Perfect Vision Eye Center

Perfect Vision Eye Center

Thessaloniki, Greece

Ermou 55 P.C. 546 23

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The 'protipo Ophthalmiatrio Thessalonikis' (PerfectVision Eye Center)  is a unique for Greek standards centre covering all ophthalmology services.

Fully equipped with modern, high-technology ophthalmologic machines for the better provision of medical services. Those machines are set at the disposal of all our ophthalmologic patients, who turn to our center, as well as our ophthalmologist colleagues, who either wish to be introduced to a new method with the guidance of the center's doctors or else use our technological equipment in order to offer to their patients all diagnostic and therapeutic potential provided by the new technologies.

Moreover, 'protipo Ophthalmiatrio Thessalonikis' has formed and maintained a collaboration with colleagues, who have a highly specialized scientific level on specific fields of ophthalmology. Thus, we aim at providing the outmost scientific treatment (diagnostic and therapeutic) for the opthalmologic needs of our patients.

We work on the following areas:

  • Refractive operation
  • Fluoroangiography and ICG angiography
  • Diagnosis and treatment of retina and ochre diseases
  • Argon and Yag Lasers therapies
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Cornea
  • Eye surgery (of anterior and posterior segments)
  • Plastic eye surgery
  • Ultrasonography
  • Low vision aids
  • Children's Ophthalmology

In addition, there is a mini-seminars room at the 'protipo Ophthalmiatrio Thessalonikis', where we organize scientific events (either as tutor courses or seminars) and notable colleagues form Greece and abroad take the stand.

This room has an audio-visual connection with the workroom where the refractive operations take place, so that the colleagues are able not only to watch a refractive operation in real time, but also speak with the surgeon in charge.

Why us

  • Of outmost importance for all of us is patient safety. We assure you that our treatment suggestions are completely safe and tested with a great success at international specialized centers of high scientific value.
  • The most complete and modern equipment has been gathered in our centre for the better provision of medical services.
  • We believe and support scientific competence. Thus our staff is being constantly informed and trained mainly abroad. Therefore, those new diagnostic or treatment suggestions substantiated at a global scientific setting, are also being transferred and implemented on our patients.
  • As a patient-oriented center we have created a special sterilized room for the performance of special intravitreous injections.
  • The "protipo Ophthalmiatrio Thessalonikis" exclusively and first from all similar centers, implements ISO 9001:2008 procedures. This results to the conformity with specific quality protocols, providing guarantees to the doctors and patients trusting the center.
  • Our center is the only one disposing special rooms for refractive operations with a lamellar flow, making these safe operations even safer.
  • As an ongoing process, we invest in our relation with other colleagues, and always enjoy sharing our experience and participating with them  in cognitive, diagnostic and treatment procedures.

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'Protipo Ophthalmiatrio Thessaloniki's" has the ability:

  • Refractive operations with two state of the art Excimer lasers (Allegretto 400 and Nidek 5000) and the most high tech bladeless Lasik, the Femtosecond laser (Thechnolas - Perfect Vision). Our center covers all kinds of Excimer Laser refractive operations (PRK, LASIK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK with Wavefront or Topoguided ablations) for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The Excimer Lasers are so well equipped that bring solutions, even to previous unsuccessful refractive operations with other excimer lasers.
  • Operations for the reduction of presviopia. These operations are accomplished either with the existing Excimer lasers or with the Ck (Conductive Keratoplasty), a special equipment which changes the shape of the cornea with radiofrequency application.
  • Perfect, from every aspect, preoperative control for candidates in refractive surgery. Through this control conditions of the general health and the eyes of the individual can be checked, and it involves special apparatus and methods (pupil measurments, pachymetry, keratometry, Orbscan measurments, tonometry (Goldman and air), retinoscopy, checking quality and quantity of tears, detailed clinic ophthalmologic control and detailed medical history.
  • Thorough examination, with advanced methods (digital fluoroangiography, ICG angiography and recording of retinal edema with HRT and OCT), of the fundus of the eye with special care for the macula
  • Treatment of the various macular degenerations and retinal disorders with special lasers (photodynamic therapy, argon laser) or intravitreal and retrobulbar injections with special medications.
  • Treatment with argon laser of all of the afflictions in deep eye which can take advantage from this method (cracks and defects of amfivlistroideus, diabetic amfivlistroidopathia, ohras aged defection, glaucoma, etc.
  • Confrontation with yag laser all the cases secondary cataract, partial special anatomic morphology (narrow angles) which could lead to sharp glaucoma and others.
  • Study with special machines (fat meters, electronic perimetries and topography of thilis optical nerve with measurement of thickness mass nerve fiber) the possibility of glaykoma as the detailed attention of the patient.
  • Exams with special machine (b- yperihography) when is impossible the review of deep eye or exist diagnostic questions mark.
  • Estimation of the evolution special defective or other affliction of keratoideus with topographic machines which estimate the front and back surface as the thickness of concrete cornea
  • Estimation preoperative of focus power (biometry) which should place in an eye during the operation of cataract.

The "protipo Opthalmiatrio Thessalonikis" strongly believes in the continuation of scientific education and thus very often organises events with distinguished Greek and foreign colleagues to share their experience and discuss up-to-date scientific issues. Furthermore, there are ofter experimental surgeries (wet labs) organised, available to any colleague,  scientific-driven professional, who is interested in the modern techniques and the provision of the best available service to the patients in need.


  • Excimer laser allegretto 400 of the wavelight with topolyser
  • Excimer laser nidek last type with wavefront and topoguided ablations
  • Femto Second Laser t?? Femtec
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
  • Laser photodynamic therapy (Visulas 600s) of Zeiss
  • Photopixia by argon laser
  • Orbscan of baush &lomb
  • PASCAL Arcon Laser
  • Topolyser of wavelight
  • Wavefront of NIDEK
  • Yag laser of Alcon
  • a- and b- yperihography of Alcon
  • a- yperihography of Humphrey
    Proportional angiography of Nikon
  • Diathlasimeter – keratometer of Hymphrey
  • Table fat meter keratoideus of NIDEK
  • Operative fat meter keratoideus (handy) of Heidelberg engineering
  • TOMEY EM3000
  • Table fat meter keratoideus of NIDEK
  • Keratomus Amadeus
  • Keratomus hansatome of baush & lomb
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Korometer of OASIS
  • Machine of electronic perimeter of Zeiss-Humphrey
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Tonometer Pascal
  • Air tonometer of Topcon
  • Topography thilis and ohras HRT (HEIDELBERG)
  • Keratoideus topography of NIDEK
  • Bottom photo machine and anterior eye molecules of Kowa
  • Digital angiography and angiography indokianinis (ICG) of Topcon


  • Diathlastic Surgery's rooms
  • Medical Retina
  • Glaucoma studies
  • Argon and YAG Laser
  • Corneal Topography
  • Ultrasonography
  • Medical Eye Photography
  • Presbyopia

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Our doctors

  • Vatakas Leandros, MD, DO
  • Zahariadis Zahos, MD, DO
  • Balidis Miltiadis, MD, DO
  • Sousouras Thanos, MD, DO

Our Team

Our center operates with the assistance of our medical, managerial, technical, administrative, anesthesiology and nursing staff. Besides our cooperating medical professionals, our main team consists of the following:

  • Our Ophthalmologists are: Leandros Vatakas, Zahos Zahariadis, Miltiadis Balidis and Thanos Sousouras.
  • Our Managing Director is : Lida Tzachani
  • Our Trainee Doctors are: Ioannidis Georgios, Theodoridou Evelina
  • Our Nurses are : Eleni Sidiropoulou and Aga Ageliki
  • Our Secretaries are : Haroula Kouemtzoglou, Maria Hasapi, Korina Stergiou, Eleftheriadou Georgia.
  • Our Anesthesiologist is: Irene Hormova Our Technician is : Christos Bogiatzis

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