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Bariatric-Surgery, Obesity medical centers in Monterrey, Mexico


Obesity Free

Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico

ObesityFree is one of the best Obesity Clinics that focuses on the treatment of patients who have had hard time for years with their over weight. Dr. Gabriel Rosales and his expert team are committed to provide best bariatric surgery procedures in Monterrey, Mexico.


Unidad Quirurgik Ambulatory Surgical Center

Monterrey, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico

Unidad Quirurgik, located in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, is part of the Surgical Unit of Otolaryngology S.A C.V. and it has been recognized as one of the first private otolaryngology ambulatory surgical centers.

Hospital CIMA Monterrey

Monterrey, Mexico
Hospital CIMA Monterrey is classified as among the highest quality care hospital by the Mexican health authorities, and is affiliated with some major U.S. hospitals. Its a 70 bed hospital, known for Bariatric surgery, Heart care and other specialities.

Medical Value Travel

Monterrey, Mexico
Medical Value Travel (MVT) provides a unique service, offering safe medical services at U.S. managed, internationally accredited, private acute care hospitals for an affordable price.

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Monterrey Gastro & Bariatric Group

Monterrey, Mexico
Located in Monterrey, Mexico, Monterrey Gastro & Bariatric Group is a renowned obesity surgery center which offers its patients a proven and comprehensive bariatric program that includes a personalized treatment plan.

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