soothe your body and soul.

TRIA | Integrative Wellness Treatments Offered


  • Infusion Therapies IV Therapy
    Duration: 20 mins
    Price: 3,000 Baht net
  • Metal lite Heavy Metal Detoxification
    Duration: 8 sessions of 180 mins
    Price: 25,000 Baht net
  • CryoStem Cell Facial include MD consult
    Duration: 50 mins
    Price: 6,500 Baht net


  • Steady Beats Biofeedback Consultation
    Duration: 50 mins
    Price: 1,800 Baht
  • Free Expression Counseling, Life Coaching and Psychotherapy
    Price: from 4,000 BahtInner Calm Meditation
    Duration: 90 mins
    Price: 2,800 Baht net
  • Change your mind Hypnotherapy
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 4,000 Baht net
  • Communicate Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP)
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 4,000 Baht net


  • Fit for Life Fitness Index Testing
    Duration: 120 mins
    Price: 2,800 Baht
  • On the Beat Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
    Duration: 45 mins
    Price: 1,500 Baht
  • Cushioned Fitness Personal Training
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 1,300 Baht
  • Personal Core Private Pilates
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 2,000 Baht Net
  • Sitting Comfortably Private Yoga
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 2,000 Baht


  • Serenity Embodied Chi Nei Tsang
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 2,500 Baht net
  • The Mirror Image Acupoint Reflexology
    Duration: 75 mins
    Price: 2,000 Baht net
  • Crowning Glory Shirobhyanga
    Duration: 75 mins
    Price: 2,500 Baht net


  • The TRIAumphant Facial Cleansing Facial
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 2,500 Baht net
  • Moroccan Renewal Mud Wrap
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 1,800 Baht net
  • Moor Mud Pleasure Mud Wrap
    Duration: 60 mins
    Price: 2,500 Baht net


  • Moor Mud Baleotherapy Anti-Rheumatic Bath
    Duration: 45 mins
    Price: 2,000 Baht net
  • Revitalising Epsom Bath Deep Relaxation Bath
    Duration: 45 mins
    Price: 1,600 Baht net
  • Vichy Shower
    Duration: 30 mins
    Price: 800 Baht net
  • Vichy Shower
    Duration: 30 mins
    Price: 800 Baht net


  • Fitness Assessment
    Duration: 5 days recommended
    Price: 12,600 Baht Net


  • 1+1=3 Preconception
    Duration: results in 3 weeks
    Price: 28,600 Baht Net


  • Management Evaluation Executive Health
    Duration: results in 5 days
    Price: 24,800 Baht Net


  • Detoxification Assessment
    Duration: results in 2 weeks
    Price: 16,200 Baht Net


  • Calm
    Duration: 10 hours over 10 days
    Price: 22,200 Baht Net


  • TRIA Fitness
    Duration: 4.5 hours
    Price: 11,700 Baht net

TRIA | Integrative Wellness Certificates, Accreditations, Qualifications

Dr. Thirapan Kamchomnan, M.D.
Aesthetic Dermatologist and Functional Medicine Doctor

Inspired by her father, Dr. Thirapan went to Chiangmai University , Faculty of Medicine and graduated in 1999. At age 22 she worked as a general practitioner in Emergency Medicine. With her interest in Aesthetic Dermatology she decided to take further classes. Dr. Thirapan is a certified Cosmetologist with a Master Degree from Mae Fa Laung University. She have vast experience in Chemical and Physical pealing, Botox, Mesotherapy and Skin Needling (Facial rejuvenation).

She is interested in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Stem Cell Facial, Anti-Aging Medicine and Weight Management. Dr.Thirapan is now practicing at TRIA Integrative Wellness as an Aesthetic Dermatologist and Functional Medicine doctor.


Tina Horrell N.D.


Over the past two decades Tina Horrell has studied and worked extensively in the field of natural medicine and nutrition. She graduated from the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine in Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy, and Remedial Massage. Since then she has worked in London, in the health food industry and as a vegetarian cook, healthy cooking being a personal passion of Tina's. With over twelve years of clinical practice Tina has had success with treating stress, insomnia, allergies, fatigue, headaches, digestive, weight and respiratory problems. She is a registered member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).


Dr. Worawit Kitisakronnakorn, M.D.
Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Medical Acupuncturist


Dr.Worawit is a medical doctor graduated from faculty of Medicine, Thammasat University, specializing in Preventive Medicine and Medical Acupuncture.

He received Board certificate in Preventive Medicine, Certificate in Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) from WHO, US-CDC and Thai-MOPH collaboration, Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from Mahidol University, Certificate of participate in Dermatology from Thailand Institute of Dermatology, Advanced in Dermatologic Therapy from Mahidol University, Sport Medicine from Sport Authority of Thailand, Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Thai Ministry of Public Health and the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. And recently he received Certificate of participate in Liability Issues in Complementary, Alternative and Integrative medicine from Harvard Medical School, USA.

8 years working as a general practitioner, preventive doctor and also hospital director, he has experience of applying holistic approach for patients including various illness affected from their lifestyle and environmental hazards, with integrated Western and Eastern/Chinese medicine including Medical Acupuncture as a complementary treatment that result in better treatment outcomes and patient’s satisfaction, less drug side effect, toxicity and complication.


Dr. Don Nakaya – Nielsen. D.C.


Dr Don graduated from America’s leading college in the field of Chiropractic, Cleveland Chiropractic College, in 1986. Since then he has been actively involved in the field of sports and martial arts throughout Asia as well as practicing chiropractic.

Dr. Don has practiced in Tokyo, and Los Angeles, and for the last 12 years has run his own practice in Bangkok. Since 1990 Dr Don has worked with Dr Udom Thongborisute on charity health care tours in rural Thailand, often seeing up to 300 patients per day.

In 1993 Dr Don became the first practicing chiropractor in Thailand, and in 1994 founded the Thailand chiropractic association which is recognized by the World Chiropractic Association. Dr Don has been active since then in bringing Chiropractic into professional standing within Thailand, and in Asia, and in 2007 saw professional legally recognized by the Thai Government whereupon he passed the Thai Government board exams in Chiropractic.

Dr Don also has had a successful career in Thai boxing, becoming world heavyweight champion, and in Kickboxing as North American Cruiserweight champion. His strong background in sports and martial arts has given him a thorough understanding of sports injuries and he has lectured internationally on Sports injuries and rehabilitation for athletes.

Dr. Don will be practicing several times per week at TRIA. Besides English, Dr. Don is also fluent in Thai and Japanese


Dr.Nacha Harinrak
Functional Medicine Physician and Acupuncturist


Dr.Nacha Harinrak is a medical doctor graduated from faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Thailand. She pursued her career goal in functional medicine and holistic approach since she was a medical student. Therefore, she studied Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and combined the knowledge with the Functional Medicine treatment. Also, she is the American Board certified physician in Anti-aging medicine which also uses the same modality of balance and preventive treatment. She found that combining these three sciences can fulfill the highest benefit in increasing the quality of life and health for her patients, her family and herself. Dr.Nacha is now practicing at Tria Integrative Wellness as a part time Physician and Acupuncturist.

TRIA | Integrative Wellness Awards & Recognitions

CryoStem Cell Facial @ TRIA
On July 5, 2008 at TRIA’s ONE Restaurant, TRIA hosted an educational seminar on “CryoStem Cell Facial” with numerous participants. At this event Dr. Thirapan Kamchomnan – Aesthetic Dermatologist and Functional Medicine Doctor was joined by Khun Alisara Kamtorncharoen, a journalist, and an entrepreneur to share some experience with CryoStem Cell Facial

“The Beauty Without Pain” New treatment available at TRIA - CryoStem Cell Facial

On May 21, 2008, over traditional English hi tea TRIA has launched CryoStem Cell Facial Treatment, beauty without pain. At the event, TRIA’s President Khun Nalin Vanasin was joined by many high-profile celebs and media. On stage Khun Kanokros Bhongsatat and Khun Pensupa shared their experience with CryoStem Cell Facial treatment and Dr. Torsak and Dr. Thirapan provided beauty tips and shed some light on the process of CryoStem Cell Facial Treatment.

Experience CryoStem Cell Facial, beauty without pain today!