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New Beauty Medical Aesthetic and Anti-aging Center

Botox, Fillers, Face Lift, HIFU, PRP, Skin Rejuvenation, Dermatology, Skin Care, Budapest, Hungary

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Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 12., 2nd floor 209., City Center Office Building, Budapest 1051, Hungary
Specialty: Anti Aging, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery, Skin Care, Weight Loss Program
Focus Area: Botox, Fillers, Face Lift, HIFU, PRP, Skin Rejuvenation, Dermatology, Skin Care, Budapest, Hungary

New Beauty Medical Aesthetic and Anti-aging Center Profile Overview

Welcome to New Beauty Medical Aesthetic and Anti-aging Center

The harmony of the triad of the external beauty

physical and mental health is the key of our anti-aging philosophy

Our centre is exclusively specialized for beauty services in order to satisfy the highest needs of our customers. You can find wide range of medical aesthetic care at our practice, which we continuously widen with the latest, internationally used therapies.

„No one is young after forty, but one can be irresistible at any age!”

(Coco Chanel)

Treatments and procedures

HIFU treatment for non-surgical skin tightening and face-lifting

Hyaluronic acid wrinkle filling against the power of nature

Hyaluronic acid lip enhancement for kissing lips

Botox wrinkle treatment for smooth skin

Botox sweat treatment for easier summer days

Vampire (Dracula) therapy for the natural beauty

Sculptra treatment for younger look

Fractional laser skin rejuvenation for the skin tightening

Fine Threat Contouring the newest and the best non-surgical intervention to lift dropped facial tissues.

Aqualyx lipolysis therapy against localized fat deposits

Dermatology private practice and Melanoma screening

Derma-roller and mesotherapy for tight skin and against cellulite

Peeling for skin rejuvenation

Photo-rejuvenation (IPL) and Radio-frequency (RF) skin tightening


and many more


If you want to find out more about the treatments and procedures offered by New Beauty Medical Aesthetic and Anti-aging Center, please contact us!



  • Eszter

    I would like to thank the entire New Beauty team and Dr. Zita Parrák in particular for their comprehensive human attention and professionalism, which contribute to the harmony of everyday life, to make my smile truly sincere.

    Website Oct 10 2021
  • Katalin

    My face is mine! The merit is yours !! But what we have in common is that we look at the end result with the same satisfaction and pride each time! Thank you for being me! Thank you for being me!

    Website Jan 19 2022
  • Iván

    As an actor, my body is my work tool, it is my duty to maintain it. New Beauty is the place where I feel comfortable as a man, in the understanding hands of Dr. Zita Parrák.Thanks!

    Website Nov 17 2021

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