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Specialty: Dentistry
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Odontologia de Avanzada Profile Overview

Welcome to Odontologia Avanzada... Centers of Dental Art & Science

Why Us?
For the last 25 years, we've been thinking about people like you, who are afraid and insecure of smiling and who don’t find the best solution to their problem.

Por eso creamos un centro acorde a sus expectativas, con la más alta tecnología, profesionales especializados, y un estricto cumplimiento de las Normas de Bioseguridad.

That’s the reason why we created a center that suits your expectations with the most advanced technology and skilled professionals, and which strictly complies with the Biosecurity Policies.

Our finest treatements are held in a welcomming and a humane environment, and they are fast, intensive and affordable.

We know that a beaming smile is the best "letter of presentation", so we combined science, art and dedication to achieve the greatest sense of harmony and aesthetics in order to give you back your natural and confident smile

Our Commitment
Dentistry is our passion, we are constantly updating our scientific knowledge and our treatments are carried out with the affection and dedication necessary to go beyond all of our patients’ expectations..

Satisfied patients who can smile naturally: that's our commitment.

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Odontologia de Avanzada Treatments Offered

When you concur to our Centers of Dental Art and Science, we will carry out an exhaustive evaluation contemplating the different alternatives, seeking the maximum comfort, adaptability, esthetics, naturalness, durability, and that besides this harmonious one to its expectations.

All the processing that can apply, we will be commented them in a mild conversation where its opinion will be fundamental so that together, we decide more appropriate.

We specialize in determined practical, that we believe fundamental to apply all our Science and Art, and thus to achieve the results that you sought when consult us.

An eye-catching white smile shows confidence and health, and increases our patients' self-steem. Everyone dreams of having a healthy, natural and sparkling white smile. We have made it possible, as in Europe and the USA, with Remewhite®, the revolutionary whitnening system created in Belgium.
In just an hour you can experience the amazing change in your teeth colour, with the simple application of a whitening gel that is activated by a deep blue light from a plasma lamp. Your teeth will sparkle, looking better than you ever imagined.

Invisible braces
In the last few years, orthodontic treatments have taken a significant step forward, and we are aware of that.

Given the great number of adults who need to improve the position of their teeth and therefore their appearance, or teenagers who feel embarrased of wearing a "metallic" smile, we offer the invisible braces.

They are theeth-colored small braces stuck in an imperceptible way that allow to smile freely during the whole treatment.

It's very important to highlight that through all the evaluated techniques, in Odontología de Avanzada we managed to decrease the duration and the costs of the treatment.Nowadays there are no excuses for not enjoying a free and beautiful smile.We expect you at our Centers of Dental Art and Science.

In a few words, a dental implant is an artificial tooth replacement of the lost teeth, but that is not enough for us. That’s the reason why we offer:

  • Implants made in the USA.
  • A great deal of experience and 20000 cases that prove our professional competence. Profesionales especializados en Pittsburgh University, USA. Professionals trained in Pittsburgh University, USA.
  • Non-traumatic painless surgery that allows patients to get back to their activities within the same day.
  • A successful European procedure with an immediate activation and porcelain crown placement in 24 hours.
  • Procedures with no age limits at an amazingly affordable price.

It's easy, simple and successful. Why wait? Enjoy today the pleasure of eating and smiling.

There is a wide range of prosthesis, and it is very important to discern which one fits better to achieve a nice, white and harmonious smile. For that purpose we carry out a comprehensive examination that includes shapes, colours and comfort and that allows us to take the best decision.

Fixed prosthesis. They feel and look natural, without hooks and palate. Coronas de porcelana pura con cristales de cuarzo. Pure porcelain crowns with quartz crystals. Ultima generación. State-of-the-art technology.

Removable prosthesis:Comfortable, light and with the best adherence and adjustment. Hypoallergenic, hardly noticeable and unbreakable.

Internal laboratory: Our procedures are not only fast but also exhaustive. The laboratory technicians are also responsible for evaluating the harmony between the teeth and the face to give our patientes the natural and beautiful smile they expect.

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